5 Ways to Provide Privacy From Two Story Neighbors

If you enjoy spending leisure time outdoors just like me, and you cannot anymore because you discover your two story neighbors keep prying at your activities, you need to shade and make your space private, so you can gallivant the way you want. However, putting up backyard privacy from two story neighbors is different from screening your next neighbor out, as it involves a different approach.

Generally, outdoor spaces are meant to be open spaces where you can freely enjoy sunbathing, outdoor activities, and parties, knowing neighbors are not overlooking your activities.

Cheap ways to block out neighbors’ views include putting up different types of walls to obstruct their views while you can still enjoy some sunbath.

However, providing privacy from second-story neighbors involves covering the uppermost part of the space. Thus providing shade against the sun, prying eyes from above, and other weather elements.

When this is done, you won’t be able to enjoy sunbath anymore. Nonetheless, this roof can be retractable depending on the outdoor structure you have in place.

With this, you can still enjoy the beauty of having an open space in your yard. Also, having this type of flexible structure can be very helpful when the sun can be scorching.

Regardless of the type of outdoor space you have, using a patio shade cover is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to block out neighbors’ views from upstairs.

Patio shade covers are flexible in their application, making them suitable for any outdoor space you have. It is usable over a pergola, patio, a small outdoor area, or any outdoor living area around your home.

This sunshade can be retractable to ensure its application is flexible. If you don’t want to use a canopy to provide privacy from your second-story neighbors, there are other ways to go about establishing privacy which includes;

Privacy from Two Story Neighbors

Using Patio Sunshade

First of all, let me walk you through the use of a patio shade cover as an instrument of privacy from two-story neighbors. This is a quick and easy-to-put-up backyard privacy from 2 story house.

Using a patio sunshade, you only need to spread it over your outdoor space to make the area private. You can decide to use this flexibly in your space by putting it back and forth.

use a shade


However, since your neighbors will not tell you when they want to pry at your activities, flexibly using this may not be ideal. Therefore, when getting your sunshade, don’t forget to get the kits for easy installation.

Patio shade covers are the first and easy option for providing privacy from two-story neighbors because of the simplicity of use.

These shades are usable over the balcony, pergola, open space, and other outdoor structures you may have.

Patio sunshades do not last a lifetime, so that they will require replacement over time. However, unlike creeping plants, a perfectly spread sunshade will keep rains and other elements away from your outdoor space. With this, you can enjoy your space confidently anytime you want.

Planting Ever Green Vines Over a Pergola

This will not provide immediate privacy, unlike canopy or other forms of privacy listed here. But using plants over structures comes with more advantages as it makes your space green and cool during most periods.

Using this method, you need a structure like a pergola over your outdoor space where these plants will creep over and block out neighbors’ view from upstairs.

privacy from two story neighbors


Various evergreen plants are used to ensure the privacy is intact for as long as you want. Depending on your space’s vast space, these plants are fast-growing and will cover the structure within six months or a year.

Nonetheless, this has some disadvantages, as it is a permanent structure that cannot be retracted to enjoy the sun.

Importantly, you will have a good privacy area to enjoy your leisure time with this structure in place. In addition, you can complement the system with blinds on the sides for better appearance and design.

 Using Decorative Panels

Though this can be expensive, it is an excellent way to provide privacy from 2 story house. These panels are mostly made of metal or hardwood frames for better durability. The roof design makes it difficult for second-story neighbors to see your activities directly.

privacy from two story neighbors


The roof design comes in various forms, thus enhancing. Furthermore, you can complement this structure with a retractable canopy for better privacy. This is not a DIY project, as you may need the experience of an expert.

Using a Pop Canopy

Pop canopies are another good way to provide instant privacy and block out neighbors’ views from upstairs. This is also flexible in use. With a pop canopy, you will shave elements and block off two-story nosy neighbors from your activities.

privacy from two story neighbors


Some of these canopies come with side shade for better protection from elements and privacy from next neighbors. Therefore, it is most suitable when hosting an outdoor party as it provides a shaded place to sit and relax.

Use Trees and Shrubs

Shrubs and other evergreen trees are also suitable for providing privacy from next neighbors. Trees such as Austree Willow Hybrid Tree can grow so tall that they obstruct second-story neighbors’ views. This is not a fast solution but a permanent one and requires little maintenance.

Use Trees and Shrubs

When these trees are fully matured, you will need to start sweeping or blowing their leaves to clean the environment.

Aside from this, having trees around your home is another good way to improve the value of your property. If this idea is something you will want to try out, we wrote comprehensive content on various evergreen plants to make your home private.

Deck and Balcony

Suppose you have a balcony or deck and are interested in knowing how to block out your upstairs neighbors’ views from your space. This can be difficult because it all depends on the type of structure.

There are various ways to block to make your balcony private. For a balcony, it is advisable to screen the space; to do this, you need the service of a professional.

deck railing



Screening materials such as outdoor curtains are also an easy fix if you have decking over your balcony. You only have to fix the curtain rods and put your curtains in to have a private space to enjoy some fun with your family and friends.

However, if you don’t have a deck over your balcony, you need a professional’s service. This often involves creating a screened space from scratch, which requires planning and experience.

For a deck, installing a gazebo or pergola works fine when trying to block second-story neighbors. You can also install a side shade on the gazebo or pergola for better privacy.

First-floor Apartment Patio Privacy

The above apartments overlook most first-floor apartment patios, making them feel more exposed than higher ones.

In addition, they lack outdoor privacy because of their proximity to neighboring buildings.

No denying that living on the first floor of an apartment building can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. The noise from upstairs is enough to drive you out of your mind.

You can transform your first-floor apartment into a private sanctuary, where you can kick back and relax without a bunch of strangers peeping in on you.

It should be an extension of your home, where nobody can enter without your permission, and nobody can see into without your knowledge.

To do this, you can easily circumvent this problem by installing a privacy fence set at least three feet from the side of the building.

A six-foot privacy trellis adds a touch of color and design to your first-floor patio privacy and provides space for your favorite climbing plants to grow.

In addition, the durable polyethylene construction withstands the elements, so you can enjoy it year-round.

How to Block Overlooking Windows

Enjoying some private time has never been overrated. However, it is more annoying knowing neighbors overlook your patio from their windows. Now how can you make your patio private?

It is not possible to seal off neighbors’ windows, but it is possible to make your outdoor space private, and that is what we will be doing. Before we move further, I want you to know that the above approach when blocking off second-story neighbors is applicable here.

So you will have to try the above approach before looking for other ways to block overlooking neighbors’ windows.

If you don’t need to block your neighbor’s entire view of the garden, then listed below are by far some of the best options;

  • Most people opt for ornamental panels to enclose their outdoor seating area, but many other options are available. For example, you can choose a few side panels or go as far as creating a ceiling. What’s more, these panels come in various designs so that you can get creative.
  •  Another one-size-fits-all solution is to build a pergola around your seating area and add curtains or side panels as necessary. These designs offer versatility as panels can be moved and lifted as necessary.
  • You could also go for a freestanding trellis which is great if your garden is big enough. Finally, getting your hands on a wheeled trellis is a great option if you want flexible privacy.
  • A large parasol strategically placed over a seating area will block the view from the overlooking window and give the space a comfortable and inviting feel. What’s more, these parasols can be adjusted as the sun moves, so you’ll be
  • Weaving branches between upright slats make wattle fences, and they are excellent if you want a more rustic look to your garden. They are free-standing to be moved around, but you can secure them to the ground for a more permanent fixture.


Now you have various ways to block out neighbors from the second story. If you find implementing some of these ideas challenging, it is advisable to seek the service of a professional. Nonetheless, the best of these ideas is a DIY project that anybody can carry out.

With these various ideas, now you can enjoy your time and gallivant in your space like you want, knowing no people are prying at you. This also boosts your confidence while spending time with someone special.