10 Best Retractable Patio Privacy and Sun Screens for 2023

Patio screens are an excellent add-on for many outdoor living areas. Patio screens allow you to enjoy the outdoor living space when the weather is unpleasant. You can use different types of patio screens around your outdoor space. However, the best retractable patio screens have proven more effective and convenient around the outdoor area.

These patio screens can be used when extreme weather, such as blocking wind, sun, and other unpleasant weather types. This screen can also create a private outdoor area from nosy neighbors. This screen can also create a barrier around the outdoor area by isolating the outdoor living space.

In summary, the primary use of the best retractable patio screens is to make the outdoor living space a comfortable area. Nonetheless, choosing the best retractable patio screen can be confusing, especially with the varieties we have today.

For this reason, we put together a list of some of the best retractable patio screens. This retractable screen can also be used on your porch and other outdoor areas.

Best Retractable Screens for Patios

While looking for the best retractable patio screens, we can come across different types and designs that can complement the outdoor area. We consider the factors influencing buying decisions, such as styles, price design, and many more.

Also, outdoor space comes in different shapes and designs, so we include various retractable patio screens. Additionally, it is necessary to know that this list is not in order of importance.

However, while compiling this list, we consider factors such as versatility, design, style, durability, and many more. This is to ensure this list includes the best with various designs to choose from. 

1. Tangkula Outdoor Patio Retractable Folding Side Screen

The Tangkula can be retracted in two ways, which makes it ideal for many outdoor living areas. This screen shade will provide a private outdoor space while making the area comfortable. The extension of this shade to the left and right enhances its efficiency of this shade. 

best retractable patio screens

This shade comes in different sizes so that you can choose the appropriate size for your outdoor space. A buyer needs to ensure you know the right size of your outdoor living area or anywhere it will be installed. 

This shade is made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure it stands the test of time. Its frames are made of aluminum and covered with a weatherproof coating to prevent rusting. The aluminum alloy frame makes this side awning sleek and resistant to rust; 280g/m² polyester fabric is breathable, waterproof, and easy to clean. 

This shade is also easy to install; this can be done by fixing the support post to its base plate or directly to the concrete, cement floor, or wood deck for better stability.

It easily opens and retracts by the handle; retracting mechanism provides good flexibility for smooth and long-time operation; it can be rolled back into the housing when not in use. Extendable up to 6ft X 20 ft, fitting perfectly on the average tall fence.

Suitable for home or commercial use, great for outdoor areas such as backyards, terraces, gardens, porches, or small balconies or indoors for an office, clinic, studio, or dressing room for additional wall space

What we like

  • Made of durable and all-weather materials 
  • Suitable for many open outdoor areas
  • Easy to use and install 
  • Design to provide adequate shade and privacy 
  • Breathable fabric for better comfort 
  • Also, it can be applied in different ways around the outdoor area (Flexible)

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2. vidaXL Retractable Patio Side Awning Sun Shade and Wind Screen

This retractable side awning is suitable for the porch or creating a barrier between nosy neighbors. The installation of this side awning is quite different, as it has to mount to a pillar or frame for use. This shade is designed to sit on the porch or balcony guide for effective use. 

best retractable patio screens

This stylish shade is made of durable and weather materials to ensure you have it for many years. This patio screen is protected with UV and tear-resistant polyester to compliment the durability of this shade. 

Using this shade makes it one the best, as it automatically retracts. Also, putting this together comes with a lot of comfort. Its instructions are clear and straightforward for anyone without technical know-how. 

The cassette is installed on a sturdy iron base in the vertical position, and the retractable awning can be easily pulled straight out. Retracting is as easy as removing the shade from its bracket.

What we like 

  • It gives the outdoor area a classic look 
  • Made of durable and all-weather material 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Suitable for many outdoor spaces, especially the porch 
  • Enhance the flexibility of use 

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3. HENG FENG Outdoor Roller Shade Light Filtering

The HENG is another blind used around a roofed or framed patio area. This wind or shade blocker is suitable for preventing sun and other weather elements from disrupting the outdoor living area’s activities. The shade comes in 6×6 and 8×6, so it is necessary to measure before punching to get the right size. 

best retractable patio screens

This shade is made of breathable, durable, and all-weather materials to ensure you can have them outdoors for a long time. The breathable fabric feature makes the patio area comfortable when this shade is used. It reduces the temperature while protecting your family’s privacy and ensures regular rest and activities.

There is a need to assemble this product, which anyone can do. Also, this shade features a handle for rolling back the shade without support. Furthermore, the chain is easy to operate and equipped with a child safety tension device.

It also comes with rings at the bottom, which prevents it from flying around in the wind. This shade is suitable for a porch, gazebo, patio, backyard, deck, balcony, pergolas, or any place where shade and UV protection are required.

what we like

  • Easy to use and install 
  • Made of durable and all-weather materials 
  • Suitable for many outdoor living areas 
  • Made of breathable fabric for comfort
  • Requires no maintenance 

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4. Patio Paradise Roll-up Shades Outdoor Roller Blind Shade

This is a see-through patio or porch blind suitable for many outdoor living areas with a roofed frame. This shade helps to keep the sun out and reduces the effect of wind in the outdoor space. Making the outdoor living area comfortable for use at any time of the day. 

best retractable patio screens

This shade is made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure you can have this outdoors for a long time. All materials incorporated into the blinds are sturdy and durable, which makes this ideal for outdoor use.

With the provided rope holder, pull strings will be secured in place, preventing it from blowing around and keeping it out of reach of children. Bottom tie-downs are also provided to prevent the roller shade from flapping in high winds.

Furthermore, this shade is easy to install and requires no maintenance. Rolling up and taking it down is easy and stress-free. 

Perfect for providing shade and little privacy for the pergola, porch, gazebo, balcony, pet kennels, carports, window frame, window door, deck, back yard, garden, patio, and sideways. Keep your enjoyment spaces cool during the heat of the day.

What we like 

  • Suitable for a frame or roofed outdoor area 
  • Made of durable and sturdy materials 
  • It provides a cool outdoor area 
  • The fabric is breathable and see-through
  • Requires little to no maintenance and is also easy to install

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5. VidaXL Patio Retractable Awning, Patio Retractable Side Awning

This side screen is ideal for creating a private outdoor area and a wind barrier. This side awning is suitable for an outdoor space without frames or a roof. Its design makes it durable as it can be stored away when unused. 
retractable patio screens
This awning is made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure it stands the test of time. The materials are UV-proof, tear-resistance, and water-resistant polyester, ensuring this shade’s durability. Also, this shade comes with an all-weather pole to complement its durability. 

This retractable side awning has an automatic rollback function, making it easy to use. Its width is up to 16.4 to cover a wide area around the patio or outdoor living area. With this, you can make your outdoor living area comfortable when it is sunny or windy. 

This shade features a large screen that effectively deals with constant wind and low-lying sun while providing privacy. The simple yet stylish design makes it an ideal complement for your garden, patio, balcony, etc. 

What we like 

  • Features a large screen for better coverage 
  • Easy to use and install 
  • Made of sturdy and durable materials 
  • It comes with an auto rollback for convenient use 
  • Ideal for outdoor living spaces without a roof 

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6. E&K Sunrise Roll-up Shade Roller Shade

This is another stylish blind that can b used in the outdoor living area. This shade is suitable for outdoor living areas with roofs or frames for its proper installation and use. the presence of this screen helps to upgrade and give your patio area a classic look.

best retractable patio screens

This shade is made of durable and all-weather materials to ensure it is durable and suitable for outdoor use. Also, this shade is easy to use as it can be rolled up without support. It comes with a rope for easy rolling after being used.

Furthermore, this patio shade comes with clear instructions for assembling. No technical knowledge or know-how is needed for its installation. Also, protect up to 90% UV sun rays- an ideal roll-up shade for outdoor usage. Light filtering, breathable fabric- cool down your outdoor shade space.

This shade Keeps the sun out of your outdoor space making your deck or porch much cooler to sit outside to relax and enjoy the view outdoors. It is suitable for many outdoor areas with a frame or roofed frame. 

what we like 

  • Easy to use and install
  • It comes with a rope for easy roll-up without help
  • Made of durable and UV-protected materials
  • This shade is 6 X 6 wide for better comfort
  • Fabric is breathable and comfortable to see through
  • Requires no maintenance 

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7. Coolaroo Exterior Roller Shade, Cordless Roller Shade

The Coolaroo is another outdoor screen you can use to have a comfortable outdoor living area. This screen gives the outdoor living area a relaxed and calm feeling, making it suitable for harsh weather. However, this shade can only be used if you have a frame installed or on the porch.

best retractable patio screens

This shade is made of all-weather and sturdy material so you can have it outdoors. The patio screen does not fade and blocks up to 90% UV to ascertain comfortability. Also, this features an aluminum headrail for added strength and durability. 

This shade comes with a handle used to manually retract the shade for better comfort. The handle can be used without needing support if the shade is installed in a very high place. Additionally, this shade is made of breathable fabric to ensure the outdoors is comfortable.

No maintenance is required, as this shade comes with a weather-resistant fabric while its component resists fading, mold, and mildew to ensure you can have it outdoors for many years. This product is 10ft wide and 7.2 in length, which works well in many outdoor areas. The ease of using this product makes it ideal for many outdoor spaces.

What we like

  • It comes with a handle for an easy roll-up.
  • Made of all-weather materials for added durability
  • This shade is more than 7ft wide
  • Suitable for high windy area
  • Breathable and visible material
  • Easy to use and maintain

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8. zlinke Patio Side Awning, Retractable Side Patio Screen

The AIMCAE is different styles awing this mainly suitable for an outdoor living area built away from the house. This side shade is ideal for creating a barrier or blocking the weather element from one side. Also, this side screen is collapsible to its position when not in use.

Furthermore, this side screen is made with an aluminum alloy frame with a steel support pole to ensure long-lasting outdoor use and resistance to rust; 280g/m² polyester fabric is breathable, waterproof, and easy to clean. With this, you don’t have to worry about its durability and maintenance. 

This side patio screen can also be a temporary side screen to keep nosy neighbors away from your activities. The AIMCAE patio screen is easy to install and use around the outdoor living area.

The folding side screen is suitable for commercial or outdoor use on the patio, garden, deck, or porch. It can also be used as a low shade, umbrella, or divider to block out the breeze, sunshine, and UV. It can be easily positioned around the outdoor area to enhance its comfort. 

The presence of this side patio screen will help create ultimate privacy. It correctly serves the purpose of getting you a private eating area where you are not on display for your neighbors.

What we like 

  • Multi-purpose – can use stylish and differently around the outdoor space
  • It can be easily stored when not in use
  • Suitable for creating barriers
  • Made of durable and all-weather materials
  • extendable up to 63″ x 118″
  • Requires no tech knowledge for use

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9. TAMG Outdoor Roller Shade Roll-up Shades Blinds for Deck Porch

This is another screen you can use around your outdoor living space. This screen is blind and can be easily rolled up or down when needed. This blind is only suitable when you have a roofed outdoor living space.

best retractable patio screens

The TAMG patio screen is a shade usable on a porch or roofed patio area. This screen features a blind design, which helps to give the outdoor space a classic look. Also, the package comes with everything to make the installation easy and successful.

This patio screen is made of breathable and sturdy fabric that resists enhancing the comfort around the patio area. The TAMG patio screen can provide up to 90% UV protection, keep your space much more relaxed, and light-filtering fabric without completely darkening your area.

This roller shade is suitable for providing shade and privacy for your porch, gazebo, patio, back yard, deck, balcony, or other outdoor enjoyment spaces, allowing you to enjoy your patio or porch throughout the day without the sun beating on you.

What we like 

  • Made of all-weather and durable materials
  • Easy to use and install
  • It gives the outdoor area a classic look
  • It comes with straightforward and easy-to-follow instruction
  • Easy to see through – does not darken the outdoor living space
  • It comes in different colors, so choose the one that blends with your settings

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10. Vicllax Outdoor Patio Sun Roller Shade

Vicllax is a screen that can be used in many outdoor areas. This screen is ideal if you have a roofed outdoor living area where you can install a screen. This patio screen is 8″ wide to cover the outdoor living space.

best retractable patio screens

This patio screen provides a light-filtering and breathable fabric that reduces glare without darkening a room’s interior. These shades offer a stylish addition to any decoration. What a difference in providing privacy during the daylight hours and still seeing out with no harsh heat effects from the sun.

Furthermore, this patio is easy to operate and features a ring at the button to fasten the screen, preventing it from flapping when it is windy. The Vicllax features UV and fades resistance to ensure you have it in good condition for a long time.

This patio screen is Ideal for the porch, pergola, gazebo, balcony, carport, deck, patio, sideways, or any other outdoor space where you need shade and privacy. This screen is also easy to install and can be done by anyone with or without technical know-how.

What we like

  • Easy to use and install
  • Features a UV and fade resistance material
  • It comes with a ring for keeping it in place
  • Suitable for many outdoor areas
  • Made of durable and breathable materials

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Retractable Patio Screen FAQs

How do you build a screened-in porch under an existing deck?

Can you screen in a wooden deck?

Using a screen around your outdoor living area is a good way to protect yourself and your loved ones from direct weather elements and bugs. The weather elements and bugs have a good way of disrupting many outdoor events.

To make them comfortable, you can screen any outdoor area you have, porch, deck, or patio. Screening your deck and other outdoor living area is a way to enjoy the summer breeze and sunshine without the glare of direct sunlight.

A screened deck is comfortable and gives your home a classic look. Also, more outdoor accessories like an outdoor speakers, fans, and many others can be used when you screen your deck.

Retractable Patio Screens Buying Guide

As stated earlier in the body of this article, there are styles and types of outdoor living space; These styles, types, and shapes of the outdoor area will determine the kind of outdoor screen you will use. 

However, aside from this style and type and shape or look of the outdoor living space, other factors need to be considered when buying a screen for the outdoor living area. This factor includes; 

  • Size

The size of the outdoor living is an excellent determinant when buying a patio shade. When an undersize is bought, its effect will not be felt on the patio area. Also, an oversize can give the patio an unpleasant look and disturbing when it is windy. 

For these reasons, there is no good buying an undersized or oversize shade, so measuring the size you will need your shade to cover is necessary. Additionally, getting the right size will give your patio a classic look whenever it is used. 

  • Material

Different materials are used as shade or wind blockers, such as trampolines. Many of these materials usually cause some discomfort in the outdoor living area. 

This is why it is necessary to make use of the right material. One of the main characteristics of a wind blocker is its breathability. When the fabric is breathable, the degree of heat around the outdoor space while minimum when it is sunny. Also, breathable material will turn a windy atmosphere into a cool breeze around your outdoor area. 

  • Durability

No one is interested in buying the same product year in and year out. You need to ensure your choice of outdoor shade or screen is made of durable and all-weather materials so it can stand the test of time. 

The durability of any outdoor accessories is essential as they will be exposed to many weather elements that could deteriorate them. For this reason, you need to ensure that your outdoor screen is made of weatherproof or resistant materials. 

  • Purpose

There are many reasons for using an outdoor screen; reasons must be clearly stated before purchasing. If you are creating a barrier between you and your nosy neighbor, you may not need a see-through screen for better privacy. 

However, if you buy for other reasons, you may want to consider a breathable and see-through material for better comfort. Knowing the exact cause or purpose of buying an outdoor screen will enable you to get the right one. 


We know how difficult and confusing it can be to choose the best retractable patio screens for the outdoor living area. The outdoor living area comes in different shapes and looks, so we include various patio screens on this list. 

We hope this list ends your search for the best retractable patio screens. We ensure all the screens on this list are durable and capable of fitting into different outdoor areas. 

This patio screen’s comfort and privacy give it an essential accessory in the outdoor living area. This tool’s presence makes the outdoor living area usable when the weather is unpleasant, either windy or sunny. In summary, you need the best retractable patio screens to make your outdoor living area usable and comfortable anytime.