10 Best Outdoor Wooden Bench With Storage For 2023

The best outdoor wooden bench should be durable and should be able to withstand weather elements. Obviously, many wooden benches in the market barely last a year before they break down.

An outdoor bench is usually the best place to pass out after a long and stressful day. And spending this moment on a bench that will help relax your body and energize your system will be the best.  

I want to believe you are interested in decorating your outdoor patio space or balcony style, which is why you are here.

There are different types of wooden benches in the market, and finding the right one is usually time-consuming. Your style and state will constitute your choice for the outdoor bench.

This article will review the best outdoor wooden bench for you to make a better choice. We ensure that all our options are durable and stylish and blend with your design.

Best Outdoor wooden bench with back

This is to note that all manufacturers of these benches are trusted and are among the best in the market. We compile this list to ensure you make the right choice for your outdoor space. Don’t forget to leave a comment about your experience.

1. Butler Gerrit Plantation Cherry Bench

This is our recommended bench on this list if you are looking for the best wooden bench with a backrest. The bench is compactly made to provide the comfort needed while taking your morning tea on your balcony. This bench is beautifully made to fit any design in your home.      

best outdoor wooden bench

The butler Gerrit outdoor bench is made of Cherry veneer wood to withstand different weather conditions.

This bench is also appropriate for your indoor, veranda, patio area, or garden. The bench is finished with plantation cherry to complement its alluring look.

The bench seat is solid enough to accommodate three adults comfortably. The frame and legs of this bench are strong and made to withhold any form of weight. So the weight limit of this bench is unlimited.

It features a 44 “W, 19” D, 31 “H, and seat height: of 15”, and the bench is generally a little heavy compared to other benches on this list.

The bench seat is made to accommodate you comfortably, with a curvy armrest to support your relaxation.

The manufacturer ensures you get your package completely without any defects. There are no words about the warranty, but top-notch customer care service is available.


  • It is stylishly made to fit into any design.
  • Strong and compactly built for proper comfortability.
  • Easy to assemble and maintain
  • The bench is suitable to withstand any weather condition.
  • Perfect for any design you have in your home
  • Also ideal for holding business meetings.  


  • No issues detect for till now

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2. Lutyens Indoor/Outdoor Garden Bench

The Lutyens Bench is an ideal wooden bench to create a resting point along a garden path or patio. In Natural oil finish, the bench comes in two lengths to take a view from the porch or enjoy a teacup in the garden.best outdoor wooden bench

The attractive gloss finishes in Black, brown, or white lets this bench blend well with indoor decoration, casual seating, or an occasional bench in a mudroom or hall. These Lutyens Benches measure 54 “W x 23” D x 38½ “H, with a seat: 48 “W x 18½ “D. 

These Benches were inspired by the original Thakeham seat, designed at the turn of the last century by British architectural icon Edwin Lutyens for his garden. This perennial bench design has never faded, and now it is considered a garden classic.

It is made of Eucalyptus Grandis wood that is sustainably collected and painted with UV-resistant polyurethane-based paint. Available in a gloss Black, Brown, or White.

The bench is easy to assemble, as it takes less than 20 minutes to get it standing.

The bench is perfect for any purpose you may want to have in mind. Its stylish design allows this bench to blend well with whatever method you have in place.


  • Stylish and unique design to illuminate your decor
  • Compactly built and made with comfort.
  • Sturdy legs to withhold reasonable weight.
  • The bench comes in three designs, white, black, and brown, with natural oil.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It comes in sizes to provide better come when you sit


  • Backrest wood is a little thing.

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3. Vifah V1629 Harley 4-Foot Garden Bench

Unlike many other white-painted benches that could not last a month or two in the garden. This bench is different, as it can withstand any weather condition. The bench is designed to accommodate you when you relax comfortably.

best outdoor wooden bench

The bench’s simple design and structure make it easy to assemble, and it takes less than minutes to have your bench standing in your garden. This bench is made to repel ants and other insects, like mildew, mold, termites, and fungi, that can cause damage to your bench.

Also, there is rot and decay-resistant to ensure your bench is intact and positioned for a long time. This bench is made with Acacia wood, which is naturally hard. So be rest assured you will be getting one of the benches for your yard.

We all know beautiful products like this need little maintenance to maintain their look. But in the case of this bench, you only have to do it once in a while to have your bench look intact.

To clean your bench, you only need to oil it to keep its alluring look. How soon you apply depends on how frequently you use your bench. I will recommend you do it once a year, though.


  • This bench is made of acacia wood to ensure durability
  • can be easily assembled by anyone
  • comes in different designs; make sure you choose your best option
  • The bench is designed to accommodate three people comfortably.
  • White finishing to give an alluring look


  • Protective oil is thin and uneven.
  • The screws that come with the bench do not fit well.

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4. Vifah V1493 Outdoor Wood Garden Bench

If you want to buy a spacious and comfortable bench, it is one of the fitting benches. This is suitable for any outdoor space you have in your home. It looks appropriate for your balcony, porch garden, or patio area.

Best Outdoor wooden bench

This bench is made to ensure comfort is served while your time admiring the beautiful nature of your environment. The bench is made of eucalyptus hardwood, which can withstand weather conditions to ensure its durability.

The bench design features a contoured seat to ensure appropriate relaxation, with a curvy armrest to support your leisure. This bench design will give you the proper relaxation you want and provide, helping energize your hormones.

You are careless about maintenance with this bench, as it is weather-resistant and finishes with varnish to lay off insects. Insects can damage your outdoor bench; they will eat deep into it and weaken it within a couple of weeks. The bench is   


  • Made with eucalyptus wood withstand any weather
  • Sturdy legs and seat area to withhold the reasonable weight
  • Designed to give comfort while relaxing
  • easy to assemble and also comes with a manual
  • varnish finishing to maintain its natural look


  • The wood requires frequent maintenance

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5. Vifah Renaissance Outdoor Patio wooden bench

When you need to relax it is always better when you relax comfortably, and that’s what Vifah Renaissance Outdoor Patio wooden bench is all about. This bench provides maximum comfort while catching fresh air and admiring nature in your yard.

outdoor wooden bench

This bench features a contoured seat to provide comfort when sitting, with a curvy armrest to support your relaxation.

The bench is made of Acacia Hardwood solid wood to ensure sturdiness and durability. You will be amazed at the sturdiness of this bench when you finish assembling it.

This bench is easy to assemble and comes with an excellent manual guide to put you through the process.

With the help of this guide, you should be done in less than 30 minutes. While assembling, ensure each part is correctly fixed so you can have a compact bench.

This bench comes with a year’s warranty to ensure durability. Though this warranty is given against manufacturing defects, the seller is always ready to help.

There are different options to choose from the supplier; this will help you pick what goes with your design.


  • Made from hardwood to ensure durability
  • Very easy to assemble
  • The bench needs little to no maintenance.
  • Contoured seat and curvy armrest provide proper comfortability
  • Hand-scrape finishing to complement its natural beauty  


  • Will not withstand arch weather for a long time

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6. Linon Home Decor Cynthia Storage Bench

The deck box bench is a complete wooden bench with a storage area to keep your patio and outdoor utensils.

This bench is made to provide the comfort you need after a long day. You can choose to lay or sit. This is to emphasize how accommodating it is.

The bench seating area is designed to help relax your body. At the same time, the armrest is there to support your relaxation. Also, the backrest is designed to help stretch your back and allow you to sit right.

The bench is made solid but with light wood that is weather-resistant. This bench will come in a gray finish with insect and fungi resistance.

The storage is wide and designed to keep items safe in all weather. The compact design of this bench complements the simple finishing so that you can have an amazing bench.  

The storage area is designed to provide adequate protection for items. Ensure that there are necessary ventilation and wetness resistance to ensure that stored items maintain a good condition.

The bench comes with a simple and minimalistic look with an elegant design. You can say it’s the perfect fit for any backyard or balcony.


  • Sturdy and compact design to allure your décor
  • The bench frame and the seat are made to withhold any weight.
  • The bench is easy to assemble.
  • The design is excellent and perfect for outdoor spaces.
  • The bench needs little to no maintenance.


  • The wood finishing does not look smooth 

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7. Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden Furniture

This is our recommended storage bench on this list. This bench is built to last from weather-resistant, recyclable polypropylene. The Brightwood used in making this bench looks great year after year while providing convenient outdoor storage and easy assembly.

best outdoor wooden becnh


Its UV-protected resin inhibits fading from the sun’s rays, so it retains its rugged good looks over time. Unlike wood deck boxes, this high-tech material is designed to prevent staining, stripping, rusting, and decaying.

This Keter storage box has an embellishing wood look to complement its natural setting. Because it is made from durable, UV-protected resin, it keeps its good looks despite harsh weather, sun exposure, and abuse from kids and animals.

This durable resin deck box doubles as a bench, accommodating two adults on its sturdy top. The bench comes with a security option in the form of a padlock to protect the item inside the box. This will help prevent unauthorized access to the box while you are not there.


  • Complete waterproof to ensure your items are secure
  • Perfect for outdoor space 
  • Material is weather-resistant 
  • Made with wood-like material 
  • Can withhold reasonable weight less than 750lb
  • Wide storage area to safe-keep your items 


  • It does not come with a user manual

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8. Suncast PB6700 Patio Bench

This should be on your list if you want durability and sturdiness. The bench is built to carry any form of weight that you can think of. The frame of the bench is strong and compactly finished. It features a design that is appropriate for any outdoor area.

best outdoor wooden bench with storage

You can have it in your walkway, garden, balcony, or patio area. This bench is made to ensure you are properly relaxed. With the structure and style of the bench, the comfort you deserve while you relax is given.

The bench backrest is curvy to help straighten your back conveniently. The bench armrest is straight and solid, which helps to provide the support needed while you relax.

The sturdiness of this bench makes it a perfect fit for your outdoor space.

The wood used to make this bench can resist weather conditions, which helps ensure its durability. It also features a gray finish that helps to prevent insects, fungi, termites, and other insects from feeding on your bench.

The storage area is wide enough to stockpile outdoor tools or patio accessories. Also, the storage area is waterproof to ensure your item is safe.


  • Stylish and straightforward finishing perfect for your outdoor space
  • Neatly built and ideal for any weather condition
  • The storage area is waterproof to keep items safe.
  • Sturdy frame and legs to carry reasonable weight.
  • Easy to assemble


  • Painting may peel off with time.

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9. Sayagold Garden Patio Storage Furniture Cabinet Cushion Box

An outdoor bench with storage is an excellent way to stay organized in your garden. It allows you to keep your garden tool or other outdoor equipment conveniently. The sayagold is one of the benches you need to add to your outdoor space if necessary. 

best outdoor wooden bench with storage

This bench frame is made of aluminum and covered with PE rattan to ensure durability. The aluminum and rattan are eco-friendly and will withstand any weather conditions.

There is no fear of fungi and other insects feeding that will destroy your bench with this bench. The storage area is also an excellent way to keep your magazine in place while you admire nature outdoors.

The bench will blend well with any decoration you have. This bench is appropriate for your space: your garden, terrace, balcony, patio, park, Deck, pool, and backyard.

It is also a proper fit for almost any living area. There is a waterproof polyester to ensure all items stored in the box are intact and not wet.

The bench does not come with a cushion. You can get that separately if you want to or continue checking our list.

The materials used in making the bench are Aluminum Pipe, PS Board, Polyester Fabric, and PVC Coating. This is incorporated to ensure you have a fine, neatly finished bench.


  • All materials used in making this bench are durable. 
  • The bench is capable of resisting any weather condition. 
  • The storage area is wide enough to keep you organized.
  • The bench is capable of holding enough weight. 
  • Also perfect for any outdoor area.


  • The bench does not come with a cushion.
  • It takes some time to assemble. 

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10. Ulax Furniture Outdoor Storage Bench with Cushion

Here is one of the benches that come with a cushion. The bench is appropriate for the balcony or patio area but not in the garden.

Because without the backrest, you won’t get the maximum relaxation you need. It offers an excellent place for all your outdoor picnic or enjoying the beauty of a unique spring garden.

best outdoor wooden bench

The Ulax Furniture outdoor storage beautifies your balcony or your patio amazingly. It offers a space for two adults to sit comfortably— a fantastic work of art. The bench features durable wicker in bronze with elegant handwoven polyester to ensure durability.

This bench, when completely assembled, will hold reasonable weight. This bench storage area is not waterproof, so be conscious of what you store. The materials used in making this bench will survive a long time of exposure to elements.

The bench style is a fantastic fit for any design you have in place. This bench, when assembled, is lightweight and can be easily moved from one area to another.


  • Stylish and neatly built to fit your outdoor space 
  • Compact and lightweight when assembling
  • Durable materials that can withstand exposure  
  • It comes with a bench cushion 
  • Sturdy legs to withhold the reasonable weight 
  • Perfect for patio area 


  • It takes time to assemble 
  • No backrest

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Outdoor bench cushion

outdoor patio cushion

After choosing your outdoor bench, there is this feeling that something is missing. Yes, it is; you need a cushion on your seat to make it more comfortable.

Patio cushions do not only make you comfortable while you relax. It also adds more beauty to our outdoor space and complements your bench design.

while choosing your patio cushion, you need to put certain things into consideration, which includes 

  • The size of your bench or chair
  • Design 
  • style and purpose

The correct answers to all these questions will help you choose the right cushion for your patio. Check below to see some of our recommended cushions for your patio

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How to Build a Wooden bench – DIY Wooden Bench

How to care for your outdoor wooden bench

If you have gotten yourself one of the best patio benches or furniture, you must take proper care of it. You need to follow specific measures to keep your furniture intact for as long as possible.

outdoor wooden bench

The sun is powerful enough to cause gradual damage to anything exposed to it over, not to mention other arch weather. Here are some of the things you can do to care for your outdoor patio bench

Use a shade:

A shade will protect your patio furniture from sunlight, rain, and other weather. You can use many types of shade to protect your patio furniture. You can make use of a tree in your garden or your balcony.

If you can move your bench or provide a beautiful space to keep your bench, you can get a patio umbrella, tent, or canopy. This will help protect your outdoor bench and other furniture underneath.

Spray over time:

After using your outdoor bench for some time, paint or polish will start fading. There is a need to maintain its alluring look and radiant design.

You can spray after six months, a year, or when you feel it has lost its look. When you have a durable bench, it will be necessary to keep your bench so it looks good.

The best paint to renew your outdoor bench look is outdoor latex paint. This paint has ultraviolet protection that protects the paint’s color and finishes in the bright outdoor sun during the summer months.


No matter the finishing you choose from, either paint or varnish, they all fade off with time. Vanishing is another way to keep your wooden bench looking nice.

Varnishing is another means of protecting your garden bench against the elements and also for decoration. Varnishing is mostly used for hardwood to have a better feel of the wood.

Though you will need to remove the old varnishing to do this, to remove old varnishing, you need a vanish striper or a heat gun if you have one and knows how to use it.

After removing, you can then apply a new varnish to the wood. Here is a detailed guide on removing and applying varnish on wood.

Washing your bench

Keeping your bench clean is another of caring for your bench. Washing will help remove stains and dirt that may disfigure the look of your bench.

For this sake, it is always better to use an outdoor shade like a tent, canopy, or umbrella. This will protect your garden bench from dirt and the arch weather that may wear off your patio bench.

Here is the thing you may need to clean your outdoor bench.

  • A brush – hard or scrub brush
  • A bucket of soap water –I prefer hot soapy water.
  • And some hours of sunlight.

The purpose of washing is to remove all dirt from the bench’s surface. To do this, you need to use a scrub brush to brush over the bench with hot water. I usually start mine from the backrest area; you can start yours wherever you feel.

There is no rule for a specific place to start scrubbing. When you wash the surface, you can also turn the bench over to remove any dirt underneath.

The next step is to rinse your bench with water; you can use a bucket, bowl, or hose pipe. You can also use a pressure washer, but you have to be conscious because you can damage your bench if proper is not taken.

Once you are done washing and rinsing your bench, you need to allow it to be sundry, probably for a few hours or that day.


An outdoor wooden bench is one of the natural ways to beautify your garden. It is one of the best ways to relax and feel the natural air from your garden or balcony after a long day.

There are several do-it DIY wooden bench ideas using remnants from your garden. But our list will be a better option if you want some different and unique.

Resting in your patio area is one of the life pleasures one needs to enjoy. And doing it on one of the best benches can be the best thing you will ever do.

We have taken our time to ensure we provide detailed information about the different outdoor wooden benches on this list. With this info, we hope you make the right choice for your garden or outdoor space.