Can You Put Patio Furniture on Grass? Patio Destinations

If you spend your time soaking up the sun, you will undoubtedly want to find places around your house that are perfect for setting-up outdoor furniture and hanging out during the summer months.

Whether it is a set of lawn chairs, a chaise lounge, or just a blanket, there will be times when you will want to set up somewhere that is not on concrete or by your pool deck. However, it may not always be the best idea to put patio furniture on the grass in the long run.

We’re not saying that you can’t do it. We are saying that it could cause more work for you than you would initially anticipate. No one wants to go out in their backyard only to find stains and weeds galore all over the place. Here are some reasons why placing patio furniture on grass is typically a bad idea and how you can avoid some of them if you want to try it out.


can you put patio furniture on grass

Reasons not to put garden furniture on grass

Furniture will get damaged.

The first problem with putting garden furniture on grass is that it makes the furniture susceptible to damage from mold and mildew. This happens because soil tends to hold moisture more than most other surfaces, and this moisture can cause mold and mildew growths if it remains wet for too long.

If you have a lot of outdoor seating areas in your garden, this can be a major problem because it could lead to damage being sustained by all of the different pieces of furniture over time. The grass will dry out and then get wet, which can warp the wood or rot it away. In addition, furniture made of iron will rot over time after being placed on the grass. 

Patio furniture will damage the grass.

Putting garden furniture on grass is almost always bad for the grass—and a good reason. The weight of the furniture will cause damage and make it harder for the lawn to survive, particularly if you’re putting large pieces down.

The grass will fray and fall out, or the patio furniture pressure will damage the grassroots. This can cause the garden to look unhealthy and unattractive. Also, some furniture will obstruct sunlight from reaching under the furniture preventing the grass underneath the furniture from adequate nutrients. This will make the grass turn yellow or brown and later die. 

It won’t be even

When you place your garden furniture on grass, the longer it sits there, the more uneven it will become. As a result, the grass will be uneven and lumpy, which means that the chair will rock when you sit down and may spill your drink.

Also, putting your patio furniture on the grass will cause it to sink into the ground unevenly and end up looking like a sinking ship.

Also, the grass will grow up around your patio furniture, creating uneven surfaces and causing problems with stability and safety. The ground can also have rocks or other debris buried in it that could damage or scratch the finish of any surface that rests upon it.

Will cause some Inconvineineces

If you’re going to be using your garden furniture regularly, it will not stay in one place forever. And if you’re putting your garden furniture on a lawn, you’ll have to move it every time you mow.

Not only is that inconvenient, but it can also cause some damage to your lawnmower blades because they will become dull quickly if they are cutting into objects or soil rather than grass all day long. 

Placing your furniture directly on the grass could cause spiders and other insects to creep on you or your guest. Also, their wet feet and dirty shoes are some of the inconvenience that comes with putting your patio furniture on the grass. 

Damages from blade

The first reason not to put garden furniture on grass is that long grass blades are more likely to damage your furniture than shorter ones.

Why? Because the longer blades have more surface area, meaning they will cut into your soft cushions and tear up your wooden frames. The shorter blades are less likely to puncture or slice through the material, so you can feel safe putting your beautiful patio in the yard without worrying about it getting ruined by overgrown grass.

can you put patio furniture on grass


How to keep patio chairs from sinking into the grass

It’s easy to find yourself with a sinking patio chair. Whether it’s a beautiful new outdoor set that you want to keep looking good or an old favorite chair that needs extra support, here are some tips for keeping your patio furniture from settling into the grass.

  • Put some wooden pallets under your furniture to keep it from sinking into the dirt. Make sure the chairs are on a solid surface. You can use some pallet, furniture leg pad, or lay down gravel or rocks under the chairs. This will help keep them from sinking into the grass and give them some traction, making moving around easier. If you’d prefer not to have gravel or rocks under your chair legs, you can buy special furniture feet at any home improvement store to keep your furniture from sinking into the ground.
  • Another option is to place bricks or rocks at the feet of the chairs, holding them up and preventing them from sinking. If you don’t have any bricks or rocks lying around, you can get bricks or rocks specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Another good alternative is using cement blocks. Place your chairs on top of these blocks, and they’ll stay in place as long as they’re not too heavy or top-heavy. You can also use sandbags if you have them lying around; make sure they’re tied tightly enough so they won’t move around when you sit down.
  • For a temporary solution that’s easy to apply, try spreading landscaping fabric over the area where you’ll be placing the chair. The fabric will hold the soil in place and prevent it from sinking down into the ground. Just be sure to remove the fabric before you sit on it.
  • If you want a more permanent solution, lay down a layer of bricks or pavers on top of your lawn. This will give your chair some extra support and ensure it won’t sink into the ground.

Grass-friendly Patio Furniture 

Outdoor beam bag chair

Outdoor bean bag chairs are a great option for those who want to enjoy their patio in comfort but don’t want to worry about what it’ll do to their lawn. They’re soft and comfortable, and they won’t damage any areas of your lawn.

grass friendly patio furniture

Grass-friendly patio furniture is made with materials that will not harm your lawn. It’s a good idea to choose a product with a solid base, as this will help protect the grass from being damaged by the weight of the chair or other furniture.

Outdoor furniture with wide feet

Furniture with wide feet like Adirondack chairs will not sink into the grass. This type of furniture will also reduce damage to the grass. In addition, wide feet furniture provides stability when laced on uneven ground.

grass friendly patio furniture

When shopping for grass-friendly patio furniture, ensure it is labeled for outdoor use and comes with wide feet to prevent sinking into the grass. 

Plastic furniture 

Plastic furniture legs are designed to easily prevent them from sinking into the soil, grass, or dirt. Also, these chairs are lightweight, and they do not warp, rot, or rust, making them suitable to be placed on the grass. This furniture is made of durable and all-weather elements, making it suitable for outdoor use. 

Inflatable garden furniture

If you want to enjoy having a patio but don’t have a lot of space in your yard to accommodate it, you might want to consider getting some inflatable grass-friendly patio furniture.

This grass-friendly patio furniture is made from durable and sturdy materials but is light enough that it won’t damage your lawn. Inflatable garden furniture is a great option for this purpose.

grass friendly patio furniture

It’s lightweight, portable, durable, and easy to clean. Just toss it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Also, this furniture does not have any legs that will sink into the grass, making it safe for use on the grass. 


Garden furniture is often found in gardens and patios, hence the name. Patio sets are made to enjoy the outdoors also. However, it is important to know what materials your furniture is made out of before you decide to put it on grass.

You can put patio furniture on grass if you are sure that it is strong enough and looks nice. You definitely want to use furniture made for the outdoors and designed specifically for sitting on the grass. If you can’t get the tags to say that it’s fine for outdoor use, choose another set of furniture for the backyard.

Be picky about it, you are buying this expensive furniture to last a long time, and you want to protect it from damage, so don’t skimp. The best type of furniture to use on grass is that furniture that will not damage your lawn or sink into it.