How to Dispose of Patio Furniture in 7 Ways

Do you have an old, worn out, or damaged set of furniture you would like to dispose of, and you are wondering how to go about it? For any of these reasons or more, you may be faced with how to dispose of your patio furniture.

Patio furniture is necessary for most homes, whether cooking out, relaxing, or enjoying a lovely summer evening. Furniture can serve its purpose for many years before needing to be replaced.

However, patio furniture becomes less attractive and requires replacing sooner or later. This can be because of wear and tear, changes in household size or decorating themes, or just because you don’t like it anymore.

It isn’t always easy to know the best place to dispose of old patio furniture, especially if you no longer want it. Disposing of your furniture could be because you are moving house and won’t have room for all the old chairs and tables.

Whatever the reason, in this article, we will explain some simple steps to get rid of your patio furniture safely.

Before you decide to dispose of your patio furniture, you should consider all available options. There is a better way than simply throwing it in the dumpster or at the side of the road. Read on for a few tips on how to get rid of patio furniture.

how to dispose of patio furniture

How to Get Rid of Old Broken Patio Furniture

One of the most stressful parts of owning patio furniture is disposing of it when replacing your old set. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry; We’ve got you covered with various ways to get rid of your old patio furniture.

Getting rid of old patio furniture can be tricky, especially if you’re looking to do it without guilt or hassle.

Sell it online

You can always get some cash from your old furniture by selling it online. Sites like craigslist, Facebook marketplace, OfferUp, Letgo, eBay, and many other marketplaces are where you can list your furniture for sale.

However, before listing your furniture for sale, it is important to have it cleaned and appealing. Doing this will attracts buyers to your furniture on time. In addition, fixing and refinishing your furniture to look best is ideal if this is your perfect way to dispose of your furniture.

If you don’t have time for this or your furniture is not in good condition, you can explore other options below.

Give it out

Another good and easy way to dispose of your patio furniture is by giving it out to your friends, neighbor, or family. Instead of having old furniture lying around your home or stacked in the storage, taking up the available space, you can give them out to a relative interested in having them.

You can also leave your furniture on the curb with a “free” sticker on it, so passersby can know it’s for free. However, it may take some time before it is picked up if there is little to no traffic around your home.

If you have the time and resources, you can clean and refinish this furniture to make them appealing before giving it out. However, if you don’t have the time and resources or your furniture is not in good shape, you can overlook this step and explore other options.

Instead of disposing of your furniture at the landfill, you can donate it to society if it is in good condition. Doing this comes with some inner joy and happiness. Knowing someone is now using your once cherished furniture will be comforting.

This donation can be made through numerous charities that offer free pickups. This way, you won’t be spending any amount disposing of them. You can also list your furniture on the various marketplace for free, so anyone interested can reach out and take them off your hands.

Convert a piece of old patio furniture into a bed for your pet

If you have the resources and time, you can also convert your old patio furniture into an opulent, traditional bed for pets with creativity. To make a headboard for your bed, use the back of the chair and the legs as the posts. Pillows can be added to make it more comfortable for them to sleep.

However, if you have some set of furniture, which is more than one chair, then this option won’t be ideal, as there will be other furniture left. Then you may want to donate or give out this furniture. This

Convert your patio furniture to planter

If your patio furniture is still usable but doesn’t look very nice anymore, consider repurposing it! Many people have successfully repurposed chairs into hanging planters or tables into reading nooks; it’s an easy way to make dirty, old furniture look new again.

You can quickly spruce up your garden by using the frame of your old patio chairs to hold pots or baskets filled. You can also directly turn your old patio furniture into a planter and fill it with flowers, herbs, vegetables, or even grass to rest your feet on it when you’re done using it outdoors.

Use a Junk removal company.

The easiest way of getting rid of items you no longer need is by using a junk removal service. These take salvageable items to charity or donation centers where they can be usable again.

Many companies are specialized in this, and they provide everything necessary to move your furniture without you having to do anything.

However, it is necessary to know these companies charge for their service, but there are still the most stress-free ways of disposing of your furniture.

Self-hauling to the landfill

If you live close to a landfill, then disposing of your old furniture yourself will be one of the cheapest means. However, if your furniture is bad and cannot be rebranded or refinished, dumping it in a landfill will be very good.

To avoid incurring liability, ensure that this is done in compliance with applicable local laws in your vicinity.

Since you live close to this area, you can spare some time and transport this furniture yourself. Doing this will prevent people from entering your home to dispose of your furniture.

However, doing this can be laborious because some furniture can be very heavy and may require helping hands.

how to dispose of patio furniture

Where Can I Throw Away Furniture for Free

There are a few places where you can find free furniture and a few places where you can throw away your old furniture for free. So, without any further ado, below are the various means and places where you can throw away your furniture for free.

Listing it on marketplaces:

Marketplaces such as Facebook, Letgo, eBay, Offerup, craigslist, and so are places where you can list your old furniture for free. In addition, anyone in need of your furniture will arrange to transport the furniture to their home.

Move it to the curb:

Placing this furniture at the front of your house with a free sticker is another good of giving away your furniture for free. Passersby will see it with the “free” tag and arrange how to move it. The only effort required of you is placing it on the curb. However, it may take time before a pickup if traffic is low around your home.

Looking for where to throw away your furniture for free? Donate if charity organization. Organizations such as Goodwill, value village, and salvage army are some charity organizations you can give. You can also look for a charity close organizations close to you.

Drop off at thrift store:

Another good way to give away your furniture for free is by dropping it off at a local thrift store. Search for a local thrift store around you and find out if they take old furniture. You can also find out if they offer a pickup or if you have to drop it off yourself. However, many local thrift stores offer pickup; you still need to find out.

Scrap dealers:

Scrap dealers are another good option to use when disposing of your furniture for free. With this option, you will be getting some value for your furniture, and if not, they are guaranteed to take them off your hands. The dealers mostly sell to the cyclist company saving you turns of deals looking for one.

How to Recycle Patio Furniture

If you’re going to dispose of your patio furniture, please don’t throw it in the garbage. Our beautiful planet needs our help. Instead, we recommend taking your furniture to a professional recycling center or refinishing it yourself.

However, recycling a piece of old patio furniture is not a straightforward process. It is dependent on the materials that were used in its construction.

Various materials are used in furniture construction; thus, their recycling process will differ. This implies that each material has its recycling protocols and potential frustrations.

For instance, patio furniture made of plastic and metal is easy to recycle than wooden furniture. But, on the other hand, a wood patio cannot be recycled, especially if it has been sealed or painted to protect it from natural elements (Sun, Rainfall, or water-splash and co).

Recycling is not an activity that can be done individually; it involves big machines and processing. So the best way to recycle your old furniture is to have them picked up by a recycling company.

Plastic Patio Furniture

Because of the need for ruggedness, most outdoor furniture is made with plastic 2 or 5, Polyethene. Fortunately, many plastic pieces of furniture come equipped with a resin identification code.

This code could be found in the shape of a small triangle with numbers engraved in it. The code contains information on the type of plastic used to manufacture the furniture.

Curbside recycling facilities within your local area may reject furniture like this due to its shape and size. However, they may be accepted by a larger recycling facility in your area, so inquire with them.

To find a recycler in your area, you can use the Earth911 Recycling Search, requiring you to enter your ZIP code.

Unfortunately, if your local recycling facility does not accept plastic furniture, you will only be left with the option to refinish your furniture to enhance its durability.

Metal outdoor patio furniture

Metal is another piece of furniture that can be recycled. They can be melted to produce various other products. Most of your metal furniture is made of various metal types, including iron, aluminum, or wroth iron. Find a recycling company in areas using Earth911 Recycling by entering your zip code.

However, if your metal furniture is still in good shape, it is better to refinish it. More than any other brand of patio furniture, metal furniture is built to last longer.

Like others, it is weather-resistant and usually well-painted to prevent corrosion. However, metal can look bad with peeling paint and ripped upholstery.

First, you want to be sure the furniture is still redeemable, and you can determine this by placing your foot on the furniture and gently pushing to see if the metal bends or tweaks.

Next, cover the corroded furniture with a thick blanket or towel and slowly sit on it to spread your weight. If the metal is still strong, scrub it with sandpaper and repaint it.

With a bit of elbow grease and patience, it is possible to bring old metal furniture back to life. Here is a detailed guide on how to repaint your outdoor metal furniture.

Note that you have a lot of work to do with sandpapering by ensuring you remove most of the corrosion. This will ensure that new paint will stay on the furniture’s surface.

Therefore you can now prime and paint it. For the best result, make sure you use weather-resistant primer and paint. Most of the time, you’ll need multiple coats of paint, which could cost some fortune, especially if you’re using spray paints that lose about 20% in the wind.

Wood Patio Furniture

Outdoor wood furniture cannot be recycled by nature, directly affecting its treatment with sealer or varnish. It can also not be composted. However, you and fix and refinish old patio wood furniture if you are good with DIY.

These options will be helpful if a part of you still feels like keeping the furniture. Just repair and refinish it. You may also split it up and use the valuable pieces to create something else. Finally, if you don’t want to keep it, you can throw it away.


Keeping unused and old furniture in your home will surely take up some space. However, we hope you have learned a good way of disposing of your furniture with the articles. Also, knowing how to dispose of your patio furniture properly is beneficial to the environment.

There are various options available when disposing of your furniture. For example, you can choose to give it away for free or receive some value, which is explained above. Also, it is important to know that recycling is a different method of disposing of outdoor furniture. However, if you may have to dispose of your furniture; we hope this content provides an answer to your quest.