How to Make an Apartment Balcony Private | Balcony Privacy Ideas

How to make an apartment balcony private

The truth is many of us are guilty of spying on our neighbors while they spend time outdoors. In contrast, we hate it more when we find out that they are also spying on us. When this becomes a habit, how to make an apartment balcony private is usually the next thing that comes to mind. 

It is no lie that we all enjoy having a private life, especially in the company of our loved ones. Enclosing an apartment balcony gives you the freedom you need to gallivant around securely without prying eyes. 

Generally, making the balcony private requires building, which is tricky and requires proper planning, so you don’t damage the outdoor space or attract wrath from your neighbors if there are any. 

When proper planning is put in place, you will know what type of screen will work best for your balcony area.

While planning, it is crucial to consider the extent of the weather elements in that area.

An area with high wind or storm will require more careful and professional Fixing. Below are some screens you can use for your balcony and tips on making an apartment balcony private.

How to make an apartment balcony private

DIY Balcony Privacy Screen Ideas 

The below video will show you different ways you can make your balcony or small outdoor area private and comfortable.

Some of the materials used in this video are listed below. With these ideas, you can upgrade and enhance the look of the small outdoor space. 

Outdoor Screen to Make Your Balcony Private

There are different types of materials one can use to make the balcony private. Many of these Screen requires installation and can be done by anyone.

However, some of this screen might require expert input for its installation, some of the balcony privacy options are

Glass screen 

The is the use of tempered glass to privatize the balcony. The installation of this type of screen usually requires the input of an expert. You can either make it a full screen or half rail while

How to make an apartment balcony private


Supporting it with curtains or blinds 

It is necessary to know that a full glass screen without curtains or blinds will leave the outdoor space exposed.

How to make an apartment balcony private


For this reason, when you think of screening your balcony, making use of half-screen rails is better. With that, you can use various wind blocker or sunshade to make the area comfortable. 

Complimenting it with the curtains and bamboo will allow for the passage of fresh air. Also, you can roll up and roll down to make the outdoor area more comfortable.

How to hang curtains on the apartment balcony

Hanging curtains on the balcony can be stressful and, at the same time, simple without much stress. This will be determined by the type or shape of the balcony around your home. 

Some balconies have a frame or rooflike structure, making screening the environment easy. While some may be totally open, making it difficult to install or build screens on them. 

For a balcony with a frame or rooflike hanging a curtain will not take much of your time. To do this, you need some of these accessories depending on how you want your outdoor area to look like. 

  • Brackets or Nails 

Depending on the resource you have and how you want your balcony to look will determine which one to use. These nails and brackets both servers the same purpose. 

The nail and the back are used to hold the rope or rod where the curtains will be placed. The brackets will give the outdoor area a classic look, but most time is not usually necessary. 

These nails or bracket will be fixed at the two end corner where the curtain will be placed.

  • Tension Rods, Galvanized Pipes or Ropes 

These accessories can be used to hang the curtain to give it a firm grip on the outdoor space. It also makes adjusting the curtain easy to enhance the comfort of the outdoor area. 

Using a retractable screen

This comes with a lot of flexibility, making it more ideal to use around the balcony. This screen is easy to install and use.

If you have railings installed on your balcony, it will be easier to use this screen.

how to make an apartment balcony private

To use the screen when the weather is unpleasant or when privacy is needed only requires pulling it out and fixing it to its pole.

No maintenance is required for having this screen installed on your balcony.

Wooden fence 

Installing a wooden scene can be stressful and also fun at the same time. Building a wooden fence if there are technical know-how and tools available can be done personally. 

If not, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional. The flexibility of wood in blocking in making the balcony private is next to none.

How to make an apartment balcony private


Woods can be fixed stylishly to beautify the outdoor space. Sometimes adding some creativity by including some carved wood would do a lot of magic.

Furthermore, wood does not require any form of maintenance, as they are suitable for any weather.

To better enhance this wood’s longevity, you can seal or coat it, improving the feel of the wood and space.

Outdoor plants

Another way to make the balcony private is the use of plants. I believe all balconies are usually guarded to ensure they are safe to use.

You can then extend the railing and make it a fence. When this is done, plant a flower that would arch through the railing poles, thus making the outdoor area private.

How to make an apartment balcony private


There are many advantages of having plants around the home, and with this, you are just about to tap from suck advantage.

For this purpose, plants such as Jasmine are the best as they can withstand several weather changes.

However, maintain plants can be tedious as it requires frequent watering to keep it nourish for proper development.

Making use of Blinds 

Making use of blinds is another of making the outdoor private. Blinds are flexing in style and design.

Also, blinds help to improve the look of the outdoor area. It adds humor while also making it private and comfortable to use.

how to make an apartment balcony private
There different types of blinds you can use around the outdoor area. You can either make it half or full blinds, depending on your balcony design.

With you can rolling or roll down as pleased to have a comfortable outdoor area.

Also, blinds do not require much maintenance as they are made of durable and weather-resistant material.

This is to ensure they are suitable for outdoor use and do not get affected by weather elements 


Installing curtains is easy; however, it requires frequent maintenance to keep it looking good. This is because curtains tend to get dirty when used outdoor as a result of exposure to elements.

How to make an apartment balcony private

Nonetheless, curtains are flexible when installed in the outdoor area. It can be used when the weather is not friendly or when privacy is needed.

Also, maintaining these curtains is cheap compared to other ways of making the balcony private. Additionally, curtains come in different colors and designs to enhance the look of the outdoor area.

Bamboo and Reeds 

Suppose you are thinking of giving your outdoor space an ancient feel and look. Then bamboo fences and reeds are the most ideal.

how to make an apartment balcony private

The bamboo or reeds requires little maintenance and usually durable and sturdy when used for this purpose. Reeds are usually woven and in tiny pieces when compiled to bamboo. 

Over time, there is a possibility of the bamboo losing its feel and changing in color. However, this is not a problem as it can be corrected using a wood seal

The application of bamboo as a privacy screen is versatile. This makes it more appealing when a little touch of creativity is added. 


These are some of the materials to use when you think of making an apartment balcony private. You don’t need to follow the illustration in the videos above as they are just general ideal. 

The types of materials and how you will make your balcony private will be determined by the balcony styles you have. However, it is necessary to always go for flexible design options. 

Such as blinds or curtains and many more, as they can roll-up or roll-down to enhance the outdoor area’s comfort. Also, if you are in a windy area, it will be more ideal to use rigid materials such as wood. 

Nonetheless, we hope these ideas bring lasting solutions to your balcony, patio, or porch, and other outdoor areas you may have. 


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