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small patio ideas on budget

Not everyone possesses a large area of land to create a dreamful backyard patio. And creating small backyard patio ideas on a budget from a small area of land can confusing, especially when one is clueless about what to put in place.

A patio helps to create an avenue to relax and catch fun with family and friends. This implies they need to be equipped with some accessories to make this area useful for such purpose.

Building a simple and small backyard patio on a budget might seems impossible. With the help of creativity and several alternative accessories we have today, you can have a beautiful patio in your backyard.

This article will take you step by step in creating a simple small backyard patio ideas on a budget using inexpensive alternative accessories.

Since space is one of those factors that can hinder you from building a dreamful patio, we will be so rational to ensure the type of patio we will walk you through here fit any space you have around your home.

Cheap patio floor ideas -gravel patio ideas

When setting up a patio area, the first step is to mark the area you will be using to set up your patio. There are different types of floor you can use for your patio, which includes: tiles, pavement, cut stone, patio slab, clay bricks concrete, and many more. But for this article, we will be focusing on the gravel type of floor because it is the most cost-effective among the types of patio floors we have.

Small Patio Ideas on a Budget

I want to believe you have marked out the area you want to use for your patio in your yard or backyard. Then let’s follow this step to get your gravel floor ready as soon as possible.

  • Now let’s get the marked area levelled, you can do this by using a shovel or a stray to make it uniform. If you have a levelled grass backyard area, you can choose to leave or clear it.
  • Demarcate the area marked with wood to isolate the area and prepare it for other installation.
  • The next step is to install landscape fabric. The major reason for using this is to prevent weeds and other plants from growing in your patio area. This will keep your patio clean and weed for long. this fabric may be a nylon or other polyene fabric
  • After installing the landscape fabric, the next thing to do is fill the marked area with gravel. With that, you are done with your patio floor and can move on to the next thing.

There are some tools you may need to get your patio ready, which include: Measuring tape, shovel, bow rake, drill and 1/2-inch wood bit, Hand sledge, wheelbarrow.

When you are done with the patio floor, the next thing to do is to decorate your patio area with some set of furniture.

Cheap Patio Decorating Ideas – Affordable Patio Idea

Now it is time to add some furniture and jars to beautify your patio area. There are different types of patio decoration, while you can add some expensive furniture and accessories to make it classic.

backyard patio idea on budget

You can also add some durable and affordable furniture to spice up your patio area. To get this started, you only need some set of

  • affordable furniture  
  • nursery pot or garden pot
  • some set of outdoor light
  • and some little touch and sense of decoration
  • Cheap outdoor furniture

There are many different types of furniture in the market, and it can be confusing to choose furniture for your patio area. Firstly it is important to know that when choosing patio furniture that it has to be outdoor furniture.

Outdoor furniture is usually made of durable and all-weather materials, which made them suitable for outdoor use. Now when choosing outdoor furniture, some of the things you have to have in mind are the 

  • Material
  • Style 
  • Space 
  • The design

A sofa can be out of your budget, why not go for some wooden bench, or Adirondack chair or a bar set that would provide more room.

All this chair can be used to enhance your patio area to create a beautiful and welcoming avenue. You can check amazon eBay or craigslist for some set of affordable furniture.

  • Garden pot 

After adding some durable outdoor furniture to your patio area, it is necessary to add some pleasant looking flowers to your patio area. The presence of these garden pots with flowers will add life to your patio area.

You are left with putting this garden pot in any spot and place around your patio. Though it is advisable to add them around your patio to create a better feel.

  • Some set of outdoor light 

When you are done decorating your patio area, the joy and feel it give may want you to spend most of your leisure time in this area. Besides that, your outdoor light allows you to use your patio area during the dark hours of the day. It also helps to decorate your backyard with the brilliant light it emits.

small backyard patio on a budget

Outdoor light, especially solar light are usually inexpensive and easy to maintain. When placed in the right place, many of this solar light may require little to no maintenance, unlike electric or battery-operated light, which may require you to change your battery at regular intervals.

  • Some Touch of Decoration

There is a popular saying that any mistake in art is a design. To be honest, there is no specific design you need to follow when designing your patio area. Getting the right design goes with a lot of trial and error.

When designing your patio with this furniture and accessories, it is important to place them in a different position and around your patio area until it all looks appealing.

This is not specific to any patio area you have. Because there are different style and painting around your home, designing your patio area is usually versatile and rely solely on your design sense.  

Covered Patio Ideas on a Budget

Generally, the patio area is usually an open space equipped with a lot of accessories to make the space fun and comfortable. Exposing your furniture and accessories to weather elements could cause a lot of damage to them with time.

There are different types of shade and cover patio you can use to protect your accessories and furniture to ensure they last long.

This shade does not only protect your patio area; it also provides a comfortable area for seating. This ensures you can make use of your patio area under any weather. Either during the raining period or sunning season.

We have different types of patio cove you can use in your patio area, which is usually expensive, but since we on a tight budget. We can only go for an affordable cover that is effective and versatile. When thinking of a patio cover, we have two main types of cover that are ideal to use in your patio area:

  • A shade
  • Gazebo or Patio tent or canopy

Patio shades are usually made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure they are suitable for outdoor use. These shades are cut out in different styles and shapes to add a unique style to your outdoor space. The shade is the most affordable on this list, but they are less versatile, unlike the gazebo or canopy.

Gazebo or canopy are similar to each other, though they are different in design and shape. Since they can serve the same purpose we want to use them for, you can either choose a gazebo or canopy. Both the canopy and the gazebo can be covered with net or wall to prevent bugs and mosquito from disrupting your night.

DIY Small backyard patio ideas on a budget


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