Best Patio Umbrella Lights | Outdoor Umbrella Lights in 2021

best patio umbrella lights

Using some of the best patio umbrella lights to illuminate your outdoor patio area is also one of the best ways to compliment your garden’s beauty. The outdoor umbrella lights will allow you to enjoy your patio and other outdoor activities nicely.

You do not need light during the day, but it’s a necessity if you spend more time in your outdoor area at night. Patio lights help to illuminate your patio table and garden to enjoy the evening with loved ones.

This article will focus more on the different types and kinds of patio umbrella lights so you can make a better choice.

You making the right choice from the numerous lights we have in the market can be difficult. So we review some of the best patio lights to help ease your task.

These lights are an excellent way to have a better view of your patio table and garden. It also helps to beautify your garden during the late hours of the day and keep your activities going.

Expert picked electric umbrella lights and Solar umbrella lights.

We have reviewed some of the best outdoor light so you can make the best choice for the outdoor and patio area.

These products are selected based on customer reviews and amazon sales to bring the best to you. Based on this review, any option you make will serve your purpose; below is our outdoor umbrella lights list.

1. Magictec 44 LED Patio Umbrella Cordless Lights

This patio umbrella light is made to perfection, and it’s our best patio umbrella light on this list. This light is built using premium ABS material, which is durable and will last for many occasions. This patio light is generally easy to install, comes with an adjustable clamp.

best outdoor umbrella lights


Every home has its own modern and unique accent, especially in your outdoor area, like porch, garden, patio, pool, or backyard. That’s why this light is created for different kinds of umbrellas, either you have Tilting, off-set umbrellas, or Cantilever.

 This light comes with three brightness modes to give you different atmospheres and help save battery when needed. You have the dim light with 12, then the bright light with 32, and super shiny with all 44 LED light up. This will allow relishing the different lighting modes that fit any events on your porch at night.

The Magictec patio umbrella light is cordless and has no electrical wires attach. The light is portable and easy to carry around when you have a trip or camping. It uses 4 x of AA (1.V Batteries) not included in the energy saver package. This light comes with multiple charging options, With a USB charging port that is universal for AC adapter, computer, power bank, and more. The light is perfect for any outdoor activities and also suitable for camping and trips.


  • Portable and convenient for use
  • Use an external and inbuilt battery for better convenience.
  • Perfect for many outdoor activities
  • Require little to maintenance
  • Energy saver batteries for longer battery life
  • Compatible with any patio umbrella


  • Not waterproof

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2. TOTOBAY New Version Patio Umbrella Light

The TOTOBAY is an upgraded patio umbrella light with 28 LEDs with up to 400 Lumens maximum brightness. This patio umbrella is a disk type design with 28 LEDs underneath to give you the bright atmosphere you need.

best outdoor umbrella lights

Also, this light comes with a USB cable, which provides more convenient charging options. You can charge through a power bank, laptop, or wall charger. To serve you better, this comes with a 2 Levels brightness. To give dim light, you turn on the 8 LEDs, or full light with 28 LED to set brightness for nightly outdoor activities.

This is the only patio light with built-in premium environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries (3.7V, 4400mAh). These batteries could last up to 18-54 hours after fully charged in 8 hours.

Very simple to install does not require tools or manuals to do. Cordless design with a built-in flexible auto adjustable clamp, no tools required, just need to clamp to your sunshade. Pole mounted and would fit poles of different sizes from 0.78 to 2.04in diameter. Perfect size for many patio umbrellas.

This light is portable and perfect for many outdoor activities. You can use it for your camping tent, outdoor night games, BBQ, or hanging out with friends and family.


  • Very bright
  • Uses in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Portable and convenient to use
  • Perfect for outdoor activities and patio area
  • Longer battery life with inbuilt battery


  • Not waterproof

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3. TomCare Solar Lights Metal Flickering

Rated five stars with over one thousand buyers and still counting. This TomCare solar patio light is constructed from high-quality metal with a rustproof finish, which makes it durable all-year-round use outside for better convenience. And the four sides are made from poly plastic with a glass effect – not real glass.

best outdoor umbrella light

This solar outdoor lantern is designed to produce a unique dancing flame that looks like a real flame, making this lantern more attractive. The warm yellow glow creates a welcoming and calm ambiance. This flickering flame effect solar light will be the best choice for an alternative candle while dining in your patio area.

The retro white finish makes it more unique with an aesthetic sense. It also comes with a durable hook so that you can put somewhere more convenient than the table. This solar light will surely add to your outdoor patio decoration, garden, or walkway.

This hanging lantern is solar-powered; simply place it at a location directly to sunlight to get better use. It is energy-saving, which helps you save money. IP65 waterproof grade, no worries about raining and snowing, make it a perfect outdoor use piece. Don’t forget to read more tips from the seller’s page.


  • Complete waterproof – suitable for outdoor use
  • Use solar energy – which saves you money and
  • Perfect for dining and romantic moments
  • Durable and convenient for use
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • Not bright

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4. HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light Outdoor

If you are looking to decorate your patio with different colors, this umbrella light is for you. This patio light features a warm white light and 16 multi-color to illuminate your outdoor area. It can be used for outdoor activities from camping tent, nightly leisure time and party decoration, atmosphere making, etc.

best outdoor umbrella lights

The HONWELL patio umbrella light comes with 20 super bright LED lighting and 16 colors changing light. This includes high and low outdoor activities with a remote that comes with 24 options to give you better convenience.

It’s perfect for illuminating your outdoor activities, including BBQ, camping, playing cards, or lying on your leisure chair to enjoy the romantic moonlight.

The outdoor umbrella light makes use of 6 AA batteries, which is not included in the package. Work with 24 keys remote control, so you can choose the color that goes with your mood and atmosphere. The light does not make use of any wires, and it’s straightforward to install.

It comes with a built-in auto adjustable strong clamp, no need for tools, and technical experience to install. You just need to clamp your patio light to your umbrella. It is safe, convenient, and suitable for most patio umbrellas, with a poles size of 1.1 to 1.78 inches in diameter.


  • Perfect for many outdoor activities
  • Easy to use and install – requires little maintenance
  • Comes in any colors to suits your appropriate mood
  • No cords or wire required  
  • Make use of AA batteries – Get the rechargeable ones for longer life.


  • Uses too many batteries compare to the ret on the list  
  • Not waterproof

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5. OYOCO Warm White Patio Umbrella

Oyoco is one of the most trusted manufacturers of patio umbrella lights. They have been known for making different types and kinds of patio accessories for patio decoration. This Oyoco warm white patio umbrella light has one of the best sales and amazon choice.

best outdoor umbrela lights

This light comes with three brightness modes to give you a heart feeling and welcoming atmosphere. To explore the different light modes, press once for 4 LED lights –Dim, press twice for 24 LED lights – Bright, or press three times for 28 LED lights – Super Bright. To choose your precise brightness that suits your needs on different occasions.

The light can be easily installed, with no need for tools or technical know-how. It can be easily clamped to your umbrella with the built-in auto adjustable strong clamp. It can also be hung anywhere using the two hooks, pole-mounted that fit many pole sizes from 0.86 inches to 1.81 inches in diameter.

The light is suitable for different occasions, events, camping, BBQ, playing, or lying on your leisure chair in the evening with your family or friends. Its LEDs are a combination of 28 energy-saving LED bulbs, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Make uses 4 AA batteries, which are not included. These batteries can be easily bought in common shops around you.


  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Different light mode for a soothing atmosphere
  • Portable and suitable for much outdoor use
  • No cords are required.
  • Compatible with any patio umbrella
  • Makes use of AA batteries – get the rechargeable for longer battery life


  • Not waterproof
  • Does not come with the batteries

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 6. Solar Lights Upgraded Solar Lantern Flickering

TomCare solar lantern is a dancing flame design that is attractive and looks like the real flames. The warm yellow light creates a welcoming atmosphere. This flicker candle effect solar light will be the best choice for any alternative candle lantern.

best outdoor umbrella lights

Recently, its solar panel was upgraded to ensure better quality and performance are serve. Also, the measurement of each upgraded solar panel lantern is 3.74(L)*3.74(W)*6.7(H) inch). The bigger the size, the better the virtual happening.

This patio umbrella lantern light is solar-powered; no wires are needed. Put it in the sunshine to absorb solar energy; then, the solar panel will transfer the solar energy into electricity. It is energy-saving and helps you save money. You don’t need to spend money on batteries and electricity.

It also comes with a durable hanging clamp and a hook. This solar lantern can be hung or clip on anywhere you want. Also, it will automatically turn on at sunset and off at daybreak. There is no need to use the switch once put into use, which brings you convenience and saves time.

The lantern is made of durable and waterproof ABS plastic; no more worries about raining and snowing make it perfect for outdoor use. Read more tips and instructions on the seller’s page.


  • Upgraded solar panel for better performance
  • Easy to use, no maintenance is needed.
  • Automatic sensor switch – that turns on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Completely waterproof
  • Perfect for any outdoor settings
  • Durable and convenient


  • Not bright

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7. INKEER umbrella light

This is a unique and innovative product that is perfect for up your night. It’s ideal for the beach, on the balcony, beside the pool, patio area, and other outdoor space. It is also perfect for having dinner, reading books, having a business, or playing with your family in the garden in the absence of sunlight.

best outdoor umbrella lights

This Inkeer Umbrella Light uses 4 AA batteries and also portable. You can have it with you when you are going to a camp or other outdoor activities. The light comes with three modes of lighting settings, low, average, and bright, so you can choose the one that goes appropriately with your mood.

This patio umbrella light is easy to install as it requires no tools and technical ideal to do the installation. All you have to do is clamp it to your umbrella with its built-in auto adjustable strong clamp. It also comes with two hooks to give it more flexibility and can be use used anywhere. 

It can also be mounted to a pole of different sizes from 0.71 to 1.81 inches in diameter. 

With 24 energy-saving LED bulbs to blighting your outdoor space when needed. The LEDs are energy-saving and environmentally friendly to suit your need for different brightness on different occasions.


  • Very easy to install – no technical know-how is needed 
  • Easy to use and requires less maintenance
  • Portable and fits many outdoor settings 
  • Make use of rechargeable AA batteries – for longer battery life.
  •  Comes with three lighting mode to suit your mood


  • Not waterproof – so be careful during the rainy season 

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8. Abkshine Patio Umbrella String Lights

This patio umbrella string light comes with 104 LEDs on 8 Strings to brighten your patio area. On each string, there are 13 LEDs per string. Each of these strings is 5.4ft in length with 5 inches LED Spacing. This Abkshkine string led light is waterproof, perfect for decorating a patio umbrella or tent with eight ribs.

best outdoor umbrella lights

The package comes with remote control with a variety of practical functions for conveniently controlling your umbrella light. The remote features include lighting effects such as switching on or off, brightness adjustment, circulation switch, etc.

The light comes with seven different lighting modes to give you a different colorful atmosphere.   

The patio light uses a 3 x AA Battery, which is not included. It is perfect for quickly creating a warm cozy, and romantic atmosphere for your outdoor party. This light also comes with a timing circle that switches on for six and off for eighteen hours, making it more convenient.

It comes with 24 pcs Tie tape, which helps to make it easy to install. More decoration and functionality are served to light up your patio summer night party with all its features.


  • Gives room for decoration – comes with different lighting modes.
  • Comes with instruction and manual guide
  • Longer battery life is served.
  • Easy to install
  •  Automatic sensor switch for better convenience


  • Remote does not work or becomes easily faulty

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 9. Upgraded Solar Lanterns – Solar umbrella lights

This distinctive dancing flame is attractive for your outdoor space, which looks like a real flame. The warm light helps to create a welcoming ambiance. This solar lantern light is a beautiful decoration for patio tabletop, shelf, stairs, pathway, wall, patio, porch, etc.

best outdoor umbrella lights

With high efficient solar panel and 2200Ah battery, that can be charged 4-5 hours under the sun. The flame lights can last light for up to 12 hours. When the sun is not good in the summer, you can also use a USB to charge the battery to ensure the warm light appears when you need it.

The lantern measures 4.9*3.7 inches in size. It is made of durable and IP65 waterproof ABS plastic, no need to worry about raining, frosting, and snowing, making it perfect for outdoor use. This package comes with a durable hanging and a circular ring. This is to ensure convenience to place or hang your lantern in a suitable location.

This lantern will automatically turn on at sunset and off at dawn. There is no need to use the ON/OFF switch once you put it into use, which brings you convenience and saves time. Read more tips from the seller’s page.


  • Very convenient to use
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Very durable for its price
  • Automatic on and off switch
  • Uses inbuilt battery and solar for flexibility


  • None for now

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10. Patio Umbrella Lights Cordless Parasol String Lights

If you are looking to add a touch of warm, bright light and atmosphere to your next outdoor settings, these patio umbrella string lights are a perfect solution to lighten your patio area. It has a built-in eight lighting modes and brightness adjustment, which is suitable for outdoor activities.

best outdoor umbrella light

Each string branch light length is approximately 130cm. Besides, each LED light bubble is in parallel, so it can be cut to the umbrella’s size, which makes it suitable for patio umbrellas from 6ft to 10ft. You can quickly complete the installation by wrapping the lamp strips around the umbrella rib, making it ideal for the overall style and cantilever type of umbrella.

To control the light more efficiently, the package comes with remote control. The remote control has various functions that affect the light effects, such as switching, brightness adjustment, circulation switch, etc. to optimize your user experience further.

The battery box and light stripe are waterproof to protect your light during rainfall. The battery box is water-resistant, and can its resistance level is about IP65. While using it every day, there will be no water entry into the battery box and no maintenance cost.


  • String lights perfect for 6ft or 10ft umbrella
  • Battery operated – affordable and accessible.
  • Ideal for patio umbrella and outdoor area
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Comes with remote control for better convenience


  • Does not come with a battery

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Buying Guide for the Best Patio Umbrella Light

There are a lot of things you need to put into consideration before buying your outdoor patio umbrella light. This consideration will help you choose the appropriate light for your outdoor area. With this, you can have a befitting atmosphere when next you host your friends or family.  

  • Lighting styles
  • Type of lighting required
  • Lighting Power Sources
  • Waterproof Rating

Lighting style 

From the list above, It can be seen that there are three main styles of umbrella lighting system you can choose from. You are obliged to from these three options which includes

  • Patio lantern
  • String light, and
  • Umbrella disc light

Outdoor patio lantern 

Just like many camping and outdoor lanterns that either use solar or electricity to function. Many patio lanterns use solar to provide a more convenient lighting system. And also to create a better and coo ambiance in your outdoor area.

There are different designs of patio lanterns made by different manufactures to give you a better lighting style that is needed. Many of the patio lanterns come with a sensor switch to lighten your outdoor in a better convenient way.

They are suitable for outdoor use, but they are not bright. So you can’t use it to read or do other sensitive activities.  

String light

The string light is also the same as strand light, which is similar to your Christmas Street light and works the same way. They are usually in the form of hose, wire, or trunk, which depends solely on the manufacturer. The hose or trunk line goes through the shaft and then spreads out into the rib of the umbrella. Thus spreading light across the rings of the umbrella.

String lights are better at providing accent light that is usually cool and sends lots of relaxation massages. They are also generally dim and cannot be used for anything sensitive. These come in different forms and uses various forms of energy to function. Their sources of energy include solar, battery, or electricity.

Umbrella disc light

Disc lights are specially designed to connect to the umbrella shaft and produce light downwards from the top as the light is more focused and brighter around the patio table. It can be used to illuminate anything better directly underneath.

There is only one parameter you need to factor into your decision about which is the best disc light, and that is the diameter of the shaft – pole.

Usually, these fall between the 1.5 and 2 inches mark, and just about all of the disc lights available can be tweaked to fit whatever the diameter of your shaft is.

It is necessary to note, though, if your umbrella has a peculiarly large or awkwardly shaped shaft, you may have to look for a disc light with a more specific design.

Some frequently asked question about umbrella light 

How do you put lights on the patio umbrella? 

This depends solely on the type of light you’d be using. Putting this light onto your patio umbrella, too, is different. This is a brief instruction on how to put the different types of light we have on your patio umbrella. 

Patio lantern: it is ideal for placing your lantern on your table for it to sit comfortably. With this, the lantern will illuminate your table for better visibility. Some lanterns come with a hook or hanger. These types of lanterns can be hung or clip to your patio umbrella to bright up your garden.

Patio lanterns are suitable for romantic moments. Their lights are not bright, and they create a cool atmosphere of love within your garden. 

String lights: putting a string light on your patio umbrella is a perfect way to decorate and light up your patio area. As we have said above, string lights are made of trunk or hose with led and bulbs.

All you have to do is wrap your light around the ribs of your umbrella. These umbrellas are in various shapes and sizes, and you need work fix according to your umbrella ribs. 

Disc light: this by far the easiest patio light to use and fix. The disc comes with a clamp that’s been used for holding onto any patio umbrella. You can fix it anywhere within the umbrella stand as you wish.

To fix the disc in place, open the clip that’s usually on the side of the light. Making your disc to op and clamp it anywhere within the patio umbrella gives you a better result around your patio table.

How do you string light under an umbrella? 

There are different ways to arm your patio umbrella with your string light, but we will dive into the simplest method to use. After getting your string light, the next thing to do is think of a design to use.

You need absolutely no tools to fix your light under your umbrella. After choosing a design, you can now wrap your light around the seams of your umbrella to give you your desired design.

When choosing your design, an important question will surely arise: how do I decorate my patio with string lights. 

How do I decorate my patio with string light?

You can choose to decorate your patio the way you like. There’s no method or a specific way to decorate your umbrella. But in my case, I love creating a chandelier will them.  There are designs of my choice, which are:

  • Creating a chandelier around the pole 
  • And around the umbrella tip. 

To create a chandelier around the pole, I wrap the light around the umbrella stand from the top to the table level, and some parts of the umbrella seem. 

 While around the tip, I wrap the light around the umbrella’s tips to create a kind of curtain around the umbrella.


With this list, you have an idea of the best patio umbrella light that will suit your yard. We have analyzed the different types of Outdoor umbrella lights so you can have a better option.

The magictec outdoor light is a good choice for your outdoor area. All other lights are also recommended, and they all have amazing reviews. Your choice of light may differ base on your choice, purpose, and patio settings.


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