5 Best Tools to Remove Moss Between Pavers and on Concrete

After using bleach or other homemade herbicide to kill moss and other unwanted plants around your home. Using hands afterwards to remove these plants can be irritating and stressful, and for this reason, you need a tool to remove moss between pavers and crevices around your home.

Without tools, it can be difficult removing plants and moss between cracks, but with the help of various manual and automatic tools, removing moss and weed from crevices will become an easy task.

Furthermore, leaving these plants to flourish will steal the beauty of your pavers and make the walkway look unkempt.

With the help a tool, you will able to restore the alluring look of your walkway, pavers and patio area with ease. These tools make it easy to make your home clean, organized, and free of unwanted plants.

Without further ado, below are some of the tools to remove moss between pavers and crevices around your home.  And a basic guide on how to prevent moss and weed from growing around the home.

5 Best Tools to Remove Weeds or Moss Between Pavers

 Best Tool to Remove Moss Between Pavers

Various tools on the market claim to make removing moss between pavers and crevices an easy activity. However, there are only a few of these tools that can effectively get the job done.

After trying different tools to remove moss between pavers, below is our shortlisted tools to make your outdoor and patio pavers clean again.

1. Electric Weeding Machine 

tool to remove weeds between pavers One of the best and easiest ways to remove moss between pavers is using an electric weeding machine. These machines make use of electricity or battery to sweep between pavers and crevices around your home. Unlike complex machines that need to be handled carefully, these machines are easy to use and can be used by anyone.

The Ryobi machine  is suitable for those with back problems or the elderly. It gives them the opportunity to make their home clean and organized without kneeling or bending, which is uncommon with other tools. There are various weeding machines, but the Ryobi RY18PCA-0 ONE is our recommended weeding machine for anyone.

This machine comes with some spare parts, such as a replaceable brush, consisting of a nylon and steel brush to make the crevices clean. The Ryobi weeding machine makes use of replaceable batteries and an inbuilt battery that is rechargeable with an approximate charging time of 4 to five hours.

The steel brush makes it easy to remove tap-rooted weeds between the pavers and crevices around your home. Also, this machine comes with a telescoping extension pole and an adjustable lhandle to make the cleaning process an easy and comfortable one.

2. Crack Weeder Crevice

tool to remove moss between pavers
One of the best tools to remove weeds and moss between the paver and crevices is using this hand tool. This tool allows you to remove tap-rooted weeds and moss with ease as it comes with two edges to clean openings around your home. The tool is very sturdy and handy, giving you control over the tool.

The Crack Weeder is slim, making it ideal for different openings on your walkway or sidewalks. Also, the short handle of this tool makes removing moss and weeds easy and convenient. The sharp edge can also be used to cut and uproot tap-rooted weeds.

This is the most tool to have for cleaning pavers and crevices, as it can be used to clean the opening after using a weeding machine.

3. Corona Extendable Handle Weeder

tool to remove moss between pavers
If you are looking for a convenient tool to remove moss and weeds in crevices and pavers, the Corona Extendable Weeder should be on the list. This tool comes with an extendable handle to make the weeding convenient and easy for you.

You can either shorten the handle to apply more force and power or extend the handle when cleaning soft weeds. This tool is made of a fully heated steelhead to ensure it is sturdy and covered with rust-resistant coating for better durability. With this, you will have this tool with you for many years.

4. Kinaba Weed Grabber Remover Garden Tools

tools to remove moss between paversThe kinaba weed grabber tool is another wonderful tool to remove moss and weeds between concrete openings around your home. The tool is designed to make the process an easy and convenient one. The tool comes with two blades, a broom, and a long handle that allows you to clean between the pavers and crevices without kneeling or bending on the ground.

Furthermore, this weeder comes with wheels, making moving this tool on any surface an easy one. After weeding, this tool comes with a brush to clean the area so you can have a clean and organized surface around the home. When you are done weeding, you can easily swap between the weeder for the broom.

5. Bon Brush and Strikes

tool to remove moss between pavers
Another good tool to remove moss between pavers is using a wire brush to clean between pavers and crevices. This stool is not as convenient to use when compared to the weeding machine and may also take time. This brush is ideal clean a small area around your home when compared to an electric weeding machine.

We recommend a manual brush to remove moss between pavers and crevices is the Bon Tool wire BruhThis brush comes with a strike at the front to remove tap-rooted weeds without the need for you to use your hands or bend down.

Furthermore, this brush is suitable for the elders and those with back problems, as there is no need to bend down to clean between your pavers. However, depending on how close or tight your pavers or opening between the walkway is, the spike may be too tick to remove stubborn weeds.

Sealing Between Pavers and Crevices After Weeding

Sealing between the pavers will prevent weeds from growing in the area. For weeds to have grown between your pavers, then there is a need to reseal the entire area to prevent weeds from sprouting out again.

To keep your pavers weed-free, you need to seal your paver at least every 3 years. However, this depends on frequently you clean and use the area. The more you use and clean the area, the frequency you lose the seal between your pavers.

After weeding your pavers, you will want to seal in between them to prevent weeds from sprouting out again. This process will make your home look organized and appealing once again. If you can get sealing sand in stores around you, we recommend going for the DOMINATOR Polymeric Sand and weed blocker.

How to Remove Moss from Concrete Pavers

Moss, when left to flourish on your pavers, concrete will steal the beauty of the area. This plant can also make the area they inhabit dangerous to use as it can be slippery. They also produce spores which can be dangerous to the health and provide room for bugs and worms to reside.

It will be necessary to get rid of moss from your concrete or pavers for any of these reasons. These plants are non-tap roots and can be removed by scrubbing them off the surface they inhabit. However, when you do this, there is a high tendency this plant will grow again.

So the best way to remove moss between pavers is by applying bleach or vinegar on the area these plants are growing and scrub the area with a hard brush or stiff broom. Afterward, expose the area to direct sunlight will permanently stop these plants from growing, as they only flourish in damp, shady, and moist areas.

Using any of these solutions will prevent moss from growing in that area, and scrubbing the surface with a brush after applying these solutions will help remove stains, thus restoring your pavers’ beauty.

How to Remove Moss Between Pavers

there are several other ways to remove moss from the patio joint, which is highlighted below

  • Expose the area to direct sunlight
  • Apply bleach on moss and scrubs off after few minutes
  • Clean the area frequently
  • Apply vinegar and scrub off after a few minutes
  • Use a weeding tool or machine
  • Pour hot water on the plat and scrub off with a brush
  • Use commercial herbicides
  • Make use of baking soda

All these listed methods effectively remove moss and other unwanted plants between pavers and crevices around your home. Many of these methods will permanently eliminate moss and keep your home free from weeds for a very long time. Click here for a detailed explanation of how each of this method,

How to Stop Moss Growing Between Block Paving

To have any area moss have colonized back to yourself, you need to stop these plants from growing permanently. Although it may take some time, when you finally restore the look of pavers, you will know it worth it.

To permanently eliminate weeds in your pavers, concrete slab, and many other areas they inhabit around your home, you can follow these simple steps.

Make a Home Herbicide:

The first step you will want to take to stop the moss from growing between block paving and other areas around your home is to get rid of the plant with a homemade herbicide. This herbicide does not only get rid of moss but also prevents these plants from growing again in that area.

Another advantage of using this solution is that it helps to clear the stained area to retain your pavers’ beauty. This herbicide is made of either vinegar or bleach to make the area unsuitable for any plant to grow. Below is the process of making your homemade solution.

  • You can apply either undiluted bleach or vinegar on moss growing in the area, leave for some minutes, and scrub off or
  • Mix any of these chemicals with a few drops of dish soap and apply on moss or any plant you want to kill and scrub off after few minutes.

Direct Sunlight 

The next thing you will want to do is expose the area to direct sunlight. Check around the home and move any object obstructing the area from direct sunlight. However, if nothing is obstructing direct sunlight in the area, there are other ways to stop and eliminate moss around your home.

When this is done, moss will not grow in such areas as it is known to grow only in damp and shady, and moist environments.

Keep the Area Dry 

If there are no objects obstructing sunlight in the area, check for broken pipes or leaky faucets. Stop the area from been moist, and moss will stop growing in the area.

Also, always be ready to get rid of standing water on your paver to keep it dry, especially in shady areas. You also fix the waterlogged paved area to keep the area free of water, thus preventing moss’ growth.

Frequent Cleaning 

Frequent cleaning is another good way to stop moss from growing around your home. If there is any moss on your pavers, you will gradually get rid of them by cleaning your home and preventing them from growing.

Moss is fibrous in nature, and for this reason, when they move brush or any hard object over them, they will be uprooted. Doing this will kill existing moss and prevent the growth of new ones.

Tool to Remove Moss Between Pavers FAQ’s

Will vinegar kill moss on pavers

Yes, vinegar will kill moss and also prevent new ones from growing. Vinegar contains 5% acetic acid that will dry any plants it touches, including moss. Furthermore, it is advisable to kill moss with vinegar as the solution can also make your paver clean and alluring in the same process.

What keeps moss from growing between pavers

One of the best ways to stop moss from growing between pavers is by applying undiluted bleach on the plants. This kills existing ones and also prevents new ones from sprouting. After going through this process, the next thing you will want to keep the area dry by exposing it to direct sunlight or fixing a leaky faucet.