About Us


If you are planning on living an outdoor life or trying to decorate, redecorate or make your yard your second living room, You are welcome! We are here to put you through and recommend everything you need to create a patio destination, thus making your outdoor living area a comfortable and eye-catching one.

This idea was solely conceived by me, So there is no about us, although, we will be bringing on board more experts to ensure maintain the quality of information we pass.

I’m a black man that spends most of my time outside admiring the beautiful nature and natural air that comes with it. I fell in love with this lifestyle that you will always meet me in my yard when I’m home. To make it more interesting, I made it comfortable that it’s now my second bedroom – you don’t have to make yours a bedroom –lol a living room is good, I guess.

Patiodestinations about Us

My family also spends most of their time with me in the yard, and we have all the space to live happily with the kids also catching maximum fun. Yes, you can also make your backyard an impressive recreation center for the kids while also hosting a get-together with your pals successfully.

Patio Destination

We will be sharing my ideas about home improvement and decoration, which will focus more on your outdoor space. Also, we will be reviewing different products to help beautify and improve your outdoor area for a comfortable living experience.

For the products, we would ensure that you get the best because your satisfaction and comfortable living is all we are after. We analyze everything you need about your outdoor accessories.

You may need to spike up your yard, with pieces of furniture, and other necessary things you need to consider before choosing your accessories. So if you love living outdoor life and are also interested in improving your backyard, I suggest you bookmark this website because we will be giving you lots of ideas to transform your yard concurrently.

That is all about us at patio destination for now. We will be bringing more team members to join us to ensure more quality outdoor accessories are tested and recommended on time.