How to Clean Patio Cushions: DIY Outdoor Cushion cleaning ideas

how to clean patio cushions

Knowing the different ways of how to clean patio cushions will save you a lot of time and stress. This is because you can choose the most suitable way to clean your cushions from the available options.

After a long time of using your outdoor area, there are chances that your alluring and charming throw pillows and cushions will get dirty.

For this reason, cleaning your cushion to retain its appealing and charming look will be your ultimate goal. This is because a dirty cushion is not only irritating to the eye it also causes discomfort to the skin and outdoor area at large.

How to clean patio cushions

Cleaning your patio cushions should be done about two or three times a year unless you encounter a stain. If you do, refer closely to the manufacturer’s cleaning directions.

How to keep your patio cushion clean

There are different ways to clean your patio cushions to keep them in good shape. The truth is even after preventing it from weather elements by taking it in and out, consistent use of the chair and its cushion will get it dirty.

To clean your outdoor cushion, here some of the things you need for the cleaning

  • Brush or towel
  • Pressure washer
  • Soap
  • Water

Cleaning using a brush or towel 

This is the safest method of cleaning the outdoor cushion. But this takes time as all the surface needs to be scrub with a brush or towel.

When washing with this material water-resistant elements are usually intact and may only need few maintenances when it dries up.

Cleaning a patio cushion with a towel and brush gives the opportunity of cleaning the visible stains on the cushion.  Here is a video illustration on how to clean patio cushions using a brush and towel.

If the cushion fabric is removable you can use a washing machine or wash it with your hands.

Outdoor cushions can get dirty quickly if they aren’t brought in every time after use and who wants to do that.

These steps will help you clean your cushions to get them looking brand new keep your outdoor cushions off the mud or grass.

To clean your cushion lay it down on a hard surface such as the drive
  • Spray it with water
  • Then mix about a cup of borax with a few squirts of dish soap in a bucket of water. In this case, I recommend using an outdoor cleaner.
  • The next step is to use the hard bristle brush apply a cleaning solution
  • Scrub the entire area of the cushions creating a generous lather for heavy stains
  • Rinse with water
  • Place under direct sunlight to dry fast

Cleaning using a Pressure washer 

A pressure washer is the fastest way of cleaning a cushion. However one needs to very careful how it used to prevent it from damaging the cushion.

Pressure washer when pointed in a specific location for long can weakening or tear the cushion fabric. Also here is a video illustration of that.

To keep your patio cushions in their best shape, here are a few words of advice.
Clean them by spraying them off well with the garden hose and letting them dry completely at least twice a year.

Clean them when you bring them out of storage and before you put them into storage.
Store them in a breathable container that still protects them from dust.

Some of the companies that make the custom and replacement cushions might make a custom storage bag for you.

Ask if they will consider it before you place your order and use it as a negotiating point if possible.

Finally, to dry your cushions as quickly as possible make sure they are getting airflow on all sides. If they are on a wicker or open-metal design seat, they will get air on all sides.

If your patio cushions are on a wooden seat, I would suggest tilting them on edge or hanging them up by their ties.

If you are really desperate for a dry seat, use a hairdryer on low or medium heat with high fan speed. Move it steadily over the seat, side to side, from top to bottom.

Buying an outdoor cushion 

There are different consideration that needs to put in place when buying and outdoor cushions to ensure you get the right one.

Patio cushions are made of different materials for better feel and comfort. However, some of these materials may be suitable for a specific condition around your outdoor area making you purchase a bad one.

Patio cushions come in natural and synthetic fabrics. Most are treated with a water-resistant coating or weather-proof kind of like an industrial-strength.

In most cases, this means the water tends to roll right off of well-treated fabric, especially if it is at a slight angle.

Regardless of how well the water rolls off of it, some fabrics are more prone to mildew. Mildew can form on cushions from repeatedly dewy from the nights and mornings.

So, if you live in a humid climate, you should consider a synthetic fabric over a natural fabric.

Natural fabric is more prone to mildew. Another reason why synthetic fabric is recommended over natural fabric is it fade resistance features.

Many synthetic fabrics are formed with the color in the strands before they are spun out and are still in liquid form.

This allows for almost 100% color saturation. The most quality synthetic fabric has a three-to-five-year color-fade guarantee.


Consider the following manufacturers’ instructions for removing deep stains. There is some cushion that is machine washable to make the whole cleaning process an easy one.

Many times, cleaning and maintenance instructions are usually included in the purchase package.

Also, using the wrong cleaning agents can lessen your cushions’ water resistance. The manufacturer’s directions should also explain how to restore the water-resistance after cleaning.


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