Top 10 Cheap Outdoor Patio Tiles Over a Concrete 2023

After equipping the outdoor area with different types of furniture and accessories makes it comfortable and appealing. Complementing the area with outdoor tiles, especially cheap outdoor patio tiles over concrete or dirt, is another good way to enhance the area.

The floor is often ignored when planning an outdoor living area design. However, it contributes significantly to the overall design of the area. Outdoor tiles, rugs, and stamped floors are good ways of making the outdoor living floor appealing and beautiful.

Primarily, outdoor rugs are being used, covering only a small area compared to tiles and stamped floors. The stamped floor is expensive as it requires adequate planning, making it less ideal for many homeowners.

Without further argument, outdoor tiles are an excellent option to make the outside floor beautiful and appealing. For this purpose, there are various cheap outdoor patio tiles over concrete, suitable for many areas such as the porch, deck, patio, under the gazebo, pergola, and many more.

These tiles come in a square or rectangular shape and feature many patterns or design that makes the floor beautiful. They are easy to fix and require no technical know-how.

Choosing quality and affordable outdoor tiles can be daunting to many can choose from. However, we have analyzed and reviewed some of the best to narrow your search.

Top Cheap Outdoor Patio Tiles Over a Concrete

Since there are numerous designs and patterns to choose from, it became difficult selecting one as the best, as this may not meet the taste of many buyers. Nonetheless, we consider different buying factors such as durability, price, design, and ease of fixing while compiling this list.

This ensures you only have the best to choose from with various designs. Without further ado, below is a list of cheap outdoor tiles over concrete to enhance the beauty of your outdoor living floor.

Don’t forget to purchase the ramp edges for rubber tiles to give them a clean finish.

1. BlockTile Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles

If you need something to cover dirt in the backyard or a hard surface such as the patio, balcony, or porch floor, then this is highly recommended for such purposes. This tile is made of all-weather Polypropylene material to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use.

BlockTile B2US4630 Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles Perforated...
  • 30 square feet, 30 tiles per...
  • Each tile is 12 in. width x 12...

The tiles come with a drainage pattern that makes the tiles safe for use anytime and during any weather. With this, you can transform any concrete patio or wooden deck floor into a perforated interlocking floor.

The package contains a total of 30 pieces with a size of 12 by 12 inches in length and breadth and a thickness of ½ inches. The rigidity and sturdiness of these tiles make them suitable for supporting heavy loads such as patio furniture, heavy toolsets, and many more.

Furthermore, these tiles come with four loop edge that makes the installation hassle-free. Also, they are easy to clean and do not fade or get affected by weather elements. Therefore, making them durable for many years of use.

What we don’t like

None for now

2. Happybuy Drainage Tiles Interlocking 25 PCS

Are you looking to improve the feel of the outdoor area? These beautiful interlocking tiles will create a stunning floor around the area. These tiles are sturdy to ensure they hold reasonable weight.

Happybuy Tiles Interlocking 25 PCS Green, Drainage Tiles 12x12x0.5 Inches,...
  • High Quality Material: These...
  • 25PCS Deck Tiles Interlocking:...

The Happybuy drainage interlocking tiles are made of high-impact polypropylene materials for many years of use. It is resistant to fading and stains and completely waterproof, which makes it suitable for outdoor use.

The pack comes with 25 pcs, enough to cover a small outdoor area. Furthermore, these tiles are suitable for many places around the home, such as the deck, poolside, bathroom, patio, porch, and many more.

Additionally, installing these tiles is super easy as it requires no tools or glue. This is because the tiles come with a four-side loop-to-peg interlocking system that makes installation stable and hassle-free.

What we don’t like 

  • The tabs connecting the pieces are flimsy and bend or break easily when putting them together.

3. IncStores Outdoor Patio Interlocking Rugged Grip-Loc Tiles

Durability is an essential factor when buying any product. With less focus on style, the Incstore can produce sturdy and durable outdoor floor tiles for various use. These ties come with ten years warranty and five different colors to blend with any designs around your home.

These rugged, high-quality tiles are made of Ethylene-vinyl Acetate. Extremely durable and flexible material ensures you have the tiles intact for a long. These tiles are UV, chemical, fade, and stain-resistant.

Furthermore, it comes with a mesh design that makes the tiles safe to use; you can have them on the deck, porch, patio, garden, and many more places around the home. Also, the tiles come with interlocking loops for easy installation.

Each tile of the Incstore comes with a total size of 12″ by 12″ and a thickness of 5/8″. There are different packages for different purposes and needs, such as 4, 9, 16, and 24 packs, depending on the area you want to cover.

What we don’t like 

  • None for now

4. Gardenised Interlocking Cobbled Stone Look

The Gardenised interlocking stone is a beautiful tile to enhance the floor of the outdoor area. The tiles come with sonish design that makes them ideal for the garden or patio area. These tiles have been made of high-quality and durable plastic for many years.

Gardenised QI003970.5 Interlocking Cobbled Stone Look Garden Pathway Tiles,...
  • Dimension: 1 tile: 12" W x 12"...
  • Durable plastic composition...

These tiles do not fade stains and are waterproof. For easy cleaning, these tiles feature a design that allows the easy passage of water, thus, keeping the area clean and dry. Also, it provides the necessary grip to keep you safe after leaving the pool.

Easy Gardenised interlocking tiles come with a total size of 12″ W x 12″ D x 0.75″ H with a total piece of 5 in each pack. Furthermore, it is easy to install, as it comes with interlocking loops to attach tiles. 

However, installation must be carried out carefully, as it is flimsy and may break when not properly handled.

What we don’t like 

  • None for now

5. RevTime Dual-Side Garden Rubber Paver

Are you looking to bring out the beauty in your patio? This RevTime will do that amazingly. These tiles come in different patterns to give your home the beauty it deserves. It is soft to the feet and thick, making you feel comfortable and safe while using the outdoor space.

RevTime Dual-Side Garden Rubber Paver 16"x16" for Patio Paver, Step Stone...
  • These pavers are made of heavy...
  • Bright color offers a pop to...

The RevTime is made of heavy-duty SBR rubber granules, which makes it flexible, anti-static, and anti-slip. With this, you can walk onto these tiles barefoot after leaving the pool. It comes in a red wine color that adds humor to the area.

These tiles are suitable for many areas around the home, such as the patio, deck, garages, porch, balcony, and many more. Additionally, these tiles do not need to be removed during winter or other harsh weather as they are durable.

Each tile is 16″ by 16″ inches in size and is easy to install. The tiles do not have loops to peg but can be secured with glue.

What we don’t like 

  • Gluing the tiles can be stressful.

6. Pure Garden Patio and Deck Tiles

Pure Garden is a reputable company making durable, high-quality patio and outdoor accessories. This simple yet stylish mat is not an exception to its excellent product. These tiles feature sturdy plastic and wood composite for many years of use.

These tiles do not fade and are weatherproof. After installation, there will be no need for treating or staining, as the tiles come with a fine color to beautify the outdoor area. This tile won’t rot or swell without treatment as it is made of durable and high-quality materials.

Furthermore, it is easy to install, as they can be snapped into each other without much fuss. Each tile is 12 inches long and wide, with six pieces in a carton. This will cover up to 5.8 square feet of the area.

This tile is suitable for many areas around the home, such as the patio, porch, deck, balcony, and many more. Its simple yet stylish design makes it a beautiful addition to any area around the home.

What we don’t like 

  • It can only be placed on a flat hard surface. If you are planning to use it elsewhere, this will not work.

7. Tonchean Commercial Strip Carpet Tiles Heavy Duty Washable Carpet Floor

This is another appealing carpet you can use to modify the beauty of your outdoor area. These outdoor carpets come with a non-slippery and soft surface that makes them safe for kids, pets, and feet. These tiles are 3mm in size, sound-insulated, wear-resistant, and do not fade.

This carpet is made of 100% polypropylene fiber, making it suitable for outdoor use. The Tonchean tiles come with PVC backing to keep the tiles firmly in place, thus preventing unfortunate falls or slips.

Furthermore, these tiles are easy to install and come with 12 pieces of adhesive stickers to help fix and glue them to the floor. This makes the carpet firm and safe for use. These flooring tiles are suitable for many other outdoor living areas such as the patio, deck, porch, balcony, and pergola floor.

Additionally, each tile comes with a total size of 10 x 40 inches in breadth and length and contains 12 pieces of rectangular striped carpets. 

What we don’t like 

  • None for now

8. PANDAHOME  Artificial Grass Tile Interlocking Floor Tiles

This is another amazing floor cover to enhance the look of your outdoor area. When used for an outdoor living area, this artificial grass gives an appealing look at nature. Since this grass does not grow, it provides the area with a clean look for long, and there will be no need for mowing. Therefore it is easy to maintain.

PANDAHOME 12 PCS Artificial Grass Interlocking Deck Tiles, 12" x 12" Grass...
  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】Reality...

Do you doubt the durability of this tile? It is made of polyethylene to ensure you have it intact for many years. It does not fade or get affected by weather elements, and it does not retain water.

Furthermore, this grass is easy to install. It is suitable for many outdoor areas such as the patio, under the pergola, gazebo, porch, balcony, or deck. This tile is also ideal for indoor spaces.

Additionally, these artificial tiles come with a thickness of 0.7 inches and a rectangular shape. There are various types of Pandahome tiles to suit different buyers’ tastes.

What we don’t like 

  • Retains heat when the weather is hot.

9. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles 

This is another good tile to make the outdoor living area safe and comfortable. This interlocking exercise tile is soft and comfy to the feet and provides a safe area for kids and pets.

These tiles come in three colors, allowing buyers to choose the one that goes with their style. Even with the soft texture of these tiles, they hold reasonable weight without shrinking. Like a puzzle, these tiles easily snap together and create a fine surface in your outdoor area.

For better comfort, these tiles are soundproof, resistant to water, and feature a solid surface that makes them easy to clean. Furthermore, the features of this tile make it suitable for many outdoor and indoor areas, thus making it flexible in its application.

Additionally, these tiles can use temporarily or permanently in an area, depending on the purpose. The tile comes in three packages to cover different square feet.

Each tile measures 24″ x 24″ x ½”- thick from the highest point of the texture; It Includes six tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look, 

What we don’t like

  • None for now

10. BlockTile B2US5130 Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles

The BlockTile is another durable and all-weather tile suitable for many outdoor areas. These tiles feature a rough drainage surface that makes them easy to clean.

BlockTile B2US5130 Deck and Patio Flooring Interlocking Tiles Perforated...
  • 30 square feet, 30 tiles per...
  • Each tile is 12 in. width x 12...

It is ideal for transforming the floor of any outdoor space into a beauty mech, areas such as the porch, deck, balcony, patio, under the pergola, gazebo, and many more without fuss. These tiles are half-inch thick and feature 12 by 12 in size. The Block tile is made of high-quality polypropylene, making it rigid and durable.

These tiles do not fade, crack, or tear and can support heavy loads such as large pickups, patio furniture, rolling lifts, and many more. Furthermore, these tiles come with a four-loop peg interlocking system, which makes the installation a breeze.

What we don’t like 

  • None for now

Cheap Outdoor Patio Tiles Buying Guide 

  • Style 

One of the primary reasons for using an outdoor tile is to enhance the beauty of the outdoor space. The floor contributes immensely to making the whole area appealing, soothing, and beautiful. For this reason, style is one of the most important factors when buying outdoor rugs.

Style insinuates the patterns on these tiles, which makes the floor different and beautiful. Choosing the right and beautiful way will bring out the beauty of any outdoor space. For this, you must select the right style that blends with existing designs, is soothing, and brings out the area’s beauty.

  • Materials

The next thing to consider is the materials to ensure the durability of the tile. Outdoor tiles are durable and weather-resistant for many years of use. However, aside from the durability these materials will give, they also contribute to the comfortability of the tiles.

Some feature hard surfaces, while some are smooth, soft, and comfortable, and the materials determine this. Nonetheless, the texture of the tile makes it suitable for different areas and purposes around the home.

For this reason, ensuring the tile is made of suitable materials will provide many years of use. Before choosing your ideal tiles, consider the weather around the state you reside in to determine the type of material that will be suitable for them.

cheap outdoor patio tile over a concrete

  • Installation 

Installing these beautiful tiles is another important factor to consider. There are two types of installing these tiles on concrete. And it involves using adhesives to glue the tiles onto a hard surface or interlocking them together.

Gluing the tiles is safer, more stable, and more durable than interlocking. However, interlocking is more suitable when using tiles on a temporary surface.

  • Prize

Affordability is also essential when buying any commodity, and the same applies when purchasing affordable outdoor tiles—considering the prices of the tiles listed above.

This list comprises the topmost affordable outdoor tiles to beautify the outdoor area. Using these tiles is more affordable than using ceramic, as the cost of having this would run into thousands of dollars.

Outdoor Patio Tiles Over a Concrete FAQs 

Can you put outdoor tile over concrete?

The best place to put an outdoor tile is over a concrete or wooden deck. This helps to maintain the balance of the floor. Outdoor tiles are different from indoor tiles, and so is their installation.

So all outdoor tiles can be placed over concrete for good balance. The concrete surface makes it easy to glue or interlock these tiles. For this reason, installing these tiles in many areas will not be possible without the surface.

How do you install outdoor tiles on concrete?

The method used to install an outdoor tile differs based on the tile used. Composite wood tiles are only meant to be arranged with finesse with edges for clean finishing. However, synthetic grass and heavy-duty washable tiles need to be glued on the contrate for good stability.

This will prevent the tiles from being slippery, thus making them safe to use. Furthermore, the nature of these tiles makes them easy to clean in case they become wet.

Is there a difference between indoor and outdoor tiles?

Outdoor tiles are made of durable and weatherproof materials, which makes them different from indoor tiles. These materials are resistant to moisture, and the various harsh weather tiles will be exposed.

These tiles do not fade and are generally resistant to basic wear and tear that indoor tiles can’t resist. Additionally, outdoor tiles are usually thick and come with a non-slip surface to ensure it is safe when wet.


With the numerous designs or patterns and various types of tiles available in the market, choosing the right cheap outdoor tile over concrete can be confusing. For this reason, we have analyzed using different buying factors.

Nonetheless, we hope this article ends your search for cheap outdoor tiles. After buying, don’t forget to get some interlocking ramp edges for a clean installation.