7 Windy Patio Solutions Idea on How to Block Wind on Patio

Windy patio solutions

The wind is one of those weather elements that can disrupt your leisure time. While normal breeze levels can enhance the pleasure of the outdoor, its outrageous level can be a disaster. However, with windy patio solutions or the presence of a wind blocker around your patio and other outdoor living space, you can continue enjoying your time conveniently.

These accessories are used in creating a shaded area by blocking the sun to improve the comfort of the outdoor space. They are also used in stop winds from disrupting  the outdoor activities.

Furthermore, these windy patio solutions are also often used to provide a barrier from nosy neighbors to give your outdoor area the privacy it deserves.

After being disturbed by winds and other extreme weather elements, I decided to share my ideas for blocking winds around the patio. These ideas were gathered while I was looking for a lasting solution to the disturbance of the weather elements around the yard.

This made me come across several windy patio solutions ideas; these ideas can also be used to upgrade and make the outdoor living area comfortable at any time of the day.

How to Block Wind on Patio – Patio Wind block ideas

There are many ways to block wind off the patio; this depends specifically on the outdoor space types you have. Below, different types of windy patio solutions are analyzed so you can choose the best that suits your area.

Some wind block material and idea you can use includes:

Using a wooden fence

This is usually the first option when everyone thinks of blocking wind or other weather elements from the patio. The wood does not only provide protection against the elements but also helps to make the outdoor charming.

windy patio solutions However, the style and design of the wooden fence will contribute positively to the look of the outdoor area. You can choose to arrange it vertically or horizontally without ignoring its primary purpose.

One of the main reasons for using a wooden fence is that they are usually durable and add humor to the outdoor space.

The downside of this fence is that it is not flexible. However, this is not this case as it provides an exemplary screen around the outdoor area.

Planting a tree

Planting a tree around the home has been recommended to be a good way of protecting the home and making the area comfortable. Aside from making the area comfortable, tree helps to contribute significantly to the environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, climate amelioration, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife.

how to block wind on your patio

However, the tree takes time to grow, and your outdoor space will determine how well you will decorate your outdoor area with it. Planting a tree provides a permanent solution to making the outdoor area comfortable.

Not only do these trees beautify your patio, but they will also invite a whole host of flora and fauna. Also, trees have little to no maintenance, but one needs to be ready for regular cleaning when they shed their leaves.

Using a screen

Screens come in different forms, which enhances its flexibility. Many screens are used temporarily or flexibly around the outdoor space. This screen gives the outdoor space a new look whenever it is installed and makes it comfortable. There are different types of screens which include.

Retractable screen

This screen comes with a lot of flexibility. They are installed to shred of weather elements such as wind and sun from the outdoor space. Sometimes this screen can be used to isolate the outdoor space for maximum privacy. 

windy patio solutions It also helps to keep nosy neighbors away from your activities. This screen is retractable, adding a sense of humor to the outdoor space. It can be taken back to its position when the weather is normal or bearable to enjoy the outdoor space’s beauty. This screen requires little maintenance.

Glass Screen

Recently glass screen is becoming a norm around the outdoor area. This screen is perfect at keeping winds and other weather elements out of the patio area. Furthermore, this screen helps to give the patio a classic look making it suitable and also improve the comfort of using the area.

windy patio solutions

This screen is usually made of tempered thick, strong, and firm glass panels attached to a strong metal frame, which is drilled into the floor and perhaps the patio walls. It can be a full glass wall or part of the deck, acting as a glass railing.

With this, you can have a full or partially covered patio that will support the installation of some patio accessories such as speakers, TV,  fans, and many more. Maintaining this glass is simple, and it is safe in case of an accident. Unlike other patio screens, glass screens do not obstruct the garden view while passing a lot of light into the area.

Bamboo fence or screen

This type of fence can be used to give the outdoor area an ancient classic view and can be applied stylishly around the outdoor area. These bamboos are durable and resilient to weather elements. However. there may be changes in it look. 

windy patio solutions Over some years, due to the effect of weather elements. This issue can be corrected with the use of a seal to keep the bamboo looking good while keeping termites away from it. Bamboo can be applied stylishly around the outdoor space to suit different reasons, making it flexible to use.

They can be used as a fence, wind barrier, sunshade, or isolate the patio area. Furthermore, bamboo does not require extensive maintenance when properly used.

Also, Bamboo shade comes in two different forms; we have the normal bamboo and the reed.

Reeds are tightly woven when compared to normal bamboo. They are better for sunshades because sun rays hardly pass through it.


Blinds currently are being used as outdoor and indoor tool for making the living environment comfortable. Outdoor blinds help to give the outdoor area a classic view. These blinds can be rolled up and dropped for more convenience making them flexible.

how to block wind on your patio

However, blinds cannot be installed in areas without a roof frame such as the porch or pergola. These blinds can be easily rolled up when the weather is normal and dropped when it is extreme, either windy or sunny.

Furthermore, blinds can be used for privacy purposes, to isolate and make the outdoor living space private. Generally, this tool is easy to use and requires no technical knowledge for its installation.

Unlike many other shade or wind blockers on this list, blinds help upgrade the outdoor space and make it more comfortable to use. Additionally, blinds those not require any form of maintenance.

Outdoor curtain

Outdoor curtains are another type of patio sun and windy solution. Also, this is only usable in outdoor space with a roof frame for easy installation. However, these curtains get dirty, and it’s one the easiest to maintain as they can be washed from time to time.

windy patio solutions

Curtains are used to give the outdoor space a more elegant look and comfort. While other materials may not cover the patio, curtains are made to cover a whole side of the patio area. Also, they come with rings to keep them in place when the weather is windy.

Curtains can be used to provide a covered patio area when multiples of it are installed around the patio area. These outdoor curtains are usually made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure they can withstand weather elements and maintain their look and feel for a long time.

Plant with Mesh wire 

This is another way of making your outdoor secure and looks welcoming. The idea behind this is to use a mesh wire to fence the outdoor space and grow some plant that will hatch through the wire. This method requires consistent maintenance as the plant needs water for its nourishment.

how to block wind on your patio

During the dry season, it requires even more maintenance to keep the plant in a good state. The mesh wire in this state stand has a pole for the plant to create shade around the outdoor space.


This is one of the most commonly used around the outdoor space. The disadvantage of fencing is that it does not allow for see-through. However, modern design fencing comes in different designs to suit different outdoor space. There are different types of fencing materials that can be used around the outdoor space, which includes;

windy patio solutions

Brick: This is the use of bricks or blocks for the creation of privacy to block wind and other weather elements to ensure the outdoor area is comfortable to use any time of the day. Bricks or blocks can be arranged stylishly to give the outdoor area a classic look. It can be fixed to allow see-through or completely block to create complete privacy.

windy patio solutions

Metal: This is the use of metals or rods arrange sequentially around to provide privacy and block wind and other weather elements away from the patio area. However, metal fencing is not ideal around the patio area as it may contribute to greater heat effect on a hot day.

windy patio solutions

Bamboo: This is another way of fencing off your patio area. The use of bamboo helps to give the outdoor area an accent and welcoming look. Bamboo also allows see-through, although it depends on how it was arranged and installed.

Wood: This is also a way of blocking wind off the patio area. Wood is the most flexible option listed here because it can be cut and shaped into any form to make the outdoor area look classic. The wooden fence does not require much maintenance. But it important to keep it look and feel instant by using a wood seal and other substances.

DIY Wind Blocker – How to Build a Wind Blocker 

Blocking wind away from your patio area can be done personally. This depends on the type of outdoor area shape you have around the outdoor space. Blocking wind from the outdoor area can help upgrade the outdoor space.

There are several do-it-yourself ideals one can use, but it depends on the technical knowledge and available tools. In this phase, we will talk about how you can use wood to create a wind blocker in your outdoor space. The same method can also be used if you would like to use materials such as a trampoline.

To do this, you need

  • Wood frame
  • Plank
  • Impact driver
  • Screws
  • Concreate
  • Saw

Before we start installing our wind blocker, it necessary to scrape and seal the wood to give it a nice look on the patio, if you have the time and tools, and resources, a wood seal helps to make your wood look elegant and also upgrade the outdoor area. When you are done sealing your woods, then you want to move on to the next stage, which is the installation.

Firstly, there is a need to measure and mark out, the patio area where the wind blocker would be installed. After making out and measuring, you need to install the frame. With some touch of creativity, this can be done stylishly to make the outdoor area look elegant.

After the installation of the frame, the next thing is to fix the plank. The plank can be cut into different sizes for use stylishly around the outdoor space.

Lastly, the plank will be fixed onto the frame with the screen and driver. The downside of this is that it is permanent. With that, it requires proper planning and layout, to ensure all efforts put into this do not amount to waste.

Furthermore, you can as well use bamboo for this purpose to give your outdoor area an accent feel. There are numerous advantages of using a frame around the outdoor area as it allows the easy installation of various patio accessories.

Conclusion on Windy Patio solutions

We have included different types of windy patio solutions to ensure everyone chooses the one that goes with their style and space. However, before investing in any of these wind blockers, there is a need to consider the cost, time, and effort of constructing the wind blocker. 

Some of these projects are permanent or long term while some are temporary, and some are flexible. Your choice will be determined by the availability of resources and technical know-how. Also, if you are in a rented house, it is not advisable to invest in a permanent wind blocker.

Furthermore, our most recommended windy patio solution is the retractable screen as it is most flexible. It either permanent or temporary and can be used stylishly around the outdoor space.

Nonetheless, I hope the windy patio solutions shared here are helpful and provide the needed solutions.


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