How Long Does Outdoor Rattan Furniture Last?

Rattan furniture has become unmistakably and extremely popular in interior and exterior design in recent times. However, many who would like to have them within their homes want to know how long does outdoor rattan furniture last?

Long story short, it does last. However, how long your rattan furniture will last depends on how well you maintain it and what kind of rattan furniture you buy. Rattan has two types: synthetic and natural.

More often than not, synthetic rattan outlives the natural one, and it is usually the best choice for the outdoors. In addition, rattan has appealing attributes such as lightweight, great curving forms, and bright golden color that instantly conveys a warm tropical feeling, whether indoors or outdoors.

Rattan is your best bet if you are looking for a chic, minimalist, long-lasting piece of furniture to spruce up your indoor or outdoor space. But first, here’s all you need to know about it.

How Long Does Rattan Outdoor Furniture Last?

If properly taken care of and well maintained, rattan furniture can last up to ten years or more. Crucial to understand is that synthetic rattan is best for the outdoors.

It has the benefit of being able to withstand all kinds of weather. It is designed from resin and plastic, which make it strong enough to even go through harsh weather conditions without you having to bother to bring them inside.

However, natural rattan is easily prone to elemental damage, so it’s always good to leave it indoors. Furthermore, resin weave rattan is fortified with UV rays resistance.

Therefore, it can stay outside during warmer months without so much damage or wear and tear. Additionally, rattan possesses a high-quality HDPE that protects it from unwanted growths like moss or frost. 

Is Rattan Furniture Good For Outdoors?

Rattan furniture is a great option both indoors and outdoors. It can give your outdoor space a warm contemporary look with its natural colors, which you can personalize to your taste.

But, of course, how long your rattan furniture will last outdoors is very much dependent on how well you maintain it during the summers and winters.

Luckily, rattan has minimal maintenance, and if you can be intentional about keeping it in good condition, you can enjoy it for several years.

Cover it up during the cold months to keep your rattan furniture looking good. While it is true that it has good resistant properties, this doesn’t mean it should always be left out in the cold.

Most people don’t lounge around in chairs during cold seasons, so to significantly extend the lifespan of your rattan furniture, then cover it when it is not in use. The covers are easy to buy from furniture stores, and some even come along with your rattan furniture.

Covers are great for keeping away mold, moss, and snow or rainwater that can cause damage if they sit on your rattan furniture for too long. 

Another way to preserve your rattan furniture is to clean up spillages immediately after they land. However, act fast when it comes to stains, or else they could become permanent, which won’t help your furniture last longer.

What is Rattan Furniture Made OF?

What is Rattan Furniture Made OF?

Rattan furniture is made from climbing rattan vines known as natural abaca strands, interwoven in distinctive types and shapes to create outdoor furniture. Rattan is native to Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China, where it is identified mainly through its tough solid stems. The stems vary in diameter, but the vines can grow as long as 200 feet or more. 

After rattan is harvested, it is cut up into about 13 feet. Dry sheathings are removed, and the stems are dried in the sun. After being fetched, they are stored for seasoning.

Afterward, they are straightened and graded carefully by diameter, quality, and internodes. The fewer internodes, the better. The rattan poles pass the grading that is shipped out to furniture manufacturers. 

What is Synthetic Rattan Made Of?

What is Synthetic Rattan Made Of?


Synthetic rattan is made from artificial fibre. Since synthetic rattan furniture is mainly used outdoors, the fiber is more durable and sturdier than actual natural rattan grown from nature and shipped around the globe.

During production, synthetic rattan is usually coated with UV protection to prevent any damage from the weather. The vast majority of manufacturers also use polyethylene to make synthetic rattan have a long-lasting quality.

Natural rattan has a lot of beauty, but it is quite delicate and impractical for outdoor use. They can also be quite expensive to maintain, so synthetic rattan furniture should be your number one outdoor choice.

What does Rattan Furniture Look Like?

What does Rattan Furniture Look Like?


Rattan is a long-stemmed vine resembling bamboo, but it emanates from the liana family. Just like there are many trees and shrubs in varying forms, there are also many lianas in varying forms, and rattan happens to be one of them. 

Rattan is usually found to have long, solid, slender stems, which distinguishes it the most from bamboo, which is more hollow. Most people tend to use the terms “rattan” and “wicker” interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

Wicker is a technique or pattern used to weave plant-based materials together. This doesn’t mean all rattan are weaved or made using the wicker technique. There’s a lot of rattan in the wild, but mostly they have been modernized into chic, trendy furniture.

Can You Spray Paint On Outdoor Rattan Furniture?

Yes, it is possible to spray paint on rattan furniture. It is even recommended if you want an admirable and smooth finishing on your rattan. In addition, color can be instrumental in reviving old, shabby, or worn-out rattan furniture.

However, synthetic rattan is usually made so that it doesn’t look too dull, even when it looks old. Therefore a simple layer of paint is all it needs to have a refreshing and modernized look.

Canned spray paint is usually the best choice to achieve a smooth and even finish. Deciding the color you want should be based upon your personal preference, garden theme, and availability. Most people love bold colors, while others prefer more subdued ones. Both chalk-based paint and oil-based paint are usually top picks. Coatings should be done with sprayers.

How To Protect Outdoor Rattan Furniture

If you want your rattan furniture to last, there are a few simple steps to take and factors to understand.

Step One: Wash the rattan furniture thoroughly with soap and water and then leave it to dry in the sunlight.

Step Two: Pop the premium covers you have purchased over the furniture. 

Step Three: Store the furniture in a warm and dry place, like a garage or under a shade. Dampness will only attract mold or mildew, which is bad for your furniture in the long run.

Step Four: From time to time, remove the covers for fresh air and ventilation or take the furniture out to receive some sunlight.

Things to note:

Natural rattan furniture is not weatherproof. Leaving it out in the rain will cause it to rot, the snow will cause it to split, and the sun will make it brittle. It is best to leave it inside, where it is best protected and better positioned to last.

Synthetic rattan is weatherproof and suitable for outdoor use; Weatherproof quality differs from company to company. Often cover it, have it under a shade, and take it into a spare room or your garage whenever the rains hit or during the cold months.

Although it is strong enough to withstand the rains, it shouldn’t be left uncovered and unprotected every time. Balance is key.

Use shield covers or premium ones purchased directly from the manufacturers for solid protection. Wash the cushions too as regularly as possible. Never let them accumulate too much dirt.

Is Rattan Furniture Durable?

Rattan is well known for its long-term strength and durability. However, it would be best if you patronized a renowned brand for using high-quality plastic and resin materials. High-quality synthetic rattan will always outlast or outlive poor quality.

Synthetic rattan is also weatherproof. High-quality rattan is built to withstand these weather conditions. Its durability also includes that it is hardy and versatile, UV resistant.

It won’t get damaged under the sun, is resistant to mold and mildew, and is relatively one of the best low-maintenance garden furniture types.

The important thing to do is investigate whatever brand you intend to buy from, and do not be swayed by sweet promises alone.

Does Rattan Furniture Get Ruined In The Rain?

High-quality synthetic rattan furniture formulated with HDPE might get a few drops of water from the rain. But it won’t be soaked and get ruined. Instead, it might get wet but not soaked enough to accommodate mold or mildew growth. Then, all you need to do is leave it outside to dry.

However, the key thing here is high quality. Synthetic rattan made from low or poor materials might take their time, but they would inevitably get damaged.

Natural rattan cannot be left in the rain. Apart from getting spoiled, the accommodations of mildew and mold can cause skin allergies.

Can You Leave Synthetic Rattan Furniture Outside?

Two key things must be noted about synthetic rattan furniture to answer this question. First, it has already been established that high-quality synthetic rattan can overcome harsh weather conditions. So how do you know it is high quality? 

  • First off, establish that the handwoven thread was refined with UV protection before creating the rattan furniture. 
  • Secondly, the furniture frame is fortified with aluminum by lifting it. Therefore, it will be much lighter if it is made with aluminum. In addition, aluminum can stay durable and strong even in all weather conditions.

These are the two most common factors that depict high-quality weatherproof synthetic rattan furniture that can be left outside. However, they are not the only factors.

When leaving your synthetic rattan furniture outdoors, cultivate the habit of stacking them up together if possible, as this keeps them polished and maintained.

Does Rattan Furniture Need To Be Covered?

Yes, it needs to be covered to prevent dirt buildup, especially if there is often floating debris in your garden. Premium covers give extra layers of protection to ensure the maximum longevity of your furniture pieces.

Rattan possesses powder-coated frames that are susceptible to flaking, especially where dirt is involved. If you want your synthetic rattan furniture to be outdoors most of the time, then consider a few things. Give it a good wash before storing it up for winter. 

Start the habit of checking out your outdoor furniture for damages twice a year – once in spring when it is taken out of storage and again in autumn before winter storage. Turn all furniture pieces on their backs and let the inspection be thorough and meticulous. Then, if there are any damages, fix them immediately.

You should organize thorough cleaning sessions for your rattan furniture at least once every year. Use a soft brush, warm soapy water, and soft cloth. Always rinse off the soap as much as possible and leave it to dry.

Invest in spray finishes for outdoor patio rattan furniture to repair little damage. Paint them when they look dull or tired-looking, or you can apply thin coats of boiled linseed oil with a paintbrush to give them a makeover. Apply as much oil as your furniture can take.

Finally invest too, in quality breathable furniture covers. This way, the furniture can stay outside during autumn and winter.

They are usually made with UV protection, and they’ll save your furniture from dirt, debris, and bird droppings that will only cause the color to fade. The covers should mainly be used during periods when you are sure that you won’t use the furniture for long.

Your furniture will maintain a long and impressive lifespan with the tips mentioned above, even if you leave it outdoors.

Rattan Outdoor Furniture Problems

Everything advantageous is also disadvantageous in different forms. Rattan is no exception. Therefore before investing in rattan furniture, here are a few crucial things to note.

  • Uncomfortability

While this isn’t unique to rattan alone, the tight nature of the rattan does not make it comfortable to sit on for long periods. Only cushions give relief to this effect, so it’s probably not good to buy them if cushions aren’t your thing.

  • Loosening

Rattan chairs are weaved using the wicker technique. Since they are interwoven, the weaving will come apart a couple of years down the line. For outdoor furniture, this can look very unattractive. After you have used your rattan for a couple of years, you’d have to be more observant because the loosening can start at any time. Double-check the chairs at the point of purchase. If they aren’t well constructed, the loosening might begin sooner than expected.

  • Changing Styles

Unlike most other wooden furniture, rattan is made from vines. This means it doesn’t affect deforestation because the vines always grow back. While this is applaudable for eco-friendliness and the environment, there is a lot of demand for rattan furniture, and new creative styles are rapidly debuting. 

Your rattan can become obsolete fast. A few years down the line, the rattan decor might not suit your interior decoration needs. Many rattan furniture is always found in thrift stores and sales yards. Many people want to ditch the old style for newer ones even when the older ones are still in pretty good condition.

  People change, decor changes, seasons change, and ultimately rattan changes. This would, however, not be an issue for you if you are not style or decor conscious.

Is Rattan Waterproof?

High-grade synthetic rattan sourced from colder climates can be waterproof, while those sourced from hot tropical places are more infused with UV protection. However, it is much more advisable for your outdoor needs to go for synthetic rattan weatherproof rattan furniture. 


Finally, the question does outdoor rattan furniture last? Has been indisputably answered. Yes, it can ultimately last, but it would require intentional care.

Rattan is in high demand, durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly. It is undoubtedly one of those furniture pieces that will stand the test of time and serve you a lifetime.