How to keep Bugs Off Patio | Patio bug Repellent Ideas

Aside from high breeze could disrupt your moment while spending time on the patio during the day. Insects such as bugs, flies, and mosquitos can also limit your stay at night. However, with this guide, you will learn how to keep bugs off the patio area and enjoy your time outdoors during the day or at night.

Bugs, flies, mosquitos, and other biting insects do not only move at night; they also move during the day, making areas around the home difficult to use. It is no lie that there is more to the outdoor space fun than allowing tiny flies and insets to disrupt the moment.

Below you will learn how to get rid of bugs in your yard and your door at night, which will allow you to spend more time around your home. These different methods will keep bugs at bay during the day and night, making the outdoor space use.

The various ways in this article were discovered while trying to curb the dominance of insects on my patio. Many of these methods are easy to implement with quick and fascinating results.

How to get rid of flying bugs in your yard – keep bugs off the patio

The different methods shared here will direct you to stop bugs coming in at night and during the day to make your outdoor living space and other outdoor areas useful. Also, bugs inhabiting the environment will be eliminated, freeing the area from harmful and annoying flies.

1. A tidy area is a healthy area. 

how to keep bugs off patio

The first thing you will want to do when you are being disturbed by insects is clear your environment. If your backyard area is discovered with grass, it will be necessary to trim the grass and make it less in habitat to insects. This is because unkempt grass could inhabit many insects that can be dangerous, making the area difficult to use.

After cutting the grasses, It also necessary to keep the patio area clean. Sweep, mop any liquid and crumbs around the patio. This is because even the little food and liquid substance lying around the patio, deck, and other outdoor living areas can attract insects.

Ensuring the yard and patio area are clean always will keep bugs and flies away from your environment. Also, keeping the area clean always will make the area appealing and suitable for use.

2. Clean your Drainage 

how to keep bugs off patio

Stagnant water is a habitat for insects such as mosquitoes, earwigs, and many insects. Regular cleaning of the drainage around your home will reduce bugs and other biting insects that could make the area home. Steady cleaning of drainage will also enhance the function of the drainage.

By keeping your drainage clean, it will also enhance the flow of fresh air around the area. With this, keeping your drainage clean and flowing will reduce insects and pests around your home. If possible, you can also cover the drainage; this will also reduce the free access of bugs to the area.

3. Make use of bug zappers

how to keep bugs off patio

Making use of bug zappers is another way to keep your outdoor area free of bugs and flying insects. Bug zappers are an electronic way of controlling, trapping, and killing insects. This device uses electricity or solar panels to attract and kill any form of flies around the outdoor space.

This method is another friendly way of controlling bugs, flies, and mosquitos around the outdoor area. This fly trap is cheap and available online and in several retail shops in the neighborhood. This bug zapper is a handy tool that can be used for camping or other outdoor activities.

With the availability of one or more bug zappers, you will have less flying and around the area, as they would have been attracted and electrocuted by the zapper. Also, since your outdoor area is clean, you’ll have very few flies around your home, and bug zappers will keep them under control.

4. Make use of fan 

how to keep bugs off patio

Using a patio fan will also reduce the free movement of winged bugs, flies, and mosquitos around the patio. After clearing your area, and few annoying flies are still hovering around the patio area. Having a fan will keep the few ones available at bay.

It does this by warding off bugs and flies through the breeze coming from the fan. Furthermore, the breeze coming from the fan will also make the area cool. This fan can be a ceiling fan or a portable standing fan.

So, with the installation or use of a fan, you will have flying insects at bay while you are also enjoying the cool breeze coming from the fan. This method can be used during the day or at night when using the area.

5. Planting Patio Bugs Reppelant plants 

keep bugs off patio

Another wonderful way of keeping bugs off the patio is by planting herbs and plants that insects hate. Having this plant around the patio will repel various types of insects and plants that could disrupt your fun moment. These plants will also add humor to the outdoor area and enhance the feel of the space.

Also, using natural repellant oils and cream can keep bugs, flies, and insects away. There are several recipes in retail shops and online stores. Also, there are DIY bug repellants that you can use to keep flies and bugs from biting you and the patio area as a whole.

Bugs, flies, and mosquitos hate the strong scent of citrus and mint, and having them around your yard, patio or porch will keep them off the area. This plant will also beautify the area as a whole. Some of the bugs repelling plants you can have around your home include:

  • Lemon thyme: mosquitoes
  • Rosemary: mosquitoes
  • Chrysanthemums: roaches, ants, ticks, fleas, bedbugs
  • Geranium, lemon-scented: mosquitoes
  • Basil: flies, mosquitoes
  • Catnip: mosquitoes, ticks, flies, cockroaches
  • Lavender: moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoes
  • Marigold: mosquitoes

6. Keep your yard Free of Standing water. 

how to keep bugs off patio

Making your backyard water lodge free is another way of keeping flies and other bugs away from your outdoor area. After clearing the grass, cleaning, and allowing the free flow of water in your drainage, the next thing you will want to do is to check around for stagnant water around the home.

If you are using a reservoir, it is vital to get it covered and if there are open rain barrels, get it covered to make it inhabitable by these flies and bugs. Furthermore, if there is a birth bath area around the yard, you must maintain it properly.

You can do this by changing the water regularly every few days. You can also get one with running water, which is hassle-free and indirectly creating a mosquito breeding area.

7. Maintain your trash Properly 

keep bugs off patioThe trash or garbage can contain lots of debris, and remnants can attract flies and bugs to the house. Properly maintaining the trash or garbage can also prevent flies, bugs, and other annoying insects from invading your home.

To properly keep your garbage, you can use trash nylon to keep all your trash in it, while this nylon is tied and kept inside a trash can. With this, the odor and from the trash won’t be able to attract insects. If your state law does not allow the use of trash nylon, always ensure your waste or garbage can is covered regularly.

8. Use citronella candles

how to keep bugs off patio

Some citronella candle brands do more than mood settings; they also come with flies, and mosquito repellant smells that keep bugs and other flies away from the yard. So when next you want to have a romantic diner, make sure you get the Citronella candles to ensure your diner and date went smoothly without been disturbed by flies.

Multiples of citronella candles can also be used to make your outdoor area attractive while hosting an outdoor party. For this reason, you are not only repelling flies and mosquitos; you can also use them to decorate and light up your patio.

9. Use Insecticide 

keep bugs off patio

Another great way of keeping bugs away from the patio and other outdoor areas is using insecticides. However, these insecticides do not provide a permanent solution, and it is more recommended after making your environment clean. This is because insecticide provides a short solution to flies and bug disturbance, and it more ideal for enclosed areas. 

By the time you have made your environment clean, very few flies and bugs will disturb the area. You can then use an insecticide to kill the little ones around the outdoor living space, which allows you to enjoy the area at any time of the day.

10. Attracts Predators 

Predators such as birds and bats can help reduce flying pets and bugs around the outdoor space. You can do this by building attracting birds or building a bats house around the yard.

These predators can consume thousands of flies, and their presence also will repel these flies making the area pets and bug-free. If you are serious about the fight against bugs and annoying flies, consider these predators your superheroes.

Attracting birds to your outdoor area will also enhance the humor of the outdoor area. While attracting them, ensure you keep them under control because they can be dangerous if you have plants or crops they can feed on. However, if you don’t have any crop they can feed on, you don’t have to bother about their numbers.

11. Burn Sage 

keep bugs off the patio

If you are using a fire pit in your outdoor area, sage burning would also help repel bugs and other insects. The odor from sage smells good to humans but not to insects and bugs. When it is chilly and you want to start a fire, you can add a sage to make it repel bugs and insects.

Also, during the summer, you can burn sage to repel annoying insects. If you aren’t burning sage in the fire pit, you can also burn the sage inside a stainless plate. This way, the smoke will fill your patio area, keeping it free of flies and bugs.

12. Use a colored light.

how to keep bugs off patio

A bright white light has been seeing to be attractive to flies and other forms of flying insects. To prevent your outdoor living space from being invaded by flies while you use the area during the night or for a party, or just for relaxation, it would be necessary you change the lighting to a dim color.

Colors such as yellow, blue, or red and many more dim colors would work perfectly to make the area less attractive to bugs and flies. If you don’t have patio bug repellant around the year, make sure you have a bug zapper in your patio to make it less disturbing.

How to keep bugs off patio furniture

Many of the different ways shared above can also be used while keeping bugs off the patio furniture. The types of bugs habiting the furniture differ depending on the wood the furniture is made of. Furniture made of some specific wood can be disturbed by termites.

While furniture made of wicker can have them hiding inside the resing and biting or sting you when you use the chair. Even when termites don’t bite or sting you, they eat up the wood destroying the furniture when not properly care for. 

The best thing you will want to do is make your furniture bug-free by using a pesticide. With this pesticide, you will have to spray every creek and corner of the furniture where the bugs could be hiding or habiting. After spraying the furniture with the pesticide, you can then expose the furniture to direct sunlight.

This condition is unbearable for them to survive and, thus, killing all the bugs that could be inhabiting the area.

Conclusion on how to keep bugs off patio

In this guide are the various ways of keeping bugs away from the patio and the entire outdoor area at large. With the various methods available here, you can keep your home, patio, and doorway bug-free. After going through this guide, now you can host an outdoor party without been disturbed by bugs or flies.

It is also necessary not to use white bulbs during the rainy season to attract more flies. However, having a bug zapper during this period would also be a lifesaver as any flies that come towards the area would be taken care of by the zapper.

Additionally, all these methods work fine in keeping bugs away from the door at night and during the day. Also, with this method, you will have free bugs and flies environment to use. You can also share your methods of making your backyard and other outdoor areas free from bugs and flies.