10 Best Outdoor Picnic Tables Reviews 2023

It has always been fun having to sit with friends and family to reminisce while dining on the best picnic tables. The atmosphere around this table is always fun about life or business.

Generally, picnic tables are usually placed outdoors to provide an area where you can sit and dine with family and friends. Less we forget, the primary purpose of a patio area is to create an avenue for fun during festivals and any other day. This is one of the reasons you need to add one of the best outdoor picnic tables to your yard.

best picnic table

Before, outdoor tables were usually made of hardwood. Still, technological advancement has brought in different materials that can be used to make outdoor furniture durable and sturdy under all weather.

There are different styles and types of picnic tables, and it may seem impossible to try to get the appropriate one that suits your style. To ensure you find the right picnic table here, this article will focus on the different designs of the picnic table we have.

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1. TRD-BLK Top Round Portable Picnic Table

There are many metal picnic tables, but this is entirely different to ensure you have them for a lifetime. This set is made of durable materials to keep it outdoors for a long time. It is suitable for any outdoor space and safe for adults and kids.

best picnic table

This picnic set is made of a heavy-duty, durable metal gauge to ensure it is sturdy and comfortable. 

 This is made of expanded metal with high-quality polyethylene thermo-plastic coating frames with 2 inches of steel tubing. This pipe is galvanized inside and out, has a heavy-duty powder coat finish, and is black with black frames.  

This picnic set features an umbrella hole in the middle, which can provide shaded and comfortable sitting areas. This will help protect against weather elements, especially against direct sunlight.

The chair is sturdy and comfortable for sitting; this chair will provide enough room that will give enough room for eight people conveniently. This will provide enough room for laughter and giggling with your friends and family.


  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • Features a hole in the middle for holding an umbrella
  • Strong and comfortable for seating
  • Suitable for outdoor use – coated for durability
  • Easy to assemble and


  •  None for now 

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2. Giantex 8 Person Wooden Picnic Table Set with Wood Bench

This is the picnic set for natural wood lovers; if you want something sleek and appealing, this set is for you. The wood style and design create an ambient atmosphere in your patio or any space in which it is placed.

best picnic table

This unique chair is made of fir wood, known for its durability and sturdiness. This chair is covered with water-based paint to ensure this wood is durable and suitable for outdoor use. This not only makes this set water-resistant, but it also helps to beautify it and gives it a gleaming finish.  

This chair seems ambiguous and may seem impossible to put together, but the truth is very easy to put together. It comes partly arranged, and all holes align easily, making it less stressful to put together. It has an umbrella hole in the middle for holding an umbrella to provide shade, protecting against direct sunlight and other elements.  

This picnic set provides an available space for conveniently holding up to 8 (eight) people with over 1500lbs capacity. This chair also provides a welcome addition to lawns, patios, decking areas, and many other outdoor areas.


  • Made of durable and sturdy wood
  • No weight limit capacity
  • Easy to assemble – can be done without any technical know-how
  • Covered with water-based paint for more protection
  • Feature an umbrella hole in the middle to provide protection


  • None for now 

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3. Lifeyard Outdoor Furniture Round Table Picnic Table

This stylish, heavy-duty picnic table set is suitable for any outdoor space. It can be placed anywhere on your porch, deck, patio, or garden. It creates a welcoming and funs seating area anywhere it is placed. This chair is made of durable and sturdy metal to provide a comfortable seating area.

best picnic table

This picnic table set features a metal mesh for the tabletop and seating area to enhance its use of this and prolong its durability. This part is covered with a thermoplastic coating, which helps prevent it from rusting and gives it a glossy look. The coating also ensures it does not fades to provide little to no maintenance throughout the years of rough usage outdoors.

This picnic table set frame is covered with a black coat to prevent rusting and is resilient against weather elements. The edges of this picnic table set are beveled to ensure it is safe for adults or kids. It comes with everything you need to put the bench together quickly.

This picnic set features an umbrella hole in the middle that can be used to protect against harsh weather. The umbrella will protect against direct sunlight or other weather elements to provide a comfortable seating area.  


  • Made of durable and heavy-duty metal
  • It comes with a table hole in the middle
  • Materials are suitable for outdoor use – coated for durable finishing
  • Easy to assemble  
  • Very sturdy and comfortable for seating


  • Heavy, not easy to move around

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4. Outsunny 4 Person Aluminum Portable Folding Suitcase Picnic Table Set

The urge to have a tool or equipment that is mobile or versatile is always at its peak. They have proven to save the purchaser some bucks that would be used to get multiple tables. You will be amazed at how easy it is to fold and unfold this table when you want to use it.

best picnic table

This table is made of an aluminum frame and a seating area with an MDF table to support this chair’s durability. This picnic set features a strong abs connector that makes the table easy to fold and unfold. The aluminum components in this picnic table do not rust, warp, or crack, making them suitable for outdoor use.

It comes with four seating areas made of aluminum and can hold up to 200 lbs each on a seat. The chair is sturdy when unfolded to provide a convenient seating area. The table is made of MDF, which is easy to clean in case of any stains. Suitable for outdoor activities, camping, fishing, or trip with family or friends

This picnic table features an umbrella hole in the middle to help provide shade and protection against harsh weather. All of the pieces of this table are connected, making for quick and easy set-up and takedown. It folds flat as a suitcase with a handle for easy carrying and storage.


  • Portable and lightweight – easy to move around
  • Made of aluminum that won’t rust or fade
  • The table comes with a hole for shade
  • Smart and compactly designed
  • No, assemble required
  • Suitable for camping and other outdoor activities          


  • Feels wobbly when not fully occupied 

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5. Expanded Metal Square Picnic Table

If you use your patio or outdoor space often, you may use your picnic set more often. This picnic set is made of sturdy metal mesh, ideal for high-traffic areas like the deck, garden, or packs.

best picnic table

This whole bench is made of durable, sturdy metal that can withstand the test of time. The table and seat area are made of mesh with a thermoplastic coating. This coating helps to ensure it does rust and also to maintains its radiant look. Also, this coating resists mold and fading to ensure maintenance-free durability.

 To ensure the set is safe for adults and children, this bench is sleekly made with a smooth edge to prevent cuts or injuries. The steel frame is also covered with a black powder coat finish to prevent it from rusting and ensure it is resilient against all weather.

This picnic table set features an umbrella hole in the middle to provide a comfortable shaded seating area. Using an umbrella will help prevent direct sunlight and protect other elements. The bench offers convenient seating for eight (8) people; there is enough room for your friends and family to enjoy, giggle, and dine.


  • Made of durable and sturdy metal mesh and gauge
  • Covered with thermoplastic plastic to ensure it is suitable for all-weather
  • Suitable for any outdoor area, garden, patio, or porch
  • It comes with an umbrella hole for holding an umbrella during harsh weather
  • Easy to assemble and sturdy


  • Not lightweight – cannot quickly move from one spot to the other.

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6. Giantex 3PCS Wooden Dining Set Bench

This simple style of picnic set is effortless and versatile. This set comes with a bench and table that are joined together. You can use the bench or table individually; it can be conveniently moved from one point to another.

best picnic table

Crafted from premium acacia wood that restores the texture of natural wood and a heavy-duty metal frame in a trapezium design, this patio picnic table set effectively allows force to be deployed evenly and won’t easily wobble. The thick panel makes the bearing performance even more adequate.

This three-piece picnic set includes one table and two benches for six people. Long enough to comfortably seat all of your guests or use the table as a buffet-style serving table while having the benches double as standalone seating. Comfortable sitting with proper table height allows adults and kids to sit steadily.

Processing the fine polishing, the surface of this picnic table matches the streamlined lines, showing a unique taste and style. The natural burlywood finish perfectly collates the rustic metal frame, infusing freshness and elegance into the interior.

It comes with detailed instructions and a complete accessories package; you can assemble this patio picnic set in minutes. And the smooth surface is easy to clean and can withstand fluctuating weather while placed outside.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Covered with fine powder coat finishing
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • Materials used in making these sets are all-weather
  • Lightweight and easy to move from one place to another


  • None for now

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7. Rectangular Picnic Table, Expanded Metal, Black

Looking for a no-maintenance picnic table set? This is one of the tables you should go for; it is made of durable all-weather materials that stand the test of time. It is suitable for public or high-traffic seating areas.

best picnic table

This picnic set is rust sturdy 13 inches gauge steel covered with thermoplastic coating for fine finishing. The cost helps prevent the bench from rusting and peeling, ensuring you can have it outdoors for a long time without any maintenance.

The table and bench feature a mesh metal that provides a comfortable sitting and dining area. The mesh prevents the tabletop and chair from holding dirt or water.

This bench features an umbrella hole in the middle to hold an umbrella during harsh weather. This ensures you can use your picnic set anytime you want without any disturbance.

This chair comes in part and requires assembly, which is easy to do. But we advise the assembling is done where you want the table to be because this set is massive when assembled and may be challenging to move by one person.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of durable metal steel for better sturdiness
  • Coated with a thermoplastic finish for better durability
  • Sleek and elegant finishing – comes with all parts
  • Features a hole in the middle for holding an umbrella


  • Heavy to lift – cannot be easily moved around

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8. Jack-Post FC-4411 4Side Picnic Table Frame

The picnic set’s style and uniqueness create a welcoming atmosphere wherever it is placed. The combination of the materials on this bench makes it strong and durable for use. The smooth finishing and exquisite artistry make this bench ideal for outdoor space.

best picnic table

This picnic set is made of two durable materials to ensure it is strong and suitable for outdoor use. The tabletop is made of fine finish wood like that to keep the table’s surface smooth. It does not peel or crack and requires no maintenance.

The frame is made of metal steel with a black powder coat to prevent rust. This coating also helps maintain the wood’s radiant look for a long time. The whole material is durable and weather-resistant, so you can have it outdoors for long as you want.

The picnic will come in parts, but it can be easily assembled by anyone and does not need any technical know-how. The bench and table are sturdy when assembled and would accommodate eight (8) people comfortably.


  • Features a powder-coated finish for better durability
  • Made of durable materials
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Very easy to assemble and comes with all its tools
  • Lightweight and easy to move around


  • A little difficult to assemble by one person

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9. Giantex Picnic Table Bench Set Outdoor 

This choice is yours if you want a sturdy picnic set that probably lasts a lifetime and won’t cost an arm and leg.

This is a simple picnic table set that can be used anywhere around the home. Suitable for outdoor use, with or without shade. Simple design, smooth lines, natural shape, and exquisite craft make an ideal picnic table.

best picnic table

This picnic table and bench set are made of customized high-density Polyethylene, which is resistant, eco-friendly, and has no harmful smell. Though it is Polyethylene material, the table bench has a similar texture to the wood, is of great quality, and brings a natural and upscale feeling.

The outdoor picnic table set also has good wear resistance; it is tough and cold-resistant, ideal for any weather and place. A UV-protection table surface ensures its durability and will not crack, chip, or peel.

The table and bench surfaces are stain-resistant and easy to clean; you don’t have to spend much time cleaning.

The steel frame is powder-coated with a rust-resistant finish, super smooth. The table set frame is reinforced steel to ensure sturdiness and stability, making it durable and perfect for years.

This bench and table corners are all of the exquisite artistry and are designed with a round shape to avoid unexpected bumps and injuries. Your children will be protected, and you don’t have to worry too much about their safety.


  • Made of all-weather resistant material – it will not crack or peel
  • Rust-resistant steel frame perfect for outdoor use
  • Sturdy and compactly designed
  • Simple and safe for use
  • Easy to move from one sport to another for better convenience


  • Poor shipping company
  • Does not have an umbrella hole.

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10. Plastic Picnic Table, Blow Molded Plastic

Sometimes we don’t want something portable, but we will surely find something we can move from one sport to another. This type of table has to be lightweight for easy mobility. With that, you can easily move the table from direct sunlight or rain to provide more protection.

best picnic table

This table and seating area are made of recycled plastic, known for their durability and sturdiness when exposed to harsh weather. They are becoming famous as one of the best outdoor materials because of their resilience to wither temperatures.  

The frame is made of sturdy metal to withhold a reasonable amount of weight. The metal is covered with paint to ensure it is weather-resistant and prevents rusting. 

This picnic table is easy to clean and requires less maintenance as it does not chip or crack. Features a rubber stand to help balance the picnic set and prevent it from sliding or scratching.

This picnic set is suitable for patio and outdoor areas within your home. And can hold up to 100 lbs, which can be either eight (8) or six (6), depending on the weight capacity of people using the seat. The chair is easy to assemble, and no technical know-how is required.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • Provide room for more people
  • It comes with a rubber stand to prevent it from scratching and sliding  


  • It does not have an umbrella hole

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Picnic Tables Buyer’s Guide

When buying a picnic table set, you need to consider certain factors that may not be clear to you. You may not know what to look for when buying a picnic table or may be confused about what kind of picnic table you want.

This guide will give you a glimpse of what to look for when buying a picnic table for your yard. These factors are other of importance and include

best picnic table

  • Style

Your style is one of the most important things to consider when buying this unique furniture set. That is why we include the different designs on our list. Your style will influence other factors that may be needed when purchasing a picnic table.

Since there are various styles in the market, you may be more interested in buying a wooden picnic set than a metal one. This is why you need to set your preference right, as this will give you more delight when you finally get your picnic table.

  • Budget

Your budget is the next thing you must consider when buying a picnic table. I assume you have chosen your style to be a metal picnic table. Now you need to look for a picnic table within your budget. With that, you won’t. You won’t be able to go beyond your limit or set a budget.

  • Space

The next thing that should be on your mind would be the available space for this table in your home. Since it will be used in an outdoor area, space may be unlimited, but there are homes with limited space. In that case, there is a need to consider the space available or where it can be placed.

  • Material

Materials used in another factor that needs to be considered. Recently, more materials have been used for outdoor furniture that has proven sturdy and durable.

For this reason, you need to know what you want with that you won’t be able to make mistakes. You need to ensure the material you choose is weather-resistant and durable because your picnic set will be exposed to many elements.

Different types of materials can be used in creating picnic tables, including wood, steel, and aluminum. Between these materials, you need to be specific about which one you will be going for and why you are going for it.

The best material suitable for a picnic table is metal and steel. They have proven to be sturdy and durable for use. They do not rust because they have been covered with polyethylene thermoplastic. This coating also helps keep the bench’s radiant look.  

best picnic table

Picnic Table FAQs

What do I need to build a picnic table?

Building a picnic table may be tricky, especially if you lack the technical know-how. So if you have some technological know-how, this can be simple homework.

To build a picnic table, you need a drill, saw, wood, wrench, screwdriver, lumber, and glue. These are the primary tools you need to make your picnic table.  

How do you weatherproof a picnic table?

Waterproof picnic tables to ensure they are resistant to weather elements, especially water. This could deteriorate the bench faster than you could. To waterproof a bench, you need to get a wood seal ready, a sprayer, and an adhesive.

The first thing you need to do when waterproofing a wooden picnic table is to scrape the surface of the picnic table, clean it, then apply the wood seal evenly—using the seal about two to three times after each hour is advisable. This will ensure it is durable, coated, and evenly spread.

Is Pressure-treated wood safe for picnic tables?

Recently Pressure-treated wood has become a common material in the building industry, and many questions remain unanswered about pressure wood. Many are interested in knowing if pressure wood suits the picnic table, and the truth is yes.

This is because the most commonly used chemicals in the pressure treatment of wood nowadays contain non-toxic substances making it safe for picnic tables. 

How do you make a picnic table with different benches?

This is practically the easiest thing to do. And to be sincere, you don’t have to cut or join any of your benches. This is about arranging your bench and chair to form a bar or dining set.

If your chosen table is not high enough, you can support it by bracing it up a little; it will be convenient for holding your food. With this, you won’t have to damage any bench or chair within your home.

How do you make a heavy-duty picnic table?

How wide should a picnic table be?

The width of your table should be wide enough and convenient for two people from both sides. The table’s width should be less than 35 to 4o inches and 5 to 6ft in length. With this stipulated width and length, this table will be convenient for 6 to 8 people.


This detailed guide says choosing a picnic table for your outdoor space shouldn’t be a pro. If you cannot choose a picnic table from this list, our detailed guide should help you. The first on our list is the best and most recommended choice for all our subscribers.

A picnic table should be durable and suitable for outdoor use. And to choose the right picnic table, there are many considerations you need to put in place. These are some factors we consider to ensure you have a durable and sturdy picnic table on our list.