12 Tips to Create a Patio Destination Around Your Home

Create a patio destination in your yard and make your home a staycation! A patio provides a space to wine and dine with friends, have fun with the family, or sit back and relax. Having such an outdoor living area around your home allows you to enjoy your leisure time in style.

If you have been planning on creating a patio or want to revamp an existing one, consider these tips to create a patio destination around your home.

Without breaking the bank and with existing outdoor furniture, you can redesign your patio space to make it comfortable and stylish. Also, these tips will guide you in creating an eye-catching patio area if you are about to create one.

There are several factors to consider to make the most out of your patio. If you don’t know where or how to start, in detail, below are every tip needed to create a patio destination in your home.

If you already have a patio, 5 to 11 are essential for revamping or redesigning your patio.

Redefining Your patio

create a patio destinations


When creating or redesigning a patio area, the first thing you should have in mind is the intended purpose of the area. Aside from creating a patio to extend your home living space, a patio can be designed to host outdoor parties, provide a space for relaxation, or every other fun and leisure activity.

Whichever the reason, you can have a patio design with all the purposes in mind. Regardless, you need to clearly define your purpose of creating, designing, or redesigning your patio to have a clear path to follow.

Defining your patio and making it suitable for various purposes makes it versatile, comfortable, and more appealing. This step will significantly help you with your design.

Site your patio

The next thing you want to do after defining your purpose is to site where the patio will be situated. A patio is usually sited at the back of the house, along the yard, or within the garden (read the distinction between patio and other outdoor living space here)


Having your patio between the yard or along the garden helps to add more humor to the area. This way, you can enjoy a pleasant look over the garden while relaxing; this is not important if you don’t have a garden.

However, your patio can be situated around the home based on how your home or land is structured. Regardless of where it is located, having the right furniture, design, and other accessories in place will make it one of your favorite places to lounge.

Size your patio

Sizing your patio to meet your defined purpose is the next step to creating a patio destination. However, this is determined by the space available around the home. Nonetheless, with a clearly defined purpose, you will be able to have a picture in mind, and the available space can be optimized.

The size of your patio will dictate the number and size of furniture to choose, the type of plants you pick, and if you decide to opt for outdoor heating, the type of heater for your space and also provide space for other patio accessories.

Furthermore, when sizing your patio, you want to give room for expansion. Providing enough space for expansion is necessary to enhance the comfort of the area in the future. Also, you don’t want to clutter it up if it is too small, and if it is bigger than average, it is worth taking advantage of this fact with more or larger items.


If you don’t have a patio now, you will need to build a new one. You can do this by seeking the help of a professional patio builder in your area or by using our guide in building an inexpensive patio area.

Following the above rules and our guide, you will have your patio floor mapped out in a few hours. However, if you already have a patio area, you can ignore this and move to the next step, which involves designing or redesigning your patio.

Creating Your Patio Destination

The theme behind designing an outdoor living space is to make the area as inviting as possible. With a clearly defined picture and purpose in mind, you will create a staycation around your home without breaking the bank.

Placing Outdoor Furniture

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Many consider furniture the most important feature of a patio, especially if you want to make it a social area. If you are on a budget, using old furniture will save you money and give your patio more of an individual character.

There are different types of outdoor furniture to use and to create a comfortable outdoor space; you need more than one of these pieces of furniture. Generally, outdoor furniture are made with comfort; however, not all of them deliver.

For this reason, we did extensive research and wrote a review about the most comfortable outdoor furniture. You can use any outdoor furniture on the list to complement your space. Regardless, below are some of the must-have furniture on your patio, and it includes,

Combining one or more of these chairs will create a comfortable space to lounge any day. Nonetheless, choosing the right furniture for your outside living area is essential as choosing furniture made with suitable materials.

The materials include the frame, the padding, and the cushion cover. All this must be made of weather-resistant materials to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use. However, you don’t have to worry about that as we have extensively reviewed different types of furniture you can use for your outdoor space.

When choosing your furniture, it is always better to opt for wicker, wrought iron, cast aluminum, or wood as they are durable and provide more natural beauty.

Enhancing with Plants and Flowers

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The next step in creating a patio destination is to decorate the patio with beautiful evergreen flowersPlants are the perfect accompaniment as they provide color and, especially if your patio is bare, offer an easy form of decoration.

These little things matter when creating a backyard or patio destination around your home.

Doing this may involve having a planter shelf, hanging a beautiful planter around the patioor having a small garden to host your flowers and herbs all year round, depending on the structure of your patio.

Do you intend to use a planter? It is always advisable to use large planters as they can accommodate more than one plant and provide an eye-catching space too.

However, if you only have a small patio, you don’t need to opt for potted plants but can buy hanging plants or flowers instead.

If you are keen on vines and creepers, including a picket fence will provide the ideal environment for them to cling to and won’t take up much extra space. Alternatively, if you have extra room, you can have a small herb garden next to the patio.

Spice the Floor

Many homeowners usually leave out this when designing or redesigning the outdoor space. Outdoor rugs or tiles can be used to spice up the outdoor space. These rugs and tiles come in different colors to ensure they blend with any existing design.

After having a paved or tempered floor for your patio, placing an outdoor rug at the center will make the area more appealing. They are more suitable for areas such as porch, deck, veranda, or other structures planned or built along with the house.

When buying an outdoor rug, ensure it is made of durable and weather-resistant materials. This will prevent it from fading or being soaked during wet weather. Furthermore, you can use outdoor tiles to make your deck look more appealing.

Enhance with Pergola

Generally, the patio is an open outdoor space; However, there are times the sun may be too scorching, and sometimes there might be a need for privacy from neighbors. For this reason, you may want to install a pergola.

The pergola is usable in providing partial shade when needed as retractable covers are made for this purpose. Also, vines and creepers can be planted to provide the required shade and privacy.

Using Strategic Lighting

Recently, the patio now serves more purposes besides enjoying sunbathing or relaxing. Hosting night parties or having dinner with family or friends are some of those purposes for using the patio at night.

These lights are often purposely not used to illuminate the area but to decorate it. Nonetheless, you need light to make this area usable during the dark hour of the day and for security purposes.

Lighting is a great way to add a little sophistication to that all-important evening party or gathering. You may find it worth having an electrical outlet or two installed on your patio; if this is not practical, you can use an extension plug.

Small hanging lights hooked around the patio will flood it with delicate light. Candles and lanterns are other options; they create a beautiful setting and are considered much more romantic.

Also, these lanterns can be hung around surrounding trees or poles, thus, enhancing the view of the whole space. You can check here for insights on how to decorate your outdoor space with various lights.

Enhance with Fountain

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Another great step you will want to take when creating a backyard destination oasis is adding a fountain. This can be placed around the patio to enhance the view of the area. There are several DYI fountains to create that patio destination around your home.

However, you can purchase one or more to enhance your area to save time. This allows you to make a distinct choice from the numerous available.

Outdoor kitchen


You may want to include an outdoor kitchen with a clearly defined purpose to get the most out of your outdoor living space. Including appliances such as grills, refrigerators, and ovens to enjoy your time with friends or family is crucial.

Aside from sitting and relaxing, the patio has become a space for fun and partying. For design purposes, strategically locating where to place your outdoor kitchen is crucial. Putting them in the right place will make your space look organized and appealing.

Implementing Heating

Many people only think about sitting out on a patio in the summer. However, with outdoor heating, you can comfortably use the patio in the autumn, spring, and even winter.

There are various ways to use heating to enhance your space. Doing this will not only make the area comfortable but also improve the design of the area as a whole. There are main options to choose from when it comes to patio heating: gas, electric, or wood.

Which you choose will largely depend on the size of your patio, but any of these options can effectively make your patio a useable, fun space throughout the year.

Some types of heater you can use include an inbuilt fire pit, gas tabletop fire pit, portable propane fire pitwall-mounted patio heater, and propane patio heater. Any of these heaters are usable depending on the size and structure of your space. It is advisable to use an electric heater for a screened outdoor living area.