10 Best Outdoor wind Blocker for Patio | Patio Windscreen Reviews

The main reason for having a patio area is to enjoy the cool fresh air. Sometimes this breeze may become too much, and your moment may be ruined. You don’t have to leave your patio during this period; with the best outdoor wind blocker, you can continue with the bliss you enjoy from your patio.

This windscreen will provide adequate protection against the wind by ensuring you enjoy the fresh air. Also, they help to keep away other elements, such as flies and insects, from your patio area.

If you have a closed patio, using wind blockers won’t take much of your time. However, if your patio area is open, mounting a wind blocker could come with some price. If you have a gazebo, tent, or pergola around your patio, installing a wind blocker will also come easily.

best outdoor wind blocker


However, speaking of the gazebo, many types of pop-up gazebos come with either a wind block or net so you can have a comfortable patio area.

There are many types and styles of patio wind blockers, and choosing the appropriate one for your patio space can be difficult. For this reason, we analyze the different outdoor wind blockers so that you can make the right choice for your patio space. 

Best outdoor wind blocker for patio

In reviewing these products, we consider the different types of Patio areas you may have around your home. This allows us to review different wind blockers you can use on your patio. With this, you should be able to make the right choice for your patio area base o your style and design.

1. LOVESHARE Retractable Side Awning Double Retractable Patio Screen Waterproof

The double folding side awning can be used as a shade, wall, or divider to block out light breezes and low sun, bringing privacy and elegance to your outdoor living space.

This privacy screen outdoor features a retractable hand that can close or opens either side, and the length can be adjusted and rolled back into the housing when not in use.

best outdoor wind blocker

The windscreen is easy to use; you need to fix the support post to its base plate or directly to the concrete, cement floor, or wood deck for better stability. It will create a privacy wall and comes with mounting accessories for easy installation.

This side awning is made of an aluminum alloy frame that is sleek and resistant to rust; it also features a 280g/m² polyester fabric coated with a PU layer that is breathable, waterproof, UV resistant, and flame retardant.

The double privacy screen is suitable for offices or houses as a cube wall or outside as a sidewall on backyards, terraces, and gardens to give you a comfortable outdoor space. 


  • Made of durable and all-weather materials
  • Easy to use and install
  • Features two sides screen for more versatility
  • It comes with an aluminum frame for better sturdiness
  • Tear, sun, and water resistance.


None for now

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2. Amagabeli 8’x50′ Fence Privacy Screen Heavy Duty Wind Blocker

This is perfect for creating a temporary fence in your outdoor space. This fabric is long enough to cover your patio area and give complete privacy. The length of this fence makes it versatile to block any side the wind is coming from. All you have to do is roll over the fence to the specific side; the elements are disturbing.

best outdoor wind blocker

This fence’s versatility can be extended to be used as a sunscreen for vegetable garden plants, greenhouse covering coverage curtain in areas with strong sunshine sunlight, hot temperature, humidity, rain, snow, thunderstorms, and harsh, unpredictable weather.

It can also be used to create an overhead shade on top of a pergola for hanging orchids as a shade cover for patio plants and lawns. Also, and windows, the border of a horse ranch, landscaping for a barren hedge; the green mesh privacy screen look nice and natural.

The fence is made of polypropylene, which is extremely tough, long-lasting, and water-resistant to ensure it is durable and suitable for outdoor use while providing privacy.


  • very versatile in use
  • easy to install
  • Provides an economical way of fencing
  • Made of durable and weather-resistant fabric
  • requires little to no maintenance


  • none for now

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3. VICLLAX Outdoor Roller Shade, Patio Cordless Blinds Roll Up Shade

If you are looking to block the wind out of your gazebo, deck, pergola, porch, or balcony or protect against direct sunlight, this is the shade for you. This retractable shade helps to keep wind and other elements that can disrupt the moment away from your outdoor patio space.

best outdoor wind blocker

It is suitable for all outdoor spaces once you have the space to hang it, to help you easily roll down the shade. This shade comes in different sizes, making it easy for any type of outdoor space it will be installed. This shade is generally easy to install, as it takes less than two minutes with no technical know-how.

They are made of HDPE fabric to ensure it suitable and durable for outdoor use. The fabric is UV (ultraviolet), all-weather, and fades resistance to ensure you are adequately shaded. The thickness of the fabric will provide complete privacy.

This shade comes with a bottom ring to fasten the roller and prevent it from flapping in the wind. The whole product comes pre-assembled with a manual guide to put you through the process.


  • Suitable for a closed outdoor area
  • Made of durable and all-weather materials
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • safe and easy to use


  • None for now

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4. Coarbor Outdoor Rollup Shades Blinds for outdoor Patio Privacy Shade Screen

This is another styled wind blocker you can use for your patio area. Depending on your chosen color, this may not block or give you complete privacy in your outdoor space. This blind outdoor wind blocker gives you an executive outdoor space for complete comfort.

best outdoor wind blocker

This blind is ideal for patio, pergola, deck, backyard, window frame, door frame, porch, or any other spaces where you need shade or a little privacy. Manually roll up and down the shade for light or shade.

The blind is made of premium mesh fabric that blocks direct sun rays to provide shade for you to relax and enjoy your outdoor shade area. The blind does not fade and requires little to no maintenance. This bind is durable and sturdy for outdoor use. 

Easy installation and free maintenance come with all peripheral instructions needed for the installation. Completely safe to use and can also be fastened to prevent it from flapping during the windy period.


  • Mand of durable materials and all-weather fabric
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Suitable for many outdoor areas
  • installing is non-technical
  • require little to no maintenance


  • none for now

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5. Abba Patio Retractable Folding Side Awning Screen

Making use of a retractable wind blocker will give you more flexibility over your patio area. A retractable side can be spread when needed or kept in place to help maximize the use of your patio area.

best outdoor wind blocker

This wind blocker will give optimum privacy to your patio by dividing your patio area. It can also be used as a side awning for shade against direct sunlight or during the windy period.

This retractable patio awing is made of high-quality all-weather polyester material for maximum UV stabilization.

This will prevent this wind blocker from losing its feel while being used over the years. Furthermore, the poles are made of powder-coated aluminum to prevent rusting for stable and long-lasting outdoor use. 

This product features:

  • Screen Size: 5.2’H, max .19.7’W (with two screens)
  • Frame: special powder coated
  • Fabric: 250g/m2 beige polyester
  • Alu. Roller: 2.36″
  • Alu. front girder: 1.22″ x 1.16″
  • Alu. pole: 2.56″ x 1.77″


  • easy to install
  • made of durable and all-weather materials
  • poles are sturdy and suitable for outdoor use
  • wide application – versatile
  • perfect for small patio


  • none available

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6. Coolaroo Aurora Pergola, Backyard or Patio Shade Pergola

Breathable weaving fabric allows water and air to go through freely, resistant to UV, and no maintenance is needed. This fence is not visible, long-lasting, and premium fence mesh that will last through any weather conditions, keeping the heat out from the sun and attractive outdoor privacy where you need it.

best outdoor wind blocker

The patio fence is made of 180 GSM 100% virgin (Non-recycled) HDPE material, resistant to mold & mildew. UV stabilized to protect against the sun’s harmful rays, doesn’t retain water, and reduces temperatures underneath up to 25 degrees.

The Polypropylene webbing for Edge Reinforcement, rustproof copper grommets placed evenly apart 24 ” vertically and 12 ” horizontally on all four sides. With an additional three buckles on every corner to reinforce the stretch in the corner.

This shade cover is Perfect for D.I.Y. projects in the home, the garden, or on the patios, pergolas, carports, protection for vegetable garden plants, greenhouse covering, wind-blocking for plant nursery area, window shades, tennis court, shades for pet House, construction site.


  • versatile and widely applicable
  • Made of durable and all-weather fabric
  • Easy to maintain and install
  • Provides a complete privacy
  • breathable for air passage


  • Expensive – but does the job well

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7. Macochico Outdoor Windproof Curtains for Patio Porch Gazebo Garden Beige

This curtain comes in various sizes and colors to ensure you have the right one for your patio area. With this, you can choose the right design that matches your outdoor space. This curtain is made to ensure you have a comfortable outdoor without being interrupted by weather elements.

best outdoor wind blocker

It is made of polyester that blends and is known for its durability and resistance to weather elements. The material used in making this curtain does not fade and is resistant to weather elements. This curtain can also be used as a privacy screen when needed.

This curtain comes with a grommet on top and bottom for holding the curtain in place, which prevents it from flapping during windy weather. The presence of this grommet also helps beautify this curtain and prevent it from touching the ground, which can get the curtain dirty.

This curtain is easy to maintain and suitable for many outdoor spaces like the porch, balcony, verandah, and other closed outdoor areas.


  • Require no installation
  • made of durable and all-weather fabric
  • suitable for many outdoor spaces
  • Also, it requires little maintenance
  • It does not fade and is ideal for all-weather


  • none for now

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9. Home Deck Heavy Duty Tab Top Blackout Patio Curtain

This is stylishly made durable cotton for outdoor use. This curtain can be used to block wind or provide protection against sunlight. Using this cotton in your patio area may be difficult as you need to provide where to spread the cotton.

best outdoor wind blocker

The RYB Outdoor Curtain is made of polyester fabric known for its durable and resistant nature to weather elements. This cotton does not fade, nor can water penetrate it. Furthermore, to enhance its versatility, this cotton is thermal insulated curtains that balance the summer heat and winter cold while bringing an elegant feeling to your patio area.

Also, this cotton is easy to clean to maintain its radiant look. It is machine washable and does not fade easily. The presence of this cotton will garnish the look of your patio area.

If this is your choice, don’t forget the choose an appropriate size so you don’t have excess cotton left. Though it is better to have excess than less, silly mistakes like this would cost you some bucks.


  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • easy to maintain
  • does not fade easily
  • machine washable
  • made of durable and all-weather materials


  • none for now

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10. ColourTree 2nd Generation Beige Fence Privacy Screen Windscreen

The actual height is 5′ 9″, and fits perfectly on a six-footer fence. This fence comprises 170 GSM 100% virgin (Non-recycled) HDPE material. It is one of the most economical ways of providing privacy over a pergola or roof patio area. 

outdoor wind blocker

This can also be used as a chain-link fence, porous decorative concealment, existing cyclone wire fence, wood retaining wall, welded wire fence, chain link fence, or privacy barrier around the swimming pool.

It can also block nosy neighbors from seeing through, add privacy to acre back yard backdrop, front yard, patio, garden, and porch; hide street, road, construction site, pet kennel pen, block surrounding noise and street view, stops dogs from barking at neighbors.

Features some grommets made of stainless copper; each corner has four grommets, and more grommets are placed evenly along all edges, 12 inches apart vertically and 24 inches horizontally. All edges are covered with black reinforced 3-inch binding (1.5-inch on each side). The grommets and bindings help the screen hold up in the wind.

This fence is also widely applicable to protect vegetable garden plants, greenhouse covering, wind-blocking for plant nursery area, window shades, tennis court, shades for pet pen/kennel, construction site, etc. Breathable weaving fabric allows water and air to go through freely, resistant to UV and water, and no maintenance is needed.


  • Versatile and widely applicable
  • Made of durable and all-weather materials
  • Requires no maintenance
  • easy to install and no assembling required


  • None available

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DIY wind blocker

Outdoor wind blocker buying guide

  • Style

Your patio style will influence the type of wind blocker to use. It will be difficult to install a blind or curtain on an open patio without a pergola or frame support. It is important to consider the type of wind blocker you will be buying so you don’t purchase the wrong one that won’t be fitting. 

outdoor wind blocker

If you don’t know what type of sunscreen to use, you can go for a retractable windscreen. They are compatible with any outdoor space you have. They are versatile and can be used for the porch, deck, verandah, and many more.

  • Materials

Materials are the next thing you must consider when buying outdoor accessories. The materials used in making them will determine how resilient they will be. There is also a need to consider the main purpose and how your wind blocker will be used. 

Majorly, materials used in making windscreen fences are usually breathable to allow the passage of fresh air. However, some windscreens are not breathable. Some materials will provide a privacy screen, while some will not. All this needs to be put into consideration.

  • Versatility

Being able to apply your wind blocker in different ways also needs to be considered. For instance, many polythenes fences can be used as wind blockers or sunshades.

The versatility of a wind blocker will enhance its flexibility. One of the primary advantages of opting for a versatile is that it saves you some bucks that would have been used for something else.

  • Wind blocker size

Buying the right wind blocker is also crucial when setting up a wind blocker. Measure the area where you will install your wind blocker to ensure you have the appropriate size.

An undersized patio wind blocker will allow wind passage, while an overside will flap while it is windy. Also, A wobbly wind blocker will not make your patio look attractive. So there is a need to get the right patio wind blocker size to avoid these mistakes.

Patio Wind Block Ideas

Many people are usually confused when figuring out how to block the wind off their patio. The truth is that this might be difficult for someone trying to do this for the first time.

Figuring out what to use and how to make it happen is the main problem for the first-timer. This article will give you several patio wind block ideas to make your patio comfortable. These patio wind block ideas include

outdoor wind blocker

  • Plant a tree
  • Use a blind
  • Use a curtain
  •  Fencing
  • Use a screen

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is the most economical and one of the best ways to block wind off your patio. Trees do not require maintenance and are usually for a lifetime. to plant a tree in your yard, you need to locate the wind direction. However, a tree may take many months to mature before it can perform well.

Use a curtain

Using a curtain is another way of blocking wind off your patio. The curtain comes in different sizes and styles and can only be used in a closed or framed patio area.

Use a blind

Blinds are similar to curtains; they perform the same function and are applied in the same way.


Using a fence is another way of keeping the wind off your patio. There are different types of fences you can use to block wind in your patio area. Fences such as bamboo, retractable screen, and many more can be used while blocking the wind off in your patio area.

Using a windscreen is similar to fencing; the only difference here is the materials used in making them.

Some outdoor wind blocker FAQs

How do I block the wind on my patio?

Using a tree, windscreen, or wind blockers, you can block wind from your patio. The tree is the best natural and permanent way of blocking wind off your patio area. Using a tree to block wind off your patio has a loss of advantages; it helps regulate the breeze around your patio and makes the breeze cold and suitable for the body.

Windscreen and wind blockers are the best options to utilize when thinking of blocking wind off your patio. They can be used to beautify your patio area and also use to create a private area on your patio.

outdoor wind blocker

What is a wind fence?

A wind fence is a barrier that helps block winds and their particles. There is little difference between wind fences and regular fences. Generally, a normal fence creates total privacy between two sides. But the case is different for a wind fence, as they are usually breathable to allow the passage of moderate breeze.

The breathability in this fence helps keep dust and other particles the wind might bring along with it. Using a wind fence comes with many goodies; the primary one is being able to use your patio area while it is windy.

Should a fencing move in the wind?

No, A fence should not move in the wind, moving fence would fall while the wind is heavy. If you are using a wind blocker, i.e. (a curtain or blind on your patio), you must fasten them onto a pole within the patio.

However, if it is a wind fence, it is important to attach them properly, not wobbly. Any wind blocker you use on your patio must be firm to avoid flapping while it is windy.

Aside from that, this wind blocker could flap while it is windy; it can also create unpleasant noise that can ruin your moment. So it is important while installing a wind blocker or wind fence that you should provide room for making them firm.

How do you build a windbreak patio?

Building a windbreaker on your patio needs to be planned outrightly. Generally, the patio area is usually an open space, and it will be convincing to build a windbreaker around it.

Don’t worry; there are windbreakers for any type of patio area you have. For an open space, There are retractable windscreens you can use for it, while you can also use blinds or curtains for a roofed or closed patio.

Before building a windbreak around a patio, you need to know the patio area you have; then, you can now choose the type of windbreaker to use.

Can you screen in a patio?

Of course, you can use the screen on your patio, although the patio windscreen does not give you complete privacy on your patio. They are usually visible and not breathable, which makes them suitable for passing fresh breeze into your patio.

Do screens block the wind?

Yes, the windscreen is another name given to wind blockers, and they perform the same function. The primary function is to make the humidity around your patio okay and bearable. A windscreen could come in various forms, such as curtains, blinds, bamboo, breathable fence, and many more.

Many of these wind blockers would reduce the effect of wind around your patio and make your patio useful while it is windy.


Spending time outdoors is fun, but some elements can make it unpleasant. The wind is one of those elements that can disrupt your pleasurable moment. Using the best outdoor wind blocker will ensure you use your patio and outdoor area.

Before you finalize a product from the options mentioned earlier, create a checklist to mark the requirements and style you need in a wind blocker. Nonetheless, get a patio wind blocker with a premium quality windscreen to block wind off your patio area, enhancing the comfort of your patio area.

Simultaneously, consider the wind blocker’s design and material to ensure the essence of wind blockage. Practically, all the above product options are great choices. Besides, having a windscreen will undoubtedly increase your enjoyment and love for the outdoors.

We hope this review will put an end to the troubles you face in regards to wind on your patio and other outdoor spaces.