Best Trees for Privacy | Fast Growing Evergreen Trees for Privacy

Perhaps you fell in love with a garden fence made of trees, and you’re looking forward to doing the same for your outdoor space. I doubt if you know that there is more to using one or some of the best trees for privacy than a regular fence that can be erected or constructed almost anywhere.

In many states currently, having a tree on your property will improve that property’s value, that’s not all. There are still many personal and environmental advantages of having trees around your home.

Although these trees may take time to grow; however, they possess more advantages to the home and environment. If you have a yard or relatively small outdoor space, using a tree is not ideal for such an area.

You can opt-in for different shrubs for privacy from neighbors. These plants are suitable for enhancing and decorating your outdoor space as they can be prune to give an appealing shape and design.

Furthermore, it should be noted that any tree for privacy needs to be evergreen to ensure the privacy needed is intact all year round. Planting any trees that can easily shed their leaves during winter will not provide the privacy needed.

Aside from providing privacy, these trees help to block wind and other types of weather elements, making your home usable any time of the day.

They also attract birds, bats, and other predators, which can make your home free of pests, thus improving the comfort of your outdoor space. If you are still doubting using trees for your privacy Instead of the regular fence, below are some of

Advantages of Using Trees for Privacy Screen 

  • Provide fresh air

Trees are responsible for removing carbon dioxide from the air, making the air you breathe less pollute. And thus, providing more fresh air in return. Reduced carbon dioxide in the air has a positive impact on the fight against global climate. Therefore, by planting these privacy trees, you’re indirectly fighting against climate change.

Furthermore, A single tree can produce the oxygen needed by four people. Trees also help to purify the air by absorbing pollutant gasses and odors to clean air.
With this,  if you have trees around your home, you’re bound to only breathe in fresh, clean air all year round.

Improve Property value 

In many states, having a tree or trees around your home now improves the property’s value. So if you are planning to sell in the future, it is ideal for planting some trees for future benefits.

Provide shade 

The tree is necessary for providing shade around the house when the weather is hot. With this, you can have a picnic around your home and can also be used for relaxation spots for more pleasure.

However, they may not provide the optimal shade to keep you cool during this period because of the trees’ shape. If you have a large outdoor space, you can plant a fast-growing shade tree for more comfort.

With these privacy trees, you have a cool home hoe all year round. This can also reduce the cost of cooling your home as the trees’ free breeze is enough to keep you cool.

Serves as windbreaker

Wind can be disastrous, and there has been numerous news of open roofs due to high wind. But the presence of this privacy tree will help break the wind’s force, thus giving you a cool and less dangerous breeze.

With this, you are bound to enjoy your home all year round. Because when it is windy, the trees are there to break it down, and when it sunny, the trees are there to provide shade and serve you with a cool breeze.

Prevent Erosion

Wind and rain are responsible for erosion. The trees help to break down the wind and prevent soil loss from rain. Erosion brings about the loss of nutrients in the soil prevent you from utilizing its full potentials.

Having trees around your home will prevent soil erosion, and in reverse, will improve soil nutrients. This will allow you to grow various herbs and flowers to enhance the feel of your home further.

Additionally, these trees can be shaped to give the home a beautiful appearance; unlike shrubs, they may require an expert’s service as you will be dealing with thick branches.

 Best Evergreen Trees List for screening 

 1. Austree  Willow Hybrid Tree

best trees for privacy

The willow hybrid tree is one of the fastest-growing hybrid trees to make your house private. This tree can grow u to 6 feet a year to create the privacy needed around your home. This tree it’s an excellent, trouble-free evergreen screen because it thrives across the country, no matter the climate or conditions.

The willow hybrid tree is disease resistant and can tolerate both hot and cold temperatures making it suitable anywhere.

With this plant, you will have a solid and impregnable green wall around your home. When fully matured, this tree will have a base width of 5 to 10 feet and thrive under full or partial sunlight.

This tree will give you a total height of 35 to 45 feet and grows well in almost all zones but perform better in zone 4 to 9.

2. Thuja Green Giant

The Thuja is an evergreen plant that is suitable for many areas of the home. This tree grows up to or more than 3 feet a year with a base-wide of more than 12 feet when fully matured.

This is suitable for providing optimal privacy for your home. This tree can tolerate drought and resist insect infections, ensuring you are completely screened. This tree can grow in any soil and requires full sun to partial shade to grow.

For optimal privacy, this tree needs between 6 to 7 feet spaced apart to form a compact hedge when matured. This tree is suitable for blocking wind and other weather elements around the home. You will also have this tree in good shape during the winter without any form of maintenance.

best screening trees

This is another fast-growing privacy tree you can utilize to make your outdoor area secure and out of bounds from tress-passers.  This tree possesses a rich bluish-green color and feathery texture, which provide adequate privacy all year round.

This tree comes with a growth rate of 3 to 4 feet per year and can be planted in any soil. The Leyland Cypress can grow up to 70 feet with a base spread of 20 feet when fully matured. You can also support the base with hedges to provide complete privacy around your home.

Additionally, these trees can be pruned to keep them under control and give them the desired shape to give the outdoor space sensational humor. This will enhance the feel of the outdoor space.

Furthermore, this tree is drought tolerant, making it suitable for any weather and season. With this, you are guaranteed adequate privacy all year round. For complete privacy, these trees need to be planted 8 feet from each other.

4. Canadian Hemlock

best trees for privacy

The Canadian Hemlock is an evergreen tree that can be used to provide the needed privacy around your home. The tree is a fast-growing tree and can grow very well in hot and cold climates.

Additionally, these trees also grow in poor soil conditions, making them suitable for any weather or soil condition around your home. When properly planted in close proximity, these plants provide a fence to ensure your home is free from nosy neighbors and passersby.

When fully matured, these trees can grow up to 35 to 45 feet, reducing noise and shielding the wind, making your home cool all year round.

Also, this tree will possess a base width of 20 to 25 feet, which creates an impregnable barrier for intruders. The Canadian Hemlock grows well in zone 3 to 7, and it is a fast-growing tree. This tree also responds very well to pruning, which can be used to enhance a home’s feel.

5. Nellie Stevens Holly

best trees for privacy

The Nellie Holly trees are suitable for creating pyramid-like shrubs around your home. These trees come with broad leaves that are evergreen and can grow up to 25 feet with a 2 to 3 feet growth per year.

These trees can be easily trimmed to form box hedges around the outdoor space. Furthermore, these trees produce red berries that add more ambiance to the tree and attract wildlife, enhancing the outdoor area’s humor.

For adequate privacy, these trees can be planted 6 feet apart. This will allow it to form the necessary privacy needed to keep nosy neighbors and trespassers out of bound.

Additionally, these trees can be planted in any soil type and require consistent 6 hours of sunlight in its early stage. These trees require little maintenances and can be pruned to give for better appearance and upgrade the home’s design.

6. Drought Tolerant Evergreen Tree (Blue Sapphire Cypress)

Best trees for privacy

From its name, it can be deduced that this tree is free can withstand any form of weather-resistant to diseases. This plant is also known as Blue Sapphire Cypress, which is suitable for creating a thick screen around the home in any weather condition.

This tree, when fully matured, will provide a screen that is 5 feet thick, keeping your neighbor out of sight. Furthermore, these trees are suitable for windproofing your home and can reduce noise pollution, making your home suitable comfortable to use at any time of the day.

This tree can be plated anywhere within the growing zones. However, it is more ideal in zones 6 to 9 and comes with a fast growth of up 3 feet per year.

Additionally, this plant does not require any form of upkeep and can be shaped to provide an adequate privacy screen, hedge, or property divider around your home. If you don’t have time to care for your trees, the Drought-tolerant evergreen tree should be your go-to tree for privacy.

7. Emerald Green Arborvitae

trees for privacy

This is a tree you don’t have to prune as it comes with a clean shape and design to give your outdoor space the privacy it requires. This tree, when fully matured, will give you a total that will fall within 8 or 12 feet.

You can then shape this tree to form the box hedge at this stage. Also, this tree’s matured width base is within 3 to 4 feet, making it suitable for small or large outdoor space.

If these tree ould be used to provide complete privacy, it needs to be planted 3 to 4 feet. This tree is totally easy to maintain. Furthermore, this tree is adaptable to various weather and soil and can be planted in various zones.

With this, you have this tree standing tough all through the year without been attacked by diseases. Additionally, this tree performs very well in zone 3 to 8 and may require more attention in other zones for better growth.

8. Italian Cypress

best trees for privacy

If you have been looking for a tree suitable for a small outdoor area, then the Italian Cypress should be on your list. This tree is fast growing up to 3 feet in growth per year with a base width of 5 to 6 feet.

The base width makes it ideal for a small outdoor area or yard. The Italian Cypress can grow between 25 and 35 feet When fully matured.

Furthermore, this tress can be used to decorate the entrance and ideal for creating a border around your home. This is an evergreen tree and does not require high-end maintenance.

Also, these trees perform very well in any soil; however, they don’t perform very well in the north and need to be watered frequently in the early stage. The Italian Cypress is also drought resistant.

9. Taylor Juniper

best trees for privacy

The Tayo Juniper is another evergreen tree that is suitable for a small yard. This tree performs very well in the Northern region and can reach up to 30 feet in height when fully matured.

These trees are suitable for small or large outdoor areas. These trees possess a base width of 3 to 5 feet which is enough to create an impregnable fence around the home.

Furthermore, these trees can record growth of up to 3 feet per year and be planted 3 to 4 feet apart for adequate privacy.

Additionally, these trees can be planted on any soil and require little to no form of maintenance. The Taylor Juniper can also be shaped to improve the beauty of the home in general.

What a Privacy Tree Fence should possess

  • Trees for privacy should be evergreen.

Come summer, fall, and winter; these trees should have their leaves intact to provide the privacy needed. The purpose of having these trees around is to provide privacy, and this is done with the help of their leaves.
There is no more privacy in the absence of these leaves, which is not what we want.

  • Easy to grow and control

Trees or Plants for privacy should be easy to control and grow. Controlling these trees is very important to avoid conflicts with neighbors. Furthermore, growing these trees shouldn’t be a pain in the ass as well. These should be a type of tree that can withstand any form of weather, thus requiring little care.

  • Should be Pretty

Aside from providing privacy with these trees, they can also decorate the home giving it charming humor.

  • It should be easy to maintain

Another thing to consider is the maintenance of these trees. It is necessary to water your trees regularly, at least for the first years; however, you can use fertilizers and other supplements to grow this tress.

These trees should be pest resistant and should be tough during any weather. Furthermore, when they reach their maturity stage, trees that shed leaves very often can be annoying.

  • Should be fast or moderate growing

These trees should be fast or at least moderate growth to ensure the purpose of blocking your neighbors is achieved as soon as possible.

  • Should be taller than the eye level

To provide private and your nosy neighbors from activities, you need trees that can reach up to 6 or more feet for adequate privacy. Many of the trees and plants mention below grow taller than this, making them ideal for your privacy.

Best Trees for Privacy FAQ’s 

What are the fastest-growing trees for privacy?

The fasted growing tree is the Austree  Willow Hybrid tree which can record up to 6 feet a year in height. With this tree, you will have complete privacy around your home within one and a half years.

All other tree comes after the Austree Willow Hybrid tree, and they include the Thuja green giant, Leyland Cypress, Nellie Steve Holly and many more. We have listed the best trees for privacy to keep neighbors away from your activities. You can make your choice from the list of this fastest-growing tree for privacy to keep your outdoor space.

What evergreen trees are good for screening?

Evergreen trees are basically trees that don’t shed their leave every year, especially during winter. This type of tree helps to create complete privacy all year round. Going for other types of trees may leave your home unsecured sometime during the year, not intended.

From the list above, we have given different types of evergreen trees you can use to provide privacy from neighbors and passers-. These trees are easy to maintain and can be panted on any soil type.