Can You Use A Patio Heater In The Garage? What Type To Use

You have an enclosed or unheated garage, and you are thinking of using it to work on your car, build something awesome, or hang out on cool fall day. You want to know if patio heaters will be a problem. 

Patio heaters are outdoor heaters that keep the outdoor space warm. But how safe are they? Can you use them inside your garage?

Well, the answer has everything to do with your specific heater and how your garage is constructed.

 Can you use a patio heater in the garage?

You can use an electric patio heater in your garage, either with the door open or closed. These heaters do not require ventilation and are safe for indoor and outdoor use. They come with an automatic shut-off feature that will shut down the heater when tipped over.

These heaters are available in different styles to suit your space. They can be hung to the roof, mounted on the walls, or used as a free-standing heater.

Patio heater is the general name for outdoor heaters. There are various patio heaters, including propane or natural gas heaters, electric outdoor heaters, fire pits, and stoves.

However, you can also use a propane patio heater in the garage. There shouldn’t be a problem as long as it’s safely vented. You should check to ensure that your model is approved for indoor or outdoor use.

Using a propane patio heater without adequate ventilation puts people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, burns, and even death.

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can you use a patio heater in the garage

Can I use a propane patio heater in the garage?

No, a propane heater is not recommended in your garage. If you want to heat your garage, you should consider using a forced-air furnace or an electric heater.

Propane patio heaters are designed for outdoor use only and can be hazardous if used indoors, screened, or in areas not adequately ventilated.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends against using propane-fueled heating devices inside garages because they produce carbon monoxide, an odorless and colorless deadly gas

But can I run a propane heater in a garage with the door open?

Yes, but you must keep the garage door open at all times. You can run a propane heater in your garage as long as there is adequate ventilation and enough clearance from all combustible materials.

By law, no combustion device, such as a propane heater, can be operated within 10 feet of any combustible materials. However, you can use a propane patio heater in your garage, provided that you follow safety precautions.

First, make sure the area is well-ventilated. Propane patio heaters release carbon monoxide, so you don’t want to use them in a room without airflow. Also, make sure the vent on your heater is open.

Also, you want to ensure that no flammable materials are stored in the garage. Using a propane patio heater is probably not safe if combustible materials are stored in it. Additionally, you must keep at least 3 feet of clearance around the heater.

You should also ensure no children or pets around when you’re using something like this—especially if it’s a smaller model. Children and pets often aren’t aware of how dangerous these things can be if they get too close.

So you should always keep them out of the way while these devices are being used. Finally, do not leave your propane patio heater unattended while running.

Can a space heater be used in a garage?

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends using a thermostat-controlled space heater in garages (i.e., an electric heater) to ensure the temperature doesn’t reach unsafe levels. If you don’t have a thermostat-controlled space heater and want to use other electric ones, ensure that it’s UL listed and tested for safety.

So yes, you can use a space heater in a garage. Space heaters are ideal for use in the garage because they’re inexpensive, portable, and safe for use around kids, and pets do not need ventilation while in use.

However, it’s important to be aware of the risks associated with using a space heater, as they pose a fire risk if not used properly. If you choose to use an electric space heater in your garage, make sure that:

  • The cord is long enough not to be placed too close to flammable materials such as gas cans or oil containers.
  • Your ideal space heater has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off power if the unit becomes too hot or starts catching fire (this will save your house from burning down).
  • The unit does not get hot enough to melt plastic, rubber hoses, or other parts of your car.

What is the best patio heater to use in a garage?

A heater that can be used either when the door is open or closed is the best you can use in your garage. These types of heaters are electric patio heaters. They use infrared or ceramic techniques to heat the area.

There are various types of these heaters; however, to take the hassle of you surfing for an ideal one for your garage, here is a list of the best electric infrared heater.

SereneLife Infrared Outdoor Electric Space Heater

The SereneLife Infrared Outdoor Electric Space Heater provides heat instantly to help you stay warm on those chilly nights. Its 1500-watt electric heater will satisfy your needs, while the infrared quartz heating elements offer fast and effective heating.

can you use a patio heater in the garage

The thermostat control is easy to use, and the front safety grill protects from burns and scalding. This compact space heater is portable, making it easy to move from one room to another around your home or office.

This sleek, stylish unit features variable settings and multiple power settings that make it easy to use. It’s perfect for outdoor decks, patios, garages, and more.

Veito Wall-mount Electric Patio Heater

The Veito wall-mount electric patio heater is the perfect companion to any outdoor space. This all-weather heater features a built-in, energy-efficient 1500-watt heating element that heats an area of up to 6,500 square feet.

can you use a patio heater in the garage

It is ideal for creating aesthetically pleasing and comfortable spaces in your backyard. The veito wall-mount electric patio heater comes with many safety features, including a tip-over protection switch, auto shut off due to high temperatures, and an auto cool down.

With its tempered glass panels and durable frame made of galvanized steel and powder-coated paint finish, this patio heater will last for years to come.

Buyplus Electric Patio Heater

Keep your yard, patio, or deck warm and comfortable with the BuyPlus Elegant Patio Heater. This heater is perfect for those who want a stylish heater that looks great in your home and is willing to sacrifice portability for this stylish look.

Patio heater to use in your garage

This heater can be used in your yard, patio, deck, or other outdoor areas where heated comfort is needed. With a 1,500W quartz heating element, this patio heater provides 30,000 BTUs of heating power to extend your patio season.


I hope this article has helped answer the question, “Can you use a patio heater in the garage?”. The best patio heater to use in your garage is the electric patio heater; it is safe and does not require ventilation. 

Ensure your patio heater is approved for indoors and outdoors use, which many electric heaters are. As long as you ensure that your patio heater meets the proper safety precautions and states that it is safe for indoor use, that should be great news for you.