Pergola vs Gazebo | Which is Better Pergola or Gazebo

Either you are in quest of knowing the difference between pergola vs. gazebo or trying to build an outdoor living area, and you don’t know which one to go for. Knowing the meaning of these words and the structure that goes with them will help you make a good choice for your backyard.

A pergola is an outdoor structure with an open roof that provides a designated outdoor living area. On the other hand, a gazebo is a roofed outdoor living area that protects weather elements such as sun, wind, rain, and many more.

In summary, a pergola in an open outdoor living area with frames and roof structure, while a gazebo is a pergola with a roof, which can either be guided with railings for privacy.

Besides, Pergolas and gazebos are outdoor structures used to create a shaded and comfortable outdoor living area. These areas are mainly created for relaxation, recreation, dining, and other fun activities. These structures are usually free-standing or attached to a garden wall and are usually open on all sides. 

What is a Gazebo? 

A gazebo is a luxurious area created to lounge with a roof to Provide protection from weather elements. The gazebo can either be in a square, polygon, or hexagon in shape with the side that may be completely open or guided with railings. Gazebos are generally free-standing.

Furthermore, gazebos are built to have roof similar to that of the house with a style that mimics or complement the house they accompany. A gazebo can either be raised above the floor or ground level, based on the ground’s foundation and slope around the home.

Since the gazebo is properly roofed, the use of outdoor electric appliances such as an electric outdoor heater, bug zapper, outdoor Speaker and lights, and many more for more beauty and comfort.

What is a pergola? 

Pergola vs gazebo

A Pergola is an outdoor structure with frames and crossed beams that provide partial shade over the area. These pergolas can be complemented with vines to beautify the area and provide complete shade and privacy over the area.

Furthermore, a gazebo can either be attached to a building as an extension of the home or freestanding. Morden pergolas now come with different designs which allow them to be built to have a retractable roof for privacy from neighbors or elements.

What is a pergola used for

A pergola is mainly used as an extension of a building ideal for relaxing, dining, partying, and other fun activities. This structure is mainly erected for creating a partial shade over the deck, around the garden, patio, or walkway. it can either be over a

Based on individual preference, you can choose to make this area an entertainment area or a private sanctuary after a long day.

Some other uses of a pergola are

  • Ideal for creating partial or full shade over a patio, deck, or walkway
  • Also, use in extending the outdoor living area
  • Use in creating a green screen
  • When used with trellis or curtains will provide privacy around the area
  • Boost your home value

Differences between a pergola and a gazebo 

  • A pergola can either be in a square or rectangular shape, while a gazebo can either be constructed in a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape.
  • Pergolas are usually open on all sides (roof and sides), while gazebos are usually covered on the roof and sides.
  • The pergola is usually bigger in size when compared to the gazebo ( the pergola is made to accommodate large amount of people)
  • Pergolas are suitable for creating green screens to enhance your outdoor area, while a gazebo is not suitable for this purpose.
  • Pergola does not allow the installation of outdoor appliances such as bug zapper, outdoor speaker, and more, while you can install any outdoor accessory under a gazebo.

Similarities between a gazebo and a pergola

A pergola and gazebo also have some similarities, which includes

  • They are both suitable for creating shade and privacy
  • Both add value to your home
  • They create space for entertainment and relaxations
  • They are both constructed away from the home
  • Also, Suitable for beautifying your yard.

Which is Better Between a Pergola and a Gazebo 

The best option for your outdoor space between a pergola and gazebo will be determined by the aesthetic feel you want to have around your home. As you see above, the gazebo comes with more privacy and comfort from weather elements than a pergola.  However, these structures do not have a modern design.

But if you are looking to add a modern feel and design to your backyard, then the pergola is a good choice. With the modern design of pergolas made of aluminum, you will have an elegant outdoor living area embedded with comfort and convenience.