How to Anchor Down an Outdoor Grill

If you love grilling as much as we do, you know that an outdoor grill is an essential tool to have at your disposal on warm days. You also know that using an outdoor grill is a messy business.

The grease splatters, the ashes spread, and everything around the grill needs frequent cleaning and maintenance.

But how can you anchor down your patio or garden grill so it doesn’t blow away in strong winds? We get it; anchoring down anything outdoors is a worry for most homeowners. Check here to keep your furniture or rugs from blowing away during high wind.  

From thunderstorms to high winds, Mother Nature has some nasty tricks up her sleeve sometimes. But don’t let that stop you from grilling up some delicious food. Here are some helpful tips on how to anchor down an outdoor grill from gusty wind and thieves in 4 easy steps:

How to Anchor Down an Outdoor Grill

Choose the right spot.

First, you must choose the right spot for your grill and anchoring system. The ideal spot for your grill will depend on your personal preferences and the landscape of your yard. You’ll want to avoid places with lots of foot traffic and especially avoid any high-traffic areas during stormy weather.

Your grill should be placed on a level, sturdy surfaces like a patio or a garden. And you also don’t want to place your grill near wooden structures or a fence because grease will splatter everywhere and will need constant cleaning to avoid causing damage.

You’ll also want to avoid placing your grill near trees, bushes, or other landscaping features that could be damaged by dripping grease or ashes.

You’ll want to avoid placing your grill in direct sunlight during the summer months, as extreme temperatures can damage the unit or prevent it from heating up properly. And lastly, try to avoid placing your grill near any areas where kids play or walk often.

Choose the Right Anchor and Drill

The next step is to choose the right anchor and the right drill. There are wide varieties of anchors on the market. Some are meant to be hammered into the ground, while others are meant to be driven into a wooden deck or concrete patio.

Anchors come in different shapes and sizes, from standard screw-in anchors to different types of concrete and ground anchors. Screw-in anchors are the most common and simple to use.

Most of them are designed to hold up against high winds, but you should always check the anchor’s specifications before you buy. You’ll want to ensure you’re buying the right drill bit to go with your chosen anchor.

A concrete screw anchor is perfect if you plan on securing your grill to a concrete patio. And lastly, a ground anchor is ideal for securing your grill in soft soil. If you’re hammering the anchor into the ground, you’ll also want to make sure you buy a heavy-duty hammer that can drive the anchor deep enough into the ground.

Mark the Area for the Anchor

Next, you’ll want to mark the area for the anchor. Use a piece of string to mark the area and then measure how deep the anchor will need to be hammered into the ground.

You’ll want to hammer the anchor deep enough so that it is flush with the ground. This is important because it will keep the anchor from moving or being pulled out easily.

This ensures that the grill is securely anchored into the ground and can withstand even the strongest wind gusts. Mark the area with a pencil and then measure the length of the anchor. This is a great way to ensure that you’re putting your anchor in the right place.

Hammer In Your Anchor and Hook

Once you’ve chosen the right anchor and marked the area where you plan on hammering it into the ground, it’s time to hammer the anchor in! You want to ensure the anchor is flush with the ground, so it doesn’t move around while you’re grilling.

Next, you’ll want to screw the hook into the anchor. It’s best to screw the hook into the anchor before you place the grill. This way, you can ensure the hook is facing the right direction and straight. If you have a grill with a cover, you’ll want to secure the hook to the grill instead.

Use cement

Another method of anchoring an outdoor grill is using cement. The cement acts as a weight, making sure that the grill remains put. Dig around the feet of the grill about half feet dip where you want the grill to stay permanently.

  1. Mix cement in a bucket until it’s the consistency of pancake batter.
  2. Place the grill on top of the cement and let it sit for about 30 minutes or until it starts to set.
  3. Fill holes around the top with more cement, and then smooth out any bumps with a trowel or your hands.

Use Sandbags

Another method is to use sandbags or other forms of weight to anchor down your grill, but if you choose sandbags, be sure that they are heavy enough to hold up under the weight of your grill.

It’s also simple, cheap, and effective. Depending on where you live, you can buy them online or at a hardware store.


There’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned barbecue outside on a summer day. And there’s also nothing worse than chasing after your grill when the wind kicks up and threatens to blow it away. Anchoring down an outdoor grill is necessary when you’re grilling outside on a patio or garden.

Grills are messy and will cause a mess if you don’t keep them contained. Plus, grills can be dangerous if not used correctly. By anchoring down your grill, you’ll keep the mess contained and keep yourself and others safe.