How to Keep Outdoor Rugs from Blowing Away

If you have outdoor rugs on your patio, you’ve probably found yourself constantly rearranging them due to the wind’s tendency of blowing them away. Keeping your outdoor rugs in place shouldn’t take too much time or effort. But how do you keep your outdoor rugs from blowing away?

Adding an outdoor rug to your cozy outdoor seating area can infuse your patio with style and comfort. Unfortunately, while Mother Nature does an excellent job of cooling us down on a hot day, she can occasionally go too far. Every homeowner who lives in windy areas is aware of this.

There are several ways to keep your outdoor rugs from blowing away, and one of the best ways is by gluing them to the floor. Also, furniture can be used to hold your rug in place with potted plants on the edges to prevent it from curling.

The latter is our best option as it makes cleaning and maintaining the outdoor rug easy. This will also help brighten up the aesthetic ambiance of your space.

If you stay in a windy environment, the chances are that your lovely outdoor rugs have been blown away numerous times by the wind. The good news is that you can keep your outdoor rug in place by following a few simple steps below.

Suppose your outdoor carpet is an area rug; several ways to secure it from above or below. So, let’s discuss some simple solutions for securing your outdoor carpet.

Simple Method to Keep Your Outdoor Rugs in Place on Concrete.

  1. You’ll need heavy-duty rug tape that adheres to concrete first.
  2. Clean and dry the concrete floor as well as the rug backing.
  3. Take a total measurement of the size of your rug.
  4. Use chalk to draw a line on the concrete floor where the tape is placed.
  5. Replace your rug while peeling away the plastic to reveal the tape adhesive.
  6. Firmly press it in place and wait a few hours for it to harden.

The steps outlined above do not need professional expertise to execute as it is a simple DYI ideal to keep your rug in place.

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how to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away

How to keep an outdoor rug from blowing away

  • Double-Sided Carpet Tape

To begin, use double-sided carpet tape designed for outdoor use to secure the corners of your outdoor rug. This tape is a simple, non-permanent solution for stray rugs—there are a few critical tips to help the tape last longer.

  1. Ensure that the installation area is entirely free of dirt and debris.
  2. Working on one corner at a time, lift one of the corners and place the adhesive side of the tape at a 90-degree angle on the floor.
  3. Cut the tape from the paper side with a utility knife to prevent it from adhering to the tape.
  4. Remove the paper backing and firmly press the rug into place.
  5. Consider taping the rug’s center in strips for more oversized rugs and the sides in strips.
  • Place Patio Furniture And Potted Plants At The Intersections

Another good way to keep the rug from blowing away is using furniture and potted plants. Arrange your patio furniture so that the legs secure the rug’s corners. Additionally, you can use furniture weights to help ensure your furniture and rugs are in windy areas.

Potted plants placed strategically on the rug’s edges will also help to weigh down corners. As a result, the patio furniture will prevent them from curling and kicking up.

  • With Washers and Screws, attach the outdoor rug to a wooden patio.

Four stainless steel washers on each corner are secured with a countersunk stainless steel screw to create a flush corner. While this method does make a small hole in your deck, it results in a highly secure rug installation.

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Do outdoor rugs ruin concrete.

Are you unsure whether or not to place outdoor rugs directly on concrete? Outdoor rugs will not harm the concrete, but if placed on it, will become darkened.

This is because the moisture that darkens the stone is trapped beneath the rug and will gradually seep into the concrete, altering the appearance of your cement.

If your rug remains damp for long periods, it could grow mold or cause a corrosive stain. In addition, moisture can become trapped under the rug, against the concrete, where air and sun can’t dry it up.

This is especially common if your rug is also in the shade. Over time, the moisture could seep into the concrete, causing a discolored or black stain or mold.

However, outdoor rugs made of polyphenylene and synthetic materials guard hardwood floors against scratches and other types of damage. These rugs also dry fast, preventing discoloration and the growth of mold and mildew.

Additionally, they provide some noise insulation and keep dust and dirt out of the house. Outdoor rugs are popular due to their durability and long life. Following the steps mentioned above, you will keep your outdoor rugs down on the concrete.

How to secure outdoor rug on deck

Suppose you have an outdoor rug on your concrete patio. In that case, you must be aware of how easily the position of the rug shift from time to time, especially by the wind, necessitating continuous adjustments and placing.

Fortunately, this can be changed, and you can keep your outdoor rugs in place without the assistance of a professional. Here is a quick step-by-step guide on keeping outdoor rugs in place on concrete.

  • Using Screws and Washers

A straightforward way to secure your rugs is to use a set of fender washers to secure them to the deck. Due to the unobtrusive nature of fender washers, you can use as many as necessary to prevent the rug from curling up. In addition, you’ll want screws that are coated or made of stainless steel to withstand the elements.

  • Install Velcro Strips

If you want your mat to be anchored to a specific area on your deck and don’t mind leaving sticky residue on your floor, velcro strips can be installed on your mat. This will keep the mat in place for quite some time.

Velcro is available in both pre-cut strips and long rolls. Cutting the velcro to the proper length, depending on the size of your mat, is the first step in installing velcro strips on a mat. Then cling the cutout velcro strips to the mat’s edges and corners.

Next, lift the paper off the softer part of the velcro to reveal the sticky side. This is the velcro that will be adhered to the floor. Remove the paper from the rougher half of the velcro before applying it to the underside of your floor mat in the same way the velcro on the floor is applied. All that’s left to do now is connect the two strips.

  • Using Potted Plants

Using potted plants to hold your outdoor carpets in place is a simple solution. Set a couple of large potted plants on top of the rug and any other heavy furniture. If you believe that the potted plants will obscure the design of your rug, consider planting them instead.

Yes! Planting fast-growing yew trees and other tall plants in your backyard will minimize the amount of wind that enters your yard. As a result, the rug will stay in one location for longer if less wind hits it.

  • Using Double-Sided Sticky Tape

add a roll of double-sided tape on your mat to give it extra grip and keep it rolling about on your floor. To do so, attach 2 inches of sticky tape around the mat’s perimeter and a couple of tape strips down the mat’s middle for more traction.

The adhesive tape will help keep your mat in place and prevent slipping. However, if the sticky tape begins to gather dirt, dust, or debris, it will lose its adhesive properties and need to be replaced.

Only use sticky tape with a mild adhesive developed for use on mats. When you remove tapes with a strong adhesive, you’ll be left with a sticky adhesive residue that might stain your mat and your floor.

How to fix an outdoor rug with a flex seal

Has your old or slippery outdoor rug become too dangerous to keep around? If so, you’ll want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, even if you buy non-slip rug mats, that won’t help. Non-slip tape can also be used, but it will have little effect because it is applied directly to the floor under the rug.

Protective spray such as Flex Seal Clear spray (which is a clear, liquid rubber sealant coating) can buy your rug some more time. You might want to try Flex Seal Spray before giving up hope.

After spraying a few coats of Flex Seal on the back of your rug, hang it up to dry. Your rug is now fully functional and safe to return to its original location.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide, kindly check below:

Step 1: Place your stencil where you want it on your doormat in the first step.

Step 2: Tape the stencil and cover it with newsprint paper.

Step 3: Spray your mat several times, allowing each spray to dry completely before continuing.

Flex Seal can be purchased at any home improvement store or online! Using a small brush helps you get into the nooks and crannies of your rug, making them appear more defined and bolder.

It’s important to note that the paint on your outdoor rug may fade in about three months if it is not used under a covered outdoor space, especially when you are not using one of the best outdoor rugs.

Repaint or refinish your outdoor wood furniture to make it new and appealing again with this detailed step and guide to maintain it for a long.