13 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View

Knowing an effective yet cheap ways to block your neighbors’ view from your activities will allow you complete privacy without much fuss. Since these processes are cheap, constructing some of these privacy structures can be done by anyone without needing the service of an expert.

Having a proper privacy structure will give you the confidence to use your outdoor space anytime. This outdoor area might be your porch, balcony, patio, or backyard.

Regardless of your outdoor space, privacy is key, and moving freely around the home without prying eyes comes with soothing confidence that allows you to enjoy your time with loved ones.

Suppose your new home or apartment does not come with the privacy you need. Don’t worry; there are many inexpensive privacy fence ideas to block your neighbors’ views for optimal comfort.

Your outdoor area doesn’t matter; there is an affordable way to provide the needed privacy without breaking the bank.

Aside from providing privacy, these screens will block wind and protect from harsh sunlight. Additionally, it may keep mosquitos, bugs, and other annoying insects away from your outdoor living area.

Since privacy is one of the many new homeowners’ problems, we looked into the various inexpensive backyard privacy fence ideas anyone could use to provide the needed comfort. Below are some cheap ways to block your neighbors’ view from your activities without further ado.

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor’s View – Privacy Fence Ideas

1. Making use of curtains

Curtains can be used in any outdoor space, including a balcony, porch, or patio (open or covered). Making use of these outdoor curtains helps to enhance the feel of your outdoor area further.

Generally, outdoor curtains are made of durable and weather-resistant materials to ensure they can stand the test of time. If you are not using curtains for your balcony yet, then you can look for ways to hang and spread curtains one other outdoor areas without exceeding your budget. However, this may not apply to all balconies.

use curtains

Furthermore, these curtains are generally easy to use and set up without needing the service of an expert. Maintaining curtains is relatively cheap. Also, curtains come in different designs and styles, making them suitable for enhancing the feel of your outdoor space, Thus making it one of the best options when looking for an outdoor privacy screen.

2. Using A Retractable screen 

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbor's View

Using a retractable screen in your outdoor area is another cheap way of blocking your neighbors’ view. Retractable screens are flexible and usable whenever the need arises.

These screens are made of durable and weatherproof materials to ensure you have them standing elegantly for long. It’s usable on various outside living areas such as the deck, porch, balcony, or backyard.

Furthermore, this screen does not require the service of an expert for fixing. And can be put in place immediately after getting it. It is also easy to maintain as it is made of weather-resistant materials.

Additionally, retractable screens are suitable for blocking wind and providing shade when the sun is harsh.

3. Balcony Cover with Retractable Screen 

cheap ways to block neighbors view

Using a balcony cover is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of providing privacy on a balcony. This balcony cover is easy to install and gives 99 visibility reduction to ensure you get the needed privacy.

However, blocking your balcony railing is not often enough, as this only provides 50 percent privacy when standing up. This method does not also offer protection from the sun.

So to have complete privacy on your balcony, you need to complement it with a balcony retractable screen. This screen is flexible and will provide additional privacy on the balcony.

Installing this screen is also easy and does not require any maintenance. However, if you find installation difficult, you can employ a professional service or seek help from your neighbors.

4. Using Blinds 

Blinds are another inexpensive privacy screen you can use around your home. Blinds come in various styles and colors, so you can find one that will match your taste and decor.

Outdoor blinds are a great way to keep the sun out of your windows while letting light in. They also help reduce glare and heat, so they’re great for bedrooms and living rooms. They are suitable for enhancing the outdoor area as their presence gives the area a classic appearance.

cheap ways to block neighbors view

You can also choose from different blinds, including Roman shades, Venetian blinds, roller shades, and retractable shades. Blinds are easy to install with a screwdriver or drill if you want to save money on installation costs.

These blinds are usable on the balcony, porch, or patio. Furthermore, these blinds require little to no maintenance as they are made of durable and weather-resistant materials.

5. Using Bamboo

Bamboo panel is one of those ways of adding an ancient feel and privacy to your home. There is a bamboo screen for any outdoor area, including the balcony, porch, deck, or patio.

cheap ways to block neighbors view

The type of bamboo screen you buy depends on the type of outdoor area you have. These screens are suitable for blocking wind, sun, and other weather elements to ensure your outdoor space is private and comfortable to use anytime.

Furthermore, these bamboo screens are ideal for adding an aesthetic feel to the outdoor space. These panels are easy to install and can be done by anyone with or without technical know-how.

If this is your ideal choice of making your home private, there are various illustrations and resources on the internet to help you with the process.

6. Artificial Boxwood Panels 

Although multiples of these panels may not be cheap, that depends on how ample your outdoor space is. If the space you are trying to cover is not wide, then the artificial Boxwood panel will give you a nice look.

Using artificial boxwood is ideal if you can’t wait and don’t have the space to grow some privacy trees and shrubs.

cheap ways to block neighbors view

These panels are easy to fix and maintain. Using these panels in your outdoor space will provide complete privacy and shade around the area. Furthermore, the presence of the panels will enhance the feel and beauty of your outdoor space.

For an appealing look, these panels need a frame or a mesh to which they will be attached, giving them a  firm look.

Besides providing shade and privacy, these panels are suitable for blocking wind and other forms of weather elements that can disrupt your moment outdoors.

7. Divider Privacy Screen

Using a divider is another cheap way to block your neighbors’ view. This screen does not require any set u and can be used almost anywhere. Its flexibility in design also makes it suitable for any outdoor living area.

This divider is ideal for use on the balcony, deck, porch, and patio. The design of this divider allows you to put your privacy in place when you need it.

cheap ways to block neighbors view


However, when buying a divider, ensure you are getting a durable one to ensure many years of outdoor use.

Furthermore, this divider can also be used to add some touch of decoration to your outdoor area. With this, you are not only providing privacy, but you are also improving the look of your outdoor area in general.

Also, suitable for blocking the sun, wind, and other weather elements to ensure you have a comfortable outdoor space to use at any time.

8. Cover your Pergola

Generally, pergolas are designed to have an open roof that exposes your activities to neighbors living in-story buildings. You can quickly get a pergola cover to provide shade and privacy around the area.

use pergola cover

This cover is made of durable and weather-resistant materials to ensure they are durable and suitable for outdoor use. Also, different colors can easily blend with the design around your outdoor space.

Furthermore,  some pergola covers are flexible in design as they are retractable for easy use.

9. Making Use of Hedges 

A living fence or screen, known as a hedge, is a screen created from individual shrubs planted in close proximity one after the other. These plants help to provide a thick barrier between you and your neighbors.

Many of these privacy plants can grow up to 8ft or more, thus ensuring complete privacy around the home. Privacy plants are suitable for homeowners with small backyard areas.

cheap ways to block neighbors view

Furthermore, these plants can be trimmed or shaped into different designs to enhance the home’s feel and design.

It is important to know that a living fence has many advantages, as it is ideal for noise reduction, blocking wind, and cooling the home all year round.

If you are interested in using a privacy plant for your home, we have a list of evergreen plants you can use for this purpose.

10. Using Herbs and Plants for Balcony 

cheap ways t block your neighbors view

The application of plants for privacy is more suitable for use on the balcony and comes in different ways. This depends on the design or how you want your outdoor space to look. Below are the two main ways of using plants or herbs for privacy on the balcony.

  • Planting flowering vines
  • Hanging planters stylishly around the balcony.

Planting flowering Vines: This plant grows sporadically to provide shade and privacy around your balcony. Vines such as Star Jasmine, perennial sweet pea, Chocolate vine (Akebia quinata), Tangerine beauty Crossvine, and Carolina Jasmine are some of the evergreen vines you can plant for complete privacy around your balcony. However, some of these plants are difficult to control in maintaining their beauty and shape all year round.

Hanging planters stylishly around the balcony: To do this, you need a fabric planter or sequentially arranged planter that will be hang to create the required privacy. This planter would house different herbs and flowers, enhancing your outdoor area. The only thing that seems like a problem is caring for the herbs and flowers.

11. Using Trellis Privacy Screen 

Trellis screens are usually made of wood and usable anywhere in the outdoor area. This screen panel can feature any design with a beautiful outcome in the outdoor space.

The screen is usually covered with coatings to ensure it doesn’t lose its looks. The only form of maintenance this screen requires is refurnishing to make it look elegant for a long.

You can complement the screen with some flowering vines for complete privacy, providing shade and reducing the wind force. With these vines, you will have a charming outdoor area.

12. Mesh Fence with Vines 

cheap ways to block neighbors view

Mesh fences are generally easy to construct but don’t provide the needed privacy. Nonetheless, the fence is suitable for creating boundaries and preventing unauthorized access to your property.

However, with an evergreen vine flower, you can provide optimal privacy around your home. These fast-growing plants will hatch through the mech to give complete privacy.

Using the mesh fence and vine flowers will also provide shade and a soothing environment around your home. Vines are also suitable for improving the feel of the outdoor area.

13. Fast Growing Privacy Tree 

cheap ways to block neighbors view

Using privacy trees is another inexpensive way of keeping your neighbors away from your activities. You can use many evergreen trees for this purpose, which can be planted to provide a living wall around your home.

This type of fence is suitable for those with large land areas, and it can be shaped to enhance the feel of the home. The only downside of these trees is that they take time to grow.

However, having them on your property comes with more advantage, which includes

  • Serve as a wind blocker.
  • Improves the property value
  • Provide natural habitat around the home
  • Make the home cool all year round.
  • Help in the fight against climate change
  • Help reduce noise and air pollution around the home.

Final Words

These are cheap ways to block neighbors’ views without breaking the bank. If you have a cheaper idea, you can share them through the comment. Furthermore, it is necessary to know the type of screen that would go with your outdoor area.

For this reason, you need to have a picture of what your outdoor space will look like when you add the screens to them. This may require some planning or sketching, so you will have an appealing outdoor area when you are done.