Best Outdoor Cushions of 2021 – Top Outdoor Patio Bench Cushions

best outdoor cushion

After spicing up your patio area with some of the best wooden or metal outdoor benches, you need to make them comfortable by adding the best outdoor patio cushions.

The outdoor cushions do not only make your patio furniture comfortable; they also add life to your patio area. This is done by adding some splash of colors to your patio seating with a particular theme. They also help to make your outdoor space much warmer and attractive.

best outdoor cushion

Imagine after a long day at work, and you get to relax in your patio area with a comfy patio cushion. There will be nothing better than that moment of relaxation.

There are certain features your patio cushions need to possess that would make them resist weather elements, so you have them outdoor all year.

In this article, we analyze different types and sizes of patio cushions so you can have the best cushion for your outdoor space.

Harsh weather elements could change your cushion’s look and feel when you choose the wrong patio cushion. We ensure that everything you need is included to have the best cushion for your outdoor area.

Our picks of the best outdoor patio cushions

1. Best for swing chair: Bitcircuit Bench Pad Cushion

Like every other cushion on this, this is also made with polyester to ensure it is durable and serves its purpose. Polyester fabric is designed perfectly for outdoor use, making them the perfect material for your outdoor cushion bench.

best outdoor cushion

This cushion is stylish and would fit any bench you have in your patio area. The cushion comes in different sizes, so you can have the size that fits your patio bench appropriately. This cushion style is flexible, making it widely applicable in your patio area as a bench or seat cushion, swing cushion.

It goes well with any furniture you have in place, but make sure you select the right size.  This cushion will turn your garden or outdoor bench into your favorite area with the style and comfort it provides. The bench features a fade resistance that prevents its charming look all year long.

The cushion features stylish premium stitches, and it also creates an attractive and unique appearance in your patio area. The seat and backrest cushion is 3.94 inches thick and design to accommodate and provide comfort while you seat


  • Flexible design – goes with any bench you have
  • Features a UV fade resistance
  • Made of durable materials perfect for outdoor use
  • Washable cushion


  • Non-removable cushion cover

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2. Best for three-seater: Mozaic Corded Outdoor Sofa Cushion

If you own a three-seater outdoor bench and look for a perfect cushion that would fit it perfectly, this is a perfect option for you. The cushion is made to ensure the comfort you deserve is given to you while you relax in your patio area.

best outdoor cushion
This cushion is made of polyester fabric and filled with polyester fiber foam to make it a comfortable seating area. This cushion features a height of 28 inches to accommodate and make you more comfortable when you sit.

The cushion is covered with a fabric that features fade and stain resistance with UV (ultraviolet) protection, making it suitable for outdoor use. The cushion cover is removable when dirty, so you can have it cleaned and maintain its alluring look.

You can also spot clean it with detergent and water when necessary. This cushion comes in one color, which is navy blue, and it seems to blend and compliment any design you have in place.


  • Perfect and stylish for a three-seater bench
  • Made of Eco friendly and durable materials
  • Complement and beautify the existing design
  • Removable fabric for easy cleaning  
  • Thick seat and backrest cushion for better comfort.
  • Cushion fabric features a stain and fades resistance.


  • None for now

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3. Best two-seater cushion: BOSSIMA Patio Furniture Cushions

Very few bench cushions are made with a good quality backrest, so if you are looking for a quality cushion with a backrest, this is a perfect option. The cushion is stylish and designed to complement any furniture you have in place. It can be used for a two or three-seater chair even more.

best outdoor cushion

The cushion is made of quality polyester fabric to ensure that the cushion is durable and suitable for outdoor use. The size and thickness of the cushion contribute a lot to the comfortableness it offers. Each seat cushion set is 24 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 25 inches in height to ensure comfort is served.

The combinations of the materials used in making this cushion make it comfortable and resilient, making it suitable for outdoor use. The cushion cover is made with different colors so you can choose the one the suits your style.

Since your cushion will be exposed to weather elements, the manufacturer ensures the cushion is water and fade repellant to keep it durable for a long. With that, you don’t have to worry about accidental spillage and stains as they can be easily removed.


  • Durable and environmentally friendly materials
  • Come with a seat and back cushion for optimum comfort.
  • Resilient and breathable cushion – good for outdoor use
  • Filled with polyester fiber for better comfort
  • Requires less maintenance


  • Not overstuffed but thick enough for comfort

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4. Best for love seat: Pillow Perfect Outdoor/Indoor Pompeii Tufted Loveseat Cushion

If you own one of those lovely love seats made with cast iron, wood, or wicker, then you may complement it with a cushion. This cushion fits perfectly for any two-seater chair if you love this and don’t own a loveseat.  
best outdoor bench

Its color is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and blends with ay design you have in place. The cushion is made of 100% polyester fabric and filled with recycled polyester fiber, filled with plush, comfortable, and to ensure it lasts long.

The cushion measures 44 inches in length and 19 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. The design and style make it perfect for providing a space to cozy someone you love.  

The cushion features a fade and water resistance, which made it suitable for outdoor use. This helps to protect the fill materials to ensure it durable and last long. The fabric is easy to wash, making your cushion easy to maintain and keep its alluring look.


  • Made of durable and water-resistant fabric
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Blends with any design or chair you have in place
  • 5 inches thick to provide a comfortable seating area
  • Treated with fade resistance to keep it alluring look for long


  • None for now

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  • If you want something less stylish and waterproof, go for this.

5. Best for lounge chair: Classic water-Resistant Patio Chaise Lounge Cushion

Many lounge chair usually comes with a cushion to make them attractive and comfortable for use. But there are instances where you want to change your cushion due to some reason, and you need the best cushion for your money. This cushion is designed to blends and add more life to the existing décor you have in place.  

best outdoor cushion

This cushion features a fade safe fabric that keeps your fabric’s look intact to ensure you have your cushion and furniture outdoor. The fabric features a water-resistant coating, and the backrest resists stains and helps keep the rain out; quilting adds an elegant touch to your seat.

This cushion measures up to 80 inches in length and 26 inches in width, and 3 inches thick. So you need to check for your lounge size before buying so you don’t have an oversize.

The cushion comes with a 3-Layered seat foam designed to ensure comfort and support. Simultaneously, the outer layers of open-cell foam enclose a high-density core that is resilient but conforms to your shape. There is a belt use in strapping the cushion to the chair to prevent it from sliding.


  • Features a comfortable and Water-resistant fabric
  • Nice fit and good quality
  • Equipped with zipper and belt
  • It blends well with any design you have in place.
  • Also featuring a three-layered cushion to ensure comfort.


  • Not waterproof but water-resistant.

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6. Best cushion for chair: Greendale Deep Seat Chair Cushion Set

The first type of chair that comes to your mind when setting up a patio area is usually the single chair. Though they come in varieties of style, design, and sizes to accommodate and make you comfortable.

Many durable patio chairs are made of hardwood or metals to ensure they are weather resistant. Many of this chair does not come with a cushion because it is not specialized in this area.

best outdoor cushion

This chair cushion is made to ensure that the comfort you deserve is given to you when you relax in your patio area. All components used in making this cushion are certified to be weather resistant.

The cushion cover is made of acrylic high-performance sumbrella fabric to ensure you have your cushion outdoors for a long time. The fabric also features a stain and fade resistance to keep your look for long.

To reduce the maintenance of this cushion and keep it adorable, this cushion is easy to clean so you can maintain its alluring look all year long. The filling material of this cushion is made by recycling consume plastic bottles to make the cushion comfortable for seating.

The seat and backrest cushions are 2 inches+ thick and overstuffed to ensure extra comfort and longevity.


  • Designed in the right thickness to ensure comfortability
  • Features a fade and stain resistance
  • Very easy to clean to maintain its radiant look
  •  Overstuffed for longevity and comfort
  • Comes in varieties of colors and are weather-resistant


  • Not well overstuffed
  • Not water resistant

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 7. Best Durable: Klear Vu Omega Universal Bench Cushion

Unlike other cushions on this list, this is made with a combination of two materials to ensure it is adorable and fit for its purpose. The cushion features a polypropylene fabric made from thermoplastic polymer and 33% polyester fabric known for its high quality and durability.

best outdoor cushion

The bench pad features a soft tufted top with gripper backing that prevents the pad from moving on the bench. With that, you don’t need a hook or rope to keep the cushion in place. If you wonder what color would fit your bench or patio area, worry less as the cushion comes in a variety of colors to blend with your design.

With this cushion, you will experience new comfort when you sit or relax on your bench. The cushion is designed to provide comfort, and a proper feel to your patio area. The combination of the materials used is durable and all-weather, making them suitable for your outdoor bench.

The fill materials comprise polypropylene that does easily compress, and when they do, they come back easily. In contrast, the cover is made of polyester fabric known for its durability and all-weather resistance. The size is limited to 36 inches in length and 14 inches in width, and 3 inches thick to fit a two-seater bench conveniently.  


  • Made from the combination of two durable materials
  • Both materials are heavy-duty and can withstand weather elements. 
  • Features a gripper backing for keeping the bench in place 
  • Perfect for any two-seater bench 
  • Designed for comfort and durability  


  • Does not come with a zipper for easy cleaning

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8. Best for bistro: Greendale Outdoor Bistro Seat Cushions

The exclusion of a bistro cushion from this list could make it incomplete. If you own a bistro set and you are looking to get one of the best cushions for it. Then this cushion should be on your preference list.

best outdoor cushion

The cushion comes in four pieces so you can get the best value for your money. If you don’t like this, you can check here for more other options and designs. The cushion is made with polyester, just like other durable and trusted cushion on this list.

This cushion features a stain, fade, mildew, and mold resistance, making it a perfect choice for your outdoor space. This cushion is overstuffed with a soft poly fiberfill made from recycled plastic to provide comfortable seating space.

The cushion comes with an edge rope to keep the cushion on the bistro, preventing it from sliding. All the feature that is incorporated in this bistro cushion make is a perfect option for outdoor space. There are varieties of colors available from this seller, so you can choose the appropriate color that suits your outdoor space.   


  • Four pieces cushion so you can have a uniform seating area.
  • Features a heavy-duty fabric to durability
  • Fabric is all-weather suitable for outdoor use.
  •  Edge rope that prevents the cushion from sliding off the bistro
  • Perfect for bistros that are 5 inches wide


  • Won’t last long when exposing to extreme elements

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9. Best for the bench: Classic Ravenna Water-Resistant cushion

Placing a cushion on your fine-looking hardwood to make it more comfortable and attractive is more than complementing your outdoor area. This cushion does not come with a backrest, and the seating cushion is comfortable and durable.

best outdoor cushion

The cushion comes in different sizes, from 42 inches in lent to 48 inches long that are 18 inches in diameter and 3 inches thick. If you are looking for something longer or bigger, you can check out Classic Accessories Montlake.

The cushion is made of a woven polyester fabric that features a protective water repellent coating and laminated water backing. All these features ensure that your cushion is durable and can also withstand weather elements for a very long time.

The laminated backing helps keep the rain out of your cushion fill, preventing it from getting damp. Thus preventing mold from growing on your cushion, which can make your cushion uncomfortable.

The cushion feature a zipper that allows you to remove and easily clean your cushion fabric to maintain its alluring look for a long time. Also, to ensure the right comfort is served, the cushion features a three-layered cushion with outer layers of open-cell foam enclosing a high-density core that is resilient but conforms to your shape.


  • The cushion cover features a zipper option for easy removal.
  • Laminated back to ensure it is completely waterproof.
  • Made of durable materials, which makes it easy to maintain
  • Overstuff cushion to ensure comfortability
  • All-weather materials so you can have it outdoor for a long time.


  • None for now

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Shade over your outdoor cushion or patio area

outdoor cushion

It is important to get a shade over your outdoor area to protect your furniture from direct weather elements. Even if you have gotten a couple of all-weather furniture set in your outdoor area, they are still vulnerable to the weather element over time. The more time these furniture’s spend outdoor, the more they become weak and lose their alluring look.

A shade or canopy will provide adequate protection to your furniture and help preserve its alluring for a long time. Check out our review of the best canopy and gazebo for your patio or outdoor area.

Important things to consider before buying your outdoor bench cushion

best outdoor cushion

  • Bench size

You don’t want to buy a longer or shorter cushion than your bench or chair; that is why it is important to know your bench size. The appropriate size will fit your furniture and make it look smart and appealing.

So before jumping into the market, I imply that you measure your bench and know its appropriate size so you can choose the right one. When measuring your bench, you need to measure the inner space where the cushion will be sitting to get the right measurement.

  • Material

The next thing to look into is the material used to make your cushion cover and the filling material. Even though many don’t pay attention to the fill materials, they are as important as the cushion cover. The fill material is responsible for the comfort your cushion gives you, while the cover makes the whole cushion attractive and durable.

You want to be sure your materials are durable and can withstand any weather elements since these weather elements can damage your cushions. So it is important when buying the outdoor cushion that you check for the cushion cover and the cushion fill because it is as important as the cover.

  • Style

Although many don’t consider this when buying their cushion. Your cushion is shaped in a different style, which helps contribute to the feel and comfortableness it provides. We have the box cushion, knife-edge, single welt, double welt, and contrast welt. All this style contributes to the design, style, and finishing of your cushion on the bench or chair.

Outdoor patio cushion FAQs

What is the best outdoor fabric?

There are many outdoor fabrics out there, and it can be confusing when you are faced with choosing the best outdoor fabric. All this outdoor fabric possesses similar characteristics, and making the rich choice can be difficult.

Base on our expenses, we notice polyester fabrics perform better than their counterparts when exposing to weather elements. And they perform better when under shade, which is very important. They are made to be kept outdoor almost every time exposed to direct sunlight and other weather elements that tend to diminish their value. 

Are outdoor cushions waterproof?

All cushions labeled for outdoor are either water-resistant or waterproof; it is very vital when buying your cushion. Many of your cushions are water-resistant and not waterproof.

Water-resistant fabric will only be able to resist water to a certain degree and not entire. While waterproof fabric or cushion can not be easily penetrated by water, making them more durable than water resistance cushion. If you notice your cushion is not waterproof or you want to maintain the of your cushion, watch this below 

What’s the best way to clean outdoor cushions?

Patio cushion is made in different ways, style, and fabrics, and they all constitute how you clean your patio cushion. There cushion that comes with removable cover or fabrics, while others can not be removed. If you have a removable cushion cover, then that will be easy to clean.

You can easily remove it and wash it like you wash your cloth. If it is too dirty, you can soak for some hours before washing to remove the stain easily. But if your cushion is made together with its cover, then it may be a little difficult to wash. This little video will help you out. 

Do outdoor cushions get moldy?

Just like it grows in other outdoor furniture. Molds also grow on your patio when they become damped for too long or left out during winter or rainy seasons. It is important to take proper care of your patio furniture and accessories because of the way they look will also contribute to your comfort and relaxation when you use them.

To prevent your patio cushion from getting moldy, provide shade over your patio area, or take it when you’re not making use of it. 

How do you get mold off your outdoor cushions? 

To remove mold from your outdoor cushions, first, determine whether you have fabric or acrylic cushions. Since our list contains a fabric cushion, we will focus more on that. To remove mold from your fabric, dissolve a half cup of bleach into 1 gallon of water.

Use a spray bottle to apply the mixture, then clean the mold off the cushion with a scrub brush. Once you have removed the mold, rinse the cushion with water; you can use a pressure sprayer. Then leave the cushions out in the sun to dry for the afternoon. If you noticed the mold was not totally removed, you have to repeat it until you are satisfied with the result.


This review is not in order of importance, and we have selected the best in each section to give you a remarkable combination of the best outdoor cushions review.

We ensure that we cover any type of furniture you may have in your patio area, so you don’t have to stress yourself. We also guarantee that each cushion is at least water-resistant, and that is why it is essential to have them under a shade to make it more durable.

If we leave any types of cushion out of this list, kindly drop us a comment. We hope this article heels you in choosing the best outdoor patio cushions for your outdoor or garden area.


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