Best Bamboo Fencing Reviews for 2021 – Patio Bamboo Fence Ideas

best bamboo fencing

Making use of a bamboo fence on an outdoor space comes with different reasons. However, for any reason it may be, you need the best bamboo fencing that would be durable and also add some style to your outdoor space.

There are different types of fencing materials you can use for your patio and other outdoor areas. Still, the bamboo fencing has proven to give your patio area an ancient and artistic look. Also, the bamboo fencing has proven to be more decorative and also to give your patio area a more comfortable look.

For some, using a bamboo fence could be for a decorative purpose, while some may use it in creating a wind block or privacy screen. However, there are different types of bamboo fences, and choosing the best bamboo fence can be confusing. We have therefore made it easier by analyzing and creating a list of the best bamboo fencing.


best bamboo fencing

Our Pick of The Best bamboo fencing  

This list consists of different styles and designs of bamboo fencing; this will allow you to choose the design that suits you. Since bamboo is a generic name, everyone may be looking for different styles of bamboo to add to their patio area. 

1. Forever Bamboo Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence

Just like its name implies, Forever bamboo is our recommended bamboo fence on this list. This bamboo fence is made of sturdy and durable, high-quality tokin canes to ensure this fence stands the test of time. It is also free from pesticides, formaldehyde, and toxic glues, which makes this fence safe for use.

best bamboo fencing This bamboo fence is made suitable for many outdoor areas around your home; it can be used to cover unsightly structures around the backyard or patio area. It can also be used as a privacy screen to create a barrier between neighbors. Furthermore, it can be used to block wind or as a sunshade between around roofed patio or pergola.

It can be used as a blind to create privacy, the versatility of this bamboo couple with its durability and sturdiness makes it one of the best. Each bamboo poles are fire straighten to ensure they exceptionally strong with a tensile strength of steel and the compression strength of cement.

Furthermore, each pole is brought together using heavy-duty galvanized steel wire for added durability. This bamboo is easy to install and comes in two different sizes, including a 4ft height with 8ft length and a 6ft height with 8ft length.

This bamboo fence is lightweight and easy to install by anyone. Since it is free of pesticides and other harmful and toxic glues, the fence is safe for use by pets and kids.

What we like 

  • Fire straighten tokin bamboo for durability
  • Free of harmful and toxic substance
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • Comes in two different sizes for more flexibility
  • Vasertile – applicable in different ways.
  • Made of durable, sturdy and safe materials

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2. Mininfa Natural Reed Screen, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Reed Fence

This is a reed fence known for providing complete privacy or as a wind blocker on a patio porch or outdoor space. This product was upgraded to ensure its main purpose is adequately served.

This reed features more wire, which means more tightly wire woven; the reed will be more close without leaving space to provide excellent privacy.

best bamboo fencing In woven this reed fence, a nylon wire instead of the galvanized wire is used to prevent wire rust and ensure the product is durable for a long time. This premium reed screen is all hand made, using high-quality reed from the monsoon climate of the medium latitudes region. 

Durable for several seasons. Clean reed surface, simple and clear appearance creates a fresh look for your garden!

This long-lasting reed fence is perfectly suitable to decorate and design your garden, patio, or porch. It can be used to create an individual tropical atmosphere in your outdoor area. The design of this reed fence will transform your garden into a sunny and small tropical paradise.

This reed is properly treated to ensure it is free of chemicals so you can do your part for the environment. All the peeled reed fencing had been very well heated treated to ensure good stable quality in use for a long time.

What we like 

  • Tightly weaved for complete privacy
  • Made of durable and all-weather materials
  • Perfect for covering unsightly structures
  • Can be used as a privacy screen
  • Use to enhance the view of your patio
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Easy to install

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3. Backyard X-Scapes Black Rolled Bamboo

The choice of product is a versatile product, as this product can be used in various styles. This fence can be used to create an entire privacy screen and a sunshade for more comfort while using your outdoor space.

best bamboo fencing This bamboo fence features an earthly tone of varied colors with straitened poles exceptional strong with a tensile strength of steel and cement’s compression strength.  

This fence is easy to install and can be done on any surface as it makes to be installed on any type of surface. This can be fixed on an iron fence or use to cover unsightly structures. This can also be used to decorate your outdoor space, either the backyard, porch, patio, or garden. 

This bamboo-like many other bamboos on this list features are UV and weather-resistant, the effect of weather element has little to no impact on the bamboo. Furthermore, it also features five rows of heavy gauge galvanized steel wire that run horizontally for added structural integrity. 

What we like 

  • Suitable for all-weather
  • Can be used as a privacy screen or windscreen
  • Suitable for much outdoor space
  • Also, it can be used to improve the patio area
  • Easy to install and requires no maintenance
  • versatile

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4. Backyard X-Scapes Reed Fencing

Reed fence is made of tightly woven bamboo shrubs and is known for creating complete privacy around the home. These bamboo shrubs are joined together with a nylon wire to ensure it stands the test of time and also prevents it from rusting.

best bamboo fencingThe Backyard X-scapes reed fence is all hand made, using the high-quality shrubs from bamboo. This reed is structured to ensure it is durable for many seasons. Also, this reed is smooth, simple, and comes in a clear appearance that creates a fresh look for your garden. 

Furthermore, this reed fence is perfectly suitable for decorating any outdoor spaces such as the porch, deck, patio garden, and many more. It doesn’t matter if you use it as a garden divider or against an iron fence; it will easily create a unique tropical atmosphere around your outdoor space. The presence of this reed fence will transform your outdoor area into a sunny and small tropical paradise. 

All reed privacy screens are hand-selected and hand-treated to ensure they are made of the best quality. This reed fence is exceptionally well heat treated, to ensure good stable quality in use for a long time.

What we like 

  • Made of durable and well-treated reed bamboo
  • Suitable for complete privacy
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Woven with nylon coated wire to prevent rusting
  • This fence is 6ft tall and 13 to 14ft long

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5. Backyard X-Scapes Natural Rolled Bamboo Fence

This bamboo fence is made of full and original bamboo to ensure it is sturdy and durable for its purpose.

The backyard X-scapes bamboo is more suitable for creating a barrier in your garden from nosy neighbors. Furthermore, this bamboo is also ideal for blocking wind or used as a sunshade to provide more convenience in your patio and garden area.

best bamboo fencing This bamboo features an earthly tone varied colors, fire straightened poles, and exceptionally strong with a tensile strength of steel and cement’s compression strength. This is to ensure you have your furniture outdoor for long without any maintenance. 

This bamboo fence is easy to install and fits well for any type of surface you have around your home. This can also be cut to an appropriate length if this is too long for the intended purpose. 

All products used in making this bamboo are a perfect eco-minded alternative to other wood products. Furthermore, this bamboo can be used for commercial and residential interior or exterior environments to enhance the environment’s look. 

What we like

  • Made of natural eco-friendly bamboo
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Installation and assembling is easy
  • suitable for decorating the patio area
  • can also be used a privacy screen and sunshade

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6. Master Garden Products Bamboo Picket Rolled Fence

Are you looking for the most versatile bamboo fencing? here you have it. However, this fence is not suitable as a privacy screen but can be used as a windscreen or sunshade. Also, to complement its versatility, this fence can be used as a barrier between gardens.

best bamboo fencing The master garden bamboo fence is a stylish yet durable bamboo fence that can be used in any outdoor area. This bamboo fence is most suitable for covering an iron fence and also unsightly structures around your home.

The unique design of this bamboo fence allows for easy blends with any type of setting or design you have in your home. These bamboos are connected with durable all-weather wire to ensure you have it outdoor for life and without maintenance.

This fence is easy to install and can be done using a galvanized wire to hold it to a post or pole. Furthermore, this bamboo is also flexible and can be installed on any type of landscape you have around your home. This fence will give any area it is installed, a traditional and welcoming ambiance.

This bamboo is built with 1″-1.5″ regular bamboo poles and connected at the middle with half inches of bamboo that gives this fence a unique look. 

What we like 

  • Features a unique design
  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Suitable for all-weather
  • Requires little to maintenance
  • More suitable as a barrier
  • Will add more beauty to your outdoor space.

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7. Gardman R637 Bamboo Fencing 

This is another styled patio bamboo fence used for creating a privacy screen and also used in decorating your outdoor area. This patio bamboo fencing can be used anywhere around your outdoor space, as it can be easily installed on any land space you have in your garden.

best bamboo fencing This bamboo is made of slat bamboo and banded together with galvanized wire to enhance its durability. This bamboo fencing features two different heights to choose the right one for your outdoor space. The hight comes in 5ft and 3ft depending on the style and type of purpose of getting this fence.

This fence also features a natural bamboo look that blends with any type of design or settings you have around your outdoor space. Furthermore, this fence can use as a privacy screen, but it does not provide total privacy. This is because it is not tightly woven, which helps to enhance the structure of the fence.

This bamboo is easy to installed and can also be used around a roofed pergola or patio as a sunshade for better convenience.

What we like 

  • Easy installation
  • Natural bamboo look
  • Requires little to maintenance
  • Perfect for sundae and wind block
  • Also, perfect for covering unsightly structures.

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8. Mininfa Natural Rolled Willow Fence Screen for Garden

The premium willow fence is all hand made, using the well-selected quality Willow from the subtropical monsoon climate region. Also Very strong and won’t be easily break off, durable for several seasons. This fence is ideal for creating a fresh looking for your garden. 

best bamboo fencing The mininfa Willow is made of eco-friendly materials that alternatively replace traditional wood building materials. More wire is more tightly woven to ensure this fence perfectly serves its purpose. This willow fencing is approximately 1/4″ Thick, 6 ft High x 13 ft Long. 

This fencing can be used on pergolas as a sunshade or wind block and around your home to block off nosy neighbors. Natural willow fencing rolls can be used for privacy screens, willow garden fences, willow border fences, create more privacy for you, also can be used for any other decorative purpose, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

No assembly required while each willow screening is held together by galvanized steel wires, covered with corrosive protection, insulation, durable and robust material. This is to ensure these wires won’t be easily destroyed, and the willows won’t always slip out of the galvanized steel wires.

We recommend putting a coat of linseed oil or outdoor sealer to preserve the willow materials in the outdoors, which will help preserve the border’s overall appearance and help prevent rot. 

What we like

  • Suitable for creating a privacy screen
  • Also, it is used as a sunshade or wind blocker
  • Ideal as a barrier within the garden
  • Use to decorate the garden or Unsightly structure
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Blends with any type of design you have in place

What we don’t like

  • Requires little maintenance

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9. MGP SBF-94 Slat Bamboo Rolled Fence

This is another styled bamboo fencing and can be used in various ways around your patio area. Like many bamboo fencing, this can also be used as a privacy screen, wind blocker, or to decorate your outdoor space.

best bamboo fencing The MGP slat bamboo fencing is joined together with nylon coated wire that prevents the bonding from rusting when expose to elements. The fence is bonded so that it can be installed around any surface or roofed area. Furthermore, It can also be used in the form of a blind to cate private or block the wind.

The bamboo comes with a natural look that makes your outdoor space appealing and also enhances the atmosphere around your patio area. Installing this bamboo fence is easy and can be done practically by anyone with or with my technical know-how. Also, to complement its easy installation, it can be installed in any land landscape you have around your home.

Also, it can be used for concealing unsightly fence and existing structures. This fence does not require any form of maintenance. Also, each slated bamboo on this fence is either 1″ or less.

What we like 

  • Made of natural bamboo
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Can be used in various forms
  • Woven by black nylon coated wire to prevent rusting
  • This fence measures 168 x 0.5 x 48 inches

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10. Master Garden Products SBF-96 Slat Bamboo Fence

This is a slat bamboo fence that can be used to create a privacy screen in your backyard patio or block wind on many outdoor areas. Winds can be disturbing, especially during a moment. Also, a nosy neighbor can be annoying.

best bamboo fencing The master garden slat bamboo fence can also be used in giving your outdoor space an attractive ancient look. This bamboo fence can be installed on its own, on a wall, or to cover a chain link fence for added beauty and privacy.

The master garden individual slat bamboo fences are joined together with black coated wire to make a natural bamboo fence. This makes the fence easy to install on any surface. This fence can also be installed around the pergola with the aim of providing shade.

The unique color of the bamboo slats makes it a gorgeous and striking looking bamboo fence. The bamboo slats we use are about 1/2″ wide. The product dimension is 6ft high, 14ft long. It is also ideal for concealing unsightly fencing or existing structures. 

What we like 

  • Each slate bamboo is 1/2″ wide
  • The fence is 14ft long and 6ft high
  • Easy to install
  • use as a privacy screen or windscreen
  • joined together with nylon coated wire to prevent rust
  • Comes with a unique look

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DIY bamboo fence ideas

 Bamboo fencing FAQ’s 

Is bamboo fence weather resistant?

Yes, bamboo is naturally resistant to weather; although bamboo may change color to gray, the more you have them outdoors. Bamboo is resistant to all types of weather elements, ranging from the sun, rain, snow, ultraviolet rays, and many more. So if you stay in an area with extreme weather conditions, bamboo fencing would be a good option. 

How do you keep bamboo fence from rotting?

Even though bamboos are pest resistance, it does rust when not properly care for. There are specific measures to put into consideration from time to time to prevent the bamboo fence from rusting. A bamboo fence will rust when place directly on the ground, so to prevent your bamboo fence from rusting; you need to install it above the ground level. 

You can either install a bamboo fence some inches above the ground and remove sand that may pile underneath from time to time. It can also be installed on a 2×2″ hardwood to keep it away from the floor level. 

best bamboo fencing

How long does bamboo fence last for?

Bamboo may look natural and less durable, but the truth is Bamboo fences can last up to 25 to 30 when properly treated. Bamboo is unlike wood that may be eaten up by termites or destroyed by weather elements when placed outdoor. This tends to make bamboo more durable when compared to other materials used in making a fence. 

Is bamboo fencing cheaper than wood?

Generally, bamboo fencing is cheaper than wood; if bamboo grows around you, then the cost of making and installing a bamboo fence would be cheaper. But if you will be buying from other regions, then wood may become cheaper. This is because wood can be gotten locally, which may make the cost cheaper. 

The cost of purchasing a bamboo couple with the cost of transportation would likely impact the total cost of getting the fence. However, it is necessary to compare these prices before choosing between these materials. 

How can I make my bamboo fence last longer?

To make a bamboo fence last longer, you need to care for it from time to time properly. When a bamboo fence is cared for, it tends to last longer than expected. You can care for your bamboo fence by 

  • keeping it above the ground level and removing all hip of sand from time to time 
  • You can use a seal to restore the look of the fence every two to two years. sealing does not only restores the look of the wood it also reduces the effect of weather element over time 
  • Also, avoid using nails and other rusty metals on the bamboo


Choosing the best bamboo fencing can be confusing if one is a first-time buyer and doe no much about it. We hope this piece of content provides an end to your search. Recently, the need for more privacy has been growing as many people make use of their outdoor space more often, hence the rise of outdoor fencing.

The application of this fence varies by purpose, while some might use it as a wind blocker; some will use it for a privacy screen. It can also be used to decorate an outdoor area or create a barrier in the garden. All this helps to enhance the application of bamboo fencing.

The list above is analyzed using styles and reviews, it no way in order of importance. Patio-destinations do this so you can choose anyone that goes with your style or purpose. Making use of the best bamboo fencing will enhance your patio or outdoor area and make it more comfortable.


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