how to clean outdoor rug

How to Clean Outdoor Rug | Get Stains out of Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor indoor rugs are one of those accessories that will enhance the aesthetic ambiance of your outdoor space. Unfortunately, they get dirty over some times of use through inevitable dust, sand, mud from shoes, leaves, and bird droppings. Dirt like this will steal the beauty of your rug, which will require some cleaning to restore the beautiful appeal of your rug. So this has prompted outdoor lovers to inquire how to clean their outdoor rugs.

The good news is cleaning your outdoor rugs is super easy, with the right equipment in place. The best and easiest ways to clean your outdoor rugs are with a vacuum or garden hose and a gentle cleanser. Whether you have a traditional mat or an area rug, you can keep it fresh with this method.

how to prevent outdoor furniture from being stolen

How to Prevent Outdoor Furniture From Being Stolen in 11 Ways

Outdoor furniture is an expensive patio accessory that must be secured from theft and weather elements. Imagine going out to your garden for a nice break, and you glance at your expensive patio furniture, only to see they are gone. Yes, you have lost all that money on your patio furniture. So how do you prevent your outdoor furniture from being stolen in the first instance or when it is replaced?

If you have several outdoor pieces of furniture, then you probably know how much of a nuisance it is when the furniture gets stolen.

how to keep spiders off playhouse

How to Keep Spiders off Playhouse Naturally in 11 Easy Ways

There’s nothing worse than seeing your child terrified at the simple presence of a spider. But, while you may want to smash it with a Bug-a-Salt, spiders are vital for a healthy garden ecosystem. So, how do you keep spiders off the playhouse?

And for the record, bug sprays and bug zappers can be just as harmful to spiders as to the bugs you don’t want around. So what do you do?