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best outdoor patio bench

When it is necessary to take a break or relax after a long day of work, the outdoor patio bench is always ideal. The pleasure and soothing received while relaxing can never be overemphasized, especially in the evening.

The fresh air and bountiful flowers help to relieve a lot while passing time in the yard. There are times you may also want to spend some fun moments with your family or loved ones. For this reason, your ideal outdoor bench should be comfortable, beautiful, and also provide an excellent relaxation facility.

For a versatile option, you can opt for benches with storage, this allows you to store cushions, pillows, and other garden equipment, thus enhancing your space and keeping you organized. You can read more about outdoor bench with storage here, and check out our best patio storage bench.

Outdoor patio benches will provide a comfortable area to spend quality moments with your loved one while also enjoying the good view of nature in your surroundings. To improve and spike the look of your outdoor space, you need outdoor furniture, and a bench is one of them.

We know how daunting it can be surfing for the best garden bench to complement your space. Luckily, we have done some research, and come up with our top outdoor patio bench for all weather.

Best Outdoor Bench For Patio

1. Oakland Living Mississippi Cast Aluminum Royal Bench

If you are looking for something more unique and stylish, then this bench is for you. The unique bench design makes it a better fit for your garden, balcony, or driveway. This bench is made of cast aluminum that can withstand any weather conditions to ensure it is durable. The cast aluminum is covered with antique bronze to make it more appealing.

best outdoor bench

This is a sturdy bench that withholds any weight capacity. It comes with sturdy legs, and the bench arm is built to support better body relaxation. This bench comes with an instruction to guide you through the assembling process, and it takes less than an hour to put this together. It also comes with a guide on maintaining your royal bench, which will be barely needed. 

The bench backrest is made to support proper body relaxation. Also, the seating area is made to balance your body. It is made crack-resistant to support it during arch weather to ensure that this bench lasts a decade. 


  • Perfect three-seater for any outdoor space
  • Compactly built to withhold any weight.
  • The structure and design are suitable for any outdoor space. 
  • The bench is cast aluminum–friendly with any weather.  
  • Sturdy legs and antique bronze coated to prevent rusting. 


  • Pre-drilled may not align in some bench 

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2. Butler Gerrit Plantation Cherry Bench

This alluring bench is a welcome addition to a variety of spaces. Crafted from select hardwoods and wood products. This bench is perfect for any purpose, indoor or outdoor use. This multipurpose outdoor bench is ideal for reading or passing the time in your balcony or garden. The perfect finishing touch of this bench helps to enhance its uniqueness.

best outdoor bench

The bench is made of hardwood and covered with a brown polish to make it stand out. The bench legs and structure is sturdy and can withhold any amount of weight. The chair arm and backrest are designed to provide better relaxation support. This bench is made for any weather and needs little maintenance to keep it illuminating. 

This bench features bold “x” back supports and a mysterious, lightly distressed Plantation cherry finish. The dimension of this bench is 19L x 44W x 31H inches and weighs less than 700 pounds. This bench’s structure and style make it perfect for condos, cottages, resorts, etc.; this bench comes in two colors, black and dark brown, to give you an appropriate choice for your outdoor space.


  • Perfect and simple finishing
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor space
  • Compact and sturdy design to withhold any weight
  • Made it with beautiful hardwood
  • Easy to assemble- takes less than an hour


  • Paints or polish may wear off with time 

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3. Garden Bench Patio Porch Chair

Be the first to review this amazing stylish wood and outdoor aluminum bench. This bench is made with a combination of two durable materials to provide durability assurance. Combining these two materials helps spike up the design of this bench and makes it more alluring. The frame is made of cast iron to ensure it can withhold any weight capacity.

best outdoor bench


While the seating area is made of hardwood to complement the bench durably.
The frame cast iron is coated with rust resistance to its ability to cope with any weather. The woods are also covered with oil to prevent insects from feeding on them and provide a smooth surface.

The backrest is made of black plastic with a wooden frame that provides the comfy relaxation needed.

The simple design of this bench makes it easy to assemble as fast as possible. The seating area is a curvy design to ensure comfort and proper relaxation. The bench legs are durable and made of cast iron to carry reasonable weight. 


  • Very easy to assemble 
  • Made with two durable materials to insure durability 
  • Simple and unique design that blend with any design 
  • Both materials used in making this bench are easy to maintain 
  • The bench can withstand any weather condition. 


  •  The legs may not support too heavyweight 

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4. BELLEZE Antique Designed Rose Style Outdoor

Spiking up your outdoor space with amazing furniture is one of the best things to do. But using the right design and furniture is usually better. Relaxation is a feeling of comfort, and having it the right way will energize your body to reactivate your hormones.

best outdoor bench

This patio outdoor love seat bench will provide the necessary comfort needed while receiving fresh air from your outdoor space. This bench is made with metal and covered with rose embellishment, preventing it from rusting and making it beautiful. This bench offers a comfortable sitting experience, but it also serves as a good enhancing ornament.

There is a three-round flower pattern that constitutes the chair seat to help beautify the chair design. The chair seat and backrest are made of cast iron, which is rust-resistant and durable. Legs and handles are crafted with cast iron equipped with a more powerful weight capacity to support the whole chair and person sitting.

The backrest height is appropriate, and the wavy edge is good for leaning. Both armrests are smooth and convenient to provide more comfort while sitting. Curvy legs help better distribute weight, which makes the chair stay stable and secure. Footpads protect the ground well.


  • The chair is made to provide intimacy while sitting.
  • The back and arm are there to provide better comfort while relaxing.
  • The chair is lightweight and strong.
  • Beautiful curvy flower design perfect for patio
  • Perfect for newlywed couples
  • Also perfect for indoor, balcony, or garden use.
  • Easy to assemble


  • No neat finishing – there are usually sharp edges on the metal

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5. Achla Designs 4-Foot Hennell Garden Bench

This Wooden bench is usually simple in design, and they typically help improve whatever design you have in place. This outdoor wood bench will provide appropriate relaxation that’s needed after a long day. This bench is spacious enough to accommodate two people comfortably. The bench is furnished with oil to keep it glowing and prevent insects from eating the wood.

best outdoor bench

The Achla bench is made with comfort in mind to provide absolute refreshment while you admire nature from your balcony. This outdoor bench is made with Eucalyptus hardwood, which can resist any type of weather condition. The bench arm helps to provide better comfort while you spread your legs on its stool. This does not come with the stool; you can get it separately if you want.

The bench legs and seat area are strong enough to withhold any capacity of weight. The bench weighs 43 pounds with an oil finishing, which will help maintain the bench’s look. The oil finishing is to make the bench shine while also preventing the wood from arch weather.


  • Made with comfort in mind
  • Made with a hardwood that can resist any weather
  • The wood legs are strong enough to withhold any weight.
  • Also comes with instruction to for easy and assemble.
  • Easy to clean and needs little maintenance.


  • Not available for now

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6. Patio Sense Simone Cast Aluminum Patio Bench

This cool-looking patio outdoor bench is eco-friendly in all ways. The bench is made with cast aluminum, which helps prevent it from rusting during the rainy season. The bench will surely aid your relaxation after a stressful or busy day. This bench is finessed with antique bronze to complement its elegant design.

best outdoor bench

This is covered with rust-resistant coatings to help compliment the beautiful design of this bench and make it durable. The bench legs are made to withhold any amount of weight. Also, this bench will blend well with any design and also fits into any space available.

This outdoor bench comes with a simple but unique design to provide a comfortable relaxation experience in your yard. There is an instruction manual that comes with the bench, making the assembly process as easy as possible. The manufacturer is known and trusted for making outdoor furniture with reasonable durability.


  • Rust-free cast aluminum to ensure durability
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Sturdy leg to hold a reasonable weight capacity.
  • Comes with an instruction manual for easy assembling
  • Beautiful and simple design which blends well with any design


  • The screw holes may not line up, and this is not common with every product.

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7. Rubbermaid Outdoor Patio Storage Bench

This is a stylish patio storage bench that you need to have in your garden or outdoor space. This style and design fit well, and it’s appealing to the eye also. This bench can be used indoor or outdoor. This bench, when properly fix, can hold a weight capacity of 300 pounds efficiently.

rubber patio bench

The bench is made of plastic, but guess what? It is made double-walled to ensure durability. This will help ensure it withstand any weather it is exposed to. I will prefer it if this is put under the shade. This bench is easy to clean and requires less maintenance. We all know plastics are water-resistant but could be damaged by arch sunlight.

It is important to note that this bench with its storage is not waterproof but water-resistant- don’t store anything that can damage it if you won’t be keeping it under a shade.
The storage bench can hold your gardening tools, cushions, kids’ toys, and grills accessories.

The bench back is comfortable and will help provide more support to lean on to make you more comfortable. The seat compartment is 40 inches long and 16 inches wide to accommodate your stuff and relax.


  • Stylish design that would blend well with any design –indoor or outdoor
  • Perfect in a shaded area
  • Wide storage capacity with 39.5″ x 14.5″ x 12″ (L x W x H) inner dimension
  • It will last longer when kept under a shade.
  • The bench needs little to no maintenance.
  • This bench is practically easy to assemble.
  • Compactly built to withhold the large weight.


  • The material is not waterproof

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8. Golden Garden Outdoor Bench

The golden bench is another amazing bench you need to consider when buying a patio or outdoor bench. This bench is powder coated with a rust-resistant finish to ensure its durability and make it super smooth. It is also made of reinforced steel to ensure resilience and stability, durable, and the Metal Bench is perfect for many years of outdoor use.

best outdoor bench

The lively and exquisite grid embellishments of the Garden Bench are distributed on the backrest and make the whole Metal Bench look beautiful. Not only does the Yard Bench offer a comfortable sitting experience, but it also serves as a good decorative ornament.

The Garden Bench’s edges are all finished – no raw cuts or drips to catch on clothing. The Metal Bench will give you safe relaxation. The Park Bench is safe for you and your cloth. You can choose to put your bench anywhere, as this bench-style blends well with any design.

It comes with an assemble manual and complete accessories which make assembly as easy as possible. All parts of the Park Bench are given a number, and exact assembly steps are listed to follow.


  • Perfect and straightforward that goes with any design
  • The chair is wide and comfortable enough for two people.
  • Easy to clean and requires less maintenance
  • The bench is lightweight, which helps to make it moveable when needed.
  • Comes with an instruction manual assemble the chair with ease


  • This back cushion is made of plastic that may wear off with time.
  • Frames are not made of actual steal but a hallow metal which can reduce its durability and ability to hold the weight

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9. Keter Eden Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Furniture

If you are looking to buy an outdoor patio bench with storage, this bench should be a good option. This bench will provide better relaxation after a long day of work or within your yard. The bench is made with pure wood coated with weather-resistant polypropylene to prevent peeling and denting, which complements its durability.

best outdoor bench

With this bench, you can easily store your outdoor tools, cushion foams, and other items in large capacity. The storage area is structured to protect all items been store in the box with the inbuilt moisture and ventilation to keep all items safe.

The amazing feature of this bench is that it will not lose its stylishness when exposed to abuse from your kids or pets. The storage area is lockable to prevent intruders or unauthorized access to the storage. This bench’s style and design are suitable for any garden space and will blend with any design around the area.

The sturdy wood and frame help ensure that the bench can hold any weight, while the hand frame helps to balance well and provides more comfort while relaxing.


  • Made with sturdy wood to withhold any weight capacity.
  • It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor
  • It can also withstand any weather
  • Its durability would last long
  • Comes with a storage area to hold your garden tools
  • Easy to clean and maintain – you can easily use a damp cloth


  • The plastic finish isn’t super smooth

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10. Oakland Cast Aluminum Love Seat Bench

This love seat bench comes with everything you need to beautify your outdoor area. The bench is perfect for any yard design and can withstand any weather condition. You can make use of this outdoor patio bench when having a conversation with someone or while reading.

best outdoor bench


This beautiful piece is made from rust-free cast Aluminum, which will help ensure its durability. This bench is perfect for any space available. You can choose from the two colors available, the Verdi grey and antique bronze; both have amazing finishing touches.

This bench’s lightweight is an added advantage as you can move it from one end of your yard to another cooling end of the yard. This will help provide more comfort while you spend your time in the yard. It is always advisable to set your furniture under a shade; either under a tree or canopy is ideal.

Also, you have to know is that this product is lightweight, but this doesn’t limit its ability to withstand and hold any type of weight. Its leg and frame are made to support any type of weight capacity. While you sit comfortably, the bench arm is designed to help foster your relaxation while admiring nature.


  • Rust-free cast aluminum to ensure durability
  • Lightweight for easy moving
  • Comes with an instruction manual for easy assembling.`
  • Sturdy leg stands for better weight capacity.
  • Beautiful design, very grey and antique bronze


  • The screw holes may not line up, and this is not usually common.

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Patio outdoor bench accessories you may need

outdoor patio bench

Since many outdoor benches that we have in the market won’t be coming with cushions for better comfort. This is not a problem as there are many accessories to complement your bench for a better sitting experience.

Some of these accessories will help improve your patio furniture’s durability and enhance the comfort of using the furniture. Here are some of the patio accessories you need to help support your relaxation.

  • Bench cushion

Cushions will enhance the comfort of using the bench either when you lay or sit. Many outdoor benches will come with a hard surface, which may provide discomfort to users.

This hard surface also is usually not comfortable over time. To get the best of your outdoor patio bench, you need a bench cushion if your choice does not come with one. Before choosing a cushion for your bench, you need to know the size of your bench seat space.

  • Outdoor pillow

Throw pillows are another accessory you need to consider. This can be used to enhance the beauty of your bench, and there are several all-weather pillows available for you in the market. The best are usually waterproof and will resist any type of weather condition. Aside from decorating, you can also rest on your head on these pillows while relaxing.

  • Patio shade

This will help protect all your patio furniture. Harsh weather can cause a lot of damage and wear out your outdoor furniture. Your ideal patio shade can be in any form; it can be an umbrella, a cover, a tent, or a canopy.

It is always recommended to put your patio furniture under the shade to help preserve the unique style and design of the furniture. The truth is no matter how resistant your furniture is to the weather, with time under the sun, your furniture will surely lose its look, so this is very important

What to consider when choosing the best outdoor bench

best outdoor patio bench

  • Style

This is usually my first consideration when buying. If it doesn’t fit my style, then it’s not for me. Choosing an outdoor bench that blends well with other colors and designs of your yard will make your backyard’s overall design more appealing.

  • Material

Your outdoor bench should be able to withstand any weather conditions. When choosing your outdoor patio bench, you want to be sure your choice would last you a lifetime. Many patio benches are made of wood, metals, or plastics in some cases.

There are some instances where these plastics or woods are not of good quality. While choosing, you want to ensure that your choice is durable will withstand any weight regardless of the person’s size.

  • Space

Space allocated for your patio bench is also a determinant when choosing your ideal bench. The available space will determine if you will be buying a bench or chair to spike your outdoor. While choosing the appropriate size, make sure your size and design match your garden design.

Have it on your mind that when buying your outdoor bench that should have enough space to accommodate your friends and family with the capacity to hold the weight of two adults.

  • Storage space

This is another feature you need to consider while buying your outdoor furniture. If you have storage in place in your yard, there’s no need for this. A multifunctional bench will be of great help for this purpose. It will help save valuable space that can be used to add more value to the yard. For this reason, this is a great feature to consider.

  • Size

There are different sizes and capacities of an outdoor bench you can choose. Your intended purpose of buying this bench would determine your suitable size. I prefer lying on my patio bench, and for this, I get the three-seaters. This size is enough when my colleagues are around; included in my set are three more single chairs. I always suggest you get a set of single chairs and a bench.

  • Cost

Your budget is another thing you need to consider when choosing your outdoor patio bench. Your style, size, and material quality will be the cost determinant of your bench. You should know you can’t select a cheap bench and start comparing its cost.

The best you can do is find that a bench within your budget, then you now start shoveling the substandard once. While doing this, you need to keep in mind that you are selecting a product you will use for a long time.

FQA about the best outdoor bench

What is the best material for an outdoor bench?

Different types of materials can be used to make outdoor benches, which range from wood, aluminum, wicker, and recycled plastic, which are mainly used for storage benches.

However, out of these different materials, the best for an outdoor bench is cast aluminum. Bench made of this aluminum tends to last longer, does not rust or crack easily. Also, these types are stylishly made, which helps to beautify your patio area more.

How do you weatherproof a wooden bench?

One of the best ways to waterproof a bench is to use a wood seal, which can be gotten in various retail outlets within the country. Below is a visual representation of what a wood seel is and how to make use of it.

How do I protect my wooden bench outside?

There are several ways you can protect a wooden bench to make them last longer. Wooden chair tends to deteriorate fast when exposed to weather elements, especially during the winter or rainy season.

To protect your wooden bench, you can make a shade over your bench. The shade can be in the form of a canopy or a tent; this will help protect your wooden bench against direct exposure.

Can I leave my patio furniture out in the rain?

Patio furniture is usually made of durable materials that can withstand weather elements. Many of the furniture does not to be taken in or out because that’s what they are made for. If you choose to leave your bench out in the rain, don’t forget the cushion.

Always keep your cushion in a protected area to make them more durable for use. However, some cushions are waterproof and can resist weather elements, but the more they are exposed to these elements at a high degree, they begin to deteriorate.


There are so many patio outdoor benches to pick from, and choosing the best can be a daunting task. We have analyzed different outdoor benches for your sake. We know that the outdoor bench should be durable and weather resistant. Also, we assure you that anyone you choose from this list will serve your purpose, and our description is as accurate as possible.

We have taken our time to review some of the best you could ever get on amazon since it is still the best place to get your household items. Maintaining your outdoor furniture is important to keep the look and quality intact.



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