10 Best Outdoor Ottomans 2020 – Durable Outdoor footstool reviews 

best outdoor ottoman

Enjoying your day outdoor or in your patio area has to go comes with total comfortability. To enjoy your patio area comfortably and be fully relaxed, you need to complement your furniture with the best outdoor ottomans. The outdoor footstool, when added to your outdoor furniture, will help enhance the beauty of your outdoor space.

Your patio area is an avenue to relax and enjoy life outdoor while you catch some fresh air. The best outdoor ottoman gives you the king and queen feel while you enjoy your morning or evening in your garden.  

best outdoor ottomans

To get the most out of your outdoor, patio, or garden area, you need to make it very comfortable as possible. To do this, you need to have the right floor of your choice. The floor may be made or covered, with bricks or grass, with some set of patio furniture, outdoor bar, a patio umbrella, canopy or gazebo, and many more.

In this article, we will reveal to you some of the best outdoor ottomans that are suitable for your patio or balcony.

Many of this ottoman can be used in various ways; they can be used as a seating stool, coffee table or storage area. The primary purpose of setting up a patio area is to relax, and resting your legs on an ottoman while relaxing will give you the fitting comfort.

our picks of the best outdoor ottoman – outdoor footstool 

best outdoor ottomans

We know that there are lots of considerations that need to be put in place when buying your next outdoor footstool. We put this various consideration into analysis and comes up with the list of the best outdoor ottoman. We ensure that at least one suits your specific purpose so you can have the best to choose from

10. Rattan Ottoman Pouf Footstool Nikki with Cushion

Many people love the use of natural handmade furniture. And they are a perfect match for many outdoor and indoor furniture. This unique handmade piece of furniture is stylish and constructed only with quality hardware.

best outdoor ottomans

Jigs which are used in making this ottoman are constructed for producing specific shapes. When the rattan is steaming hot, it is bent to fit into the jig. Once cooled, the rattan will remain in that shape. All the materials used in making this ottoman are durable and are perfect for outdoor use. 

This ottoman comes with a cushion which makes this more comfortable when resting your leg. The ottoman is lightweight and compactly designed to fit any design you have in place. This furniture can be made use of in any outdoor area, garden, patio, or balcony.

The cushion is not waterproof, so if this is your choice, make sure it used under shade to preserve the alluring look of this furniture. Please note that it is important that this furniture is dried and not remain wet or damp for a lengthy time. This will result in mould and subsequent deterioration of the rattan furniture.


  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Comes with a comfortable cushion
  • Handmade and uniquely design
  • Comes in varieties of design to suit your existing décor
  •  Sturdy and compactly made to give a sleek design


  • Not suitable for outdoor uses – cannot be exposed directly to UV
  • Require a lot of maintenance

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9. Modway Summon Outdoor Patio Ottoman 

This is a simple yet stylishly made ottoman that will be a perfect match for your outdoor space. This furniture can be used for a variety of purposes in your outdoor space. It is perfect when you need to entertain or relax in your outdoor area. This piece of furniture will help support and enhance your relaxation when the need arises.
best outdoor ottomans
When buying outdoor furniture, durability is always one of the priorities. And this Modway ottoman is made to last as possible. It is made with a powder-coated aluminum frame which makes it sturdy and versatile. It can be used as a leg let rest or small stool in your outdoor area. Also, this outdoor patio ottoman comes with an espresso brown synthetic rattan weave, with UV protection for years of outdoor use.

This outdoor ottoman also comes with a cushion that is water and fade resistant to keep your furniture intact for a long time. With that, you can use this outdoor patio ottoman anywhere in your patio area while you enjoy a reliable comfort.

Sleek and neatly design, clean cushion lines, squared corners, and a smooth shape to enhance the modern look of this outdoor ottoman. This collection opens up endless configurations to suit any occasion. This is a perfect fit balcony, yard or patio area and can also be used indoor


  • Simple and sleek design for your outdoor space
  • Made with aluminum frame for better sturdiness
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Frame and cushion can withstand weather elements
  • The cushion fabric is machine washable


  • Cushions slide easily off the base.

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8. TK Classics -BEIGE Miami Seating Patio Furniture

The simple design of this outdoor ottoman allows it to blends well with any outdoor design you have in place. Different colors make this a perfect complement to any furniture design you have around your garden or patio. When buying, don’t forget to go with the color that blends with your outdoor furniture.
best outdoor ottomans
This outdoor ottoman is made of cast aluminum and durable powder coated finishing that’s is sure to withstand any weather element. Its frame also makes this ottoman versatile and sturdy for use. With that, it can be used as a stool for kids or adults.

Comes with varieties of cushion color that is washable to keep your furniture looking clean and alluring always. The cushion is about 6 inches thick to provide comfort while you relax your leg. The cushion can be easily removed, features a zipper opening to remove and replace the cushion easily.

This ottoman comes with a height adjuster which makes it more flexible in providing the comfort needed. The styles and design of this make it a perfect fit for your patio, balcony, or garden they can also be used indoors.


  • Elegant design which makes it a preferred fit for any outdoor space
  • Thick cushion for reliable comfortability
  • Feature a height adjuster for more flexibility
  • Made with all-weather wicker and aluminum frame
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • No assemble is required 


  • The white aluminum will easily fade off

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7. Saturn Outdoor Garden Patio Ottoman

If you have some transnationals style of furniture in your outdoor space, this ottoman will be a perfect complement. This simple yet stylish ottoman looks adorable and cool for any outdoor space it is placed.

This Outdoor Garden Patio Ottoman features traditional handwoven wicker sturdy with full size round core all-weather resin rattan. The materials used in making this ottoman has Proven to tolerate over 4000 hours in direct UV light without fading or warping.
best outdoor ottomans
The piece of furniture is made with a lightweight aluminum frame that provides unmatched protection and impact resistance. With the aluminum frames, this ottoman is sure to hold up reasonable weight, which makes it suitable for seating when the need arises.

The cushion is made of foam-filled polyester that is completely waterproof to have it for many years outside. The cushion is made of beige brown that blends with the ottoman’s wicker, which makes the whole an adorable one.

The ottoman is suitable when having a business conversation or having a nice time with family. It is also compatible with indoor décor and any outdoor space


  • Neatly and tightly weave wicker
  • Frames are made of aluminum which made it appear strong
  • All materials used in making this are weather resistant
  • Comes with an all-weather cushion
  • No assemble is required


  • Cushion fabric cannot be easily removed or washed

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6. Phat Tommy Recycled Poly Resin Folding Ottoman

When you want to relax, and you need an ottoman to make it complete then you need stylishly made ottoman. The unique style of this piece of furniture can make you fall asleep while seating even when you don’t want to. The phat Tommy folding ottoman comes in different colors so you can have the right design that blends well with what you have in place.
best outdoor ottomans
This furniture is made of thick recycled poly materials that are strong and resist any type of weather element. With this, you can have your furniture outside for as long as you want. This ottoman is compatible with other phat Tommy Adirondack chairs, so it will be a perfect complement if you have one already in place.

This ottoman can is made of hardwood and covered with different water-resistant paint which makes this piece perfect for outdoor use. This footrest can be easily folded, which makes this ottoman packable when not in use. This ottoman can be used anywhere in your outdoor space. This piece of furniture is designed to rest your foot when you want to relax comfortably.


  • Perfect footrest for outdoor use
  • Perfect complement if you own an Adirondack chair
  • Made with durable materials
  • Foldable when not in use
  • Require little to no maintenance


  • Not versatile – can’t be used for other purposes

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5. Kinbor 2 Piece Patio Wicker Ottomans

If you need more than one ottoman in your patio area, this furniture will be a perfect piece to complement your furniture. The presence of this ottoman will create a welcoming atmosphere in your outdoor area. The combination of this ottomans with its cushion blends well with any design you have in your patio
best outdoor ottomans
This patio ottoman set comes with thick sponge padded seat cushions for ideal comfort and relaxation at your leisure. The thickness of the cushion helps you to relax your foot which helps to support your body probably.

The ottomans can be used as a separate seat or combine with other furniture set to provide a more comfy area for your loved ones. The design is amazing for any outdoor setting, garden, park, porch, patio, poolside, and backyard. It can also be used in the living room or bedroom.

Unlike other ottomans made with wicker, this Package includes clips underneath the cushion to keep it from moving or sliding when in use.

The frame of this ottomans is made of PE rattan and rust-resistant steel frame that ensure long-term use. Also, this furniture features a bottom stands to prevent it from coming into contact with the ground and protect it from moisture. It also comes with a manual which makes it easy to assemble within a split of seconds


  • Made of wicker and rust-resistant steel frame
  • Easy to assemble and also comes with a manual
  • Comes with a stand that prevents it from sliding
  • Compatible with outdoor and indoor space
  • The cushion is water resistance – perfect for outdoor use


  • There may be manufacturing error – which may cause hole not to lineup

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4. Modway Saratoga Premium Grade

This piece of furniture is absolutely needed when there is a need to relax in your patio area comfortably. This ottoman is designed to relax your leg properly in the right way, which helps to support your relaxation and provide the comfort that is needed. The presence of this furniture in your patio area will create lovely elegant ambiance along with your patio furniture.
best outdoor ottomans This furniture is made by Modway, which one of the leading and trusted furniture companies. They are known for making beautiful and elegant furniture. This fashionable ottoman comes crafted with premium-grade A teak wood, which is known for its durability. This furniture also features a natural resin and all-weather machine washable sun-proof cushions that are stain and fade resistant. All this makes this piece of furniture suitable for outdoor use.

This outdoor ottoman design is a slatted seat, gentle recline, and organic appeal that enhances the fresh look of the teak wood ottoman. The Saratoga collection opens up boundless patterns to match any furniture you in your patio area.

Though this furniture comes in a stylish and elegant design, it is also easy to maintain. To preserve the rich wood color, occasionally sand lightly and apply a teak cleaner and protectant. The oils will infiltrate, nourish, and help reinstate the original look of your teak wood.


  • Materials used are perfect for outdoor
  • Perfect design for footrest
  • Suitable for any indoor or outdoor space
  • Washable and weather resistant cushion  
  • Made with teak wood which made it durable all year long


  • cushion slip off easily

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 3. Arttoreal Outdoor Patio Wicker Ottoman Seat with Cushion

The only thing you think of when you want to relax is comfort, and this ottoman is made to serve you with that. The stool comes in two colors with two different cushion colors to give you various choices when chosen your furniture. The bench is made with a durable aluminum frame which is covered with powder-coated to make it suitable for all-weather.
best outdoor ottomans The aluminum frame helps to ensure that this stool can hold up reasonable weight without breaking down. The body of this outdoor ottoman is cover with HDPE all-weather wicker. This wicker is filled with UV inhibitors that prevent it from fading or cracking, which is usually caused by sunlight.

This ottoman features a waterproof cushion which makes the whole set perfect for outdoor use. The cushion is made from moisture and mildew-eliminating polyester fibers, UV and fades resistant. Also, the cushion features a zipper which makes it easy to clean to keep your furniture alluring for long.

The whole look of this furniture makes it perfect for any home decor, patio, lawn, balcony, and garden. It should be the next thing when you want to relax and feel comfortable. Its legs help to prevent it from sliding and made with real wood.  


  • The cushion features a zipper for easy cleaning
  • Frame and body is cover with UV resistant and rustproof
  • Captivating and stylishly design
  • Compatible with indoor or outdoor design
  • Sturdy enough to hold reasonable weight


  • The cushion does not come with a hook which makes it slide off easily.

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2. QQXX Outdoor Ottomans Footstools – Outdoor ottoman with storage 

The QQXX is the next on our list, and it comes with everything and function you need your ottoman to do. This piece is stylish and alluring and will be a perfect piece for any indoor or outdoor area. Its attractive design and look will help create a welcoming atmosphere in your patio area.
best outdoor ottomans
This is ottoman is made with flexibility in mind; with that, you can use it for varieties of function and purpose. It can be used as an outdoor storage stool, a stool, and also a footrest to help support your relaxation. It can also be used as a coffee table or toy chest as the case may be.

The ottoman features non-slipping pads under each leg to protect the floor from scuffs and scratches and also to prevent it from sliding on a wet floor. This helps to make it suitable for any space available in your home.

This ottoman is made with high-quality materials to ensure it I sturdy and can withstand any weather elements. This ottoman is practically and perfectly fit for home furniture as a shoe bench, footstool, and table-console.

The maximum standing load weight is up to (300kg), Not only easy to move but also comfortable for resting.


  • Made with all-weather materials
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor used
  • Waterproof leather to have it outside all year long
  • Comes with a storage area to keep you organized
  • Requires little to no maintenance


  • none for now

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1. Highwood Pocono Deep Seating Ottoman

This is our recommended and the best outdoor ottoman on this list. We all love our furniture to be stylish and elegant, and that what this piece will provide you with. The addition of this elegant furniture to your outdoor space will bring life to your patio area.
best outdoor ottomans
This ottoman is made of durable and ultra-low maintenance synthetic wood assembled with 304-grade stainless steel hardware. The components used in making the stool makes it suitable for outdoor use, and its design also makes it compatible with any indoor space.

 The stool looks and feels like real wood in colors that blend with nature, and also comes with exclusive “natureTEX” surfaces for a natural-looking grain and wood-like texture.

This footrest features a cushion covered with a waterproof vacuum- seal bag which makes it suitable for outdoor use. The resistance of this cushion and the amazing frame makes this cushion suitable for all year round seating in your patio area.


  • 12 years warranty to prove its durability
  • Made with Highwood for better sturdiness 
  • Cushion and frame are water makes it suitable for outdoor use
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Simple and sleek design


  • None for now

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DIY outdoor ottoman Perfect for Outside foot stool

You can create an ottoman using some of the refuse lying around your home. watch the video below to an idea on how to create and ottoman for your patio or outdoor space.

Outdoor ottomans buying guide

There are certain things you need to put into consideration when trying to buy any furniture. This furniture may be to pair your indoor or outdoor space. But to get the best which goes with your style and purpose, you need to put these four factors into consideration.

  • Design compatibility

The first thing you should have on your mind before buying an outdoor ottoman is the design compatibility. This is crucial if you want all your furniture to look uniform and appealing. The design or color could be an exact match or similar that blends with the existing design. When you have a matching design with your existing design is to give you a well-organized and alluring outdoor space.

  • Versatility

Many outdoor ottoman are not just used as a footstool, they can be used for something much more. Some ottoman can be used as a coffee table, stool, and storage stool. While some are not versatile would only serve one purpose.

Though those that are used to serve one specific purpose perform better for what they are made for. They ensure that your legs are well rested and support your body while you relax.

  • Durability

This is an important consideration when buying any outdoor furniture. The material used in making your outdoor furniture will determine its durability. The materials used in making your outdoor furniture include metals, hardwoods, aluminum, and HDPE.

All these materials have the ability to resist any type of weather condition and can be exposed to the weather element for as long as you care. Though they all have their flaws, and the best among them is High-density-polyethene (HDPE) they are durable and more sturdy than the rest on the list

  • Style

Your style will be the next thing to consider at this point, and it may be difficult. Because the market is saturated with lots of styles and designs that can get you confused. We have analyzed different types of the ottoman so you can have the best to choose from. In our list above, there are varieties of styles and designs. With that, we hope you find a soothing ottoman to your outdoor space.

Where to put ottoman?

You can put your ottoman anywhere you want. They can be used to complement your indoor or outdoor furniture. Locating your ottoman within your home will also be determined by the purpose it serves you. Some use it as a coffee table, a footrest, or as a storage stool. But the best place to put your ottoman is usually nest to your sofa or outdoor bench.  

The fact many ottomans are lightweight and can be moved from one end of the house to another makes them very versatile. You can have it in the middle of your furniture sets or around your sofa where you can have easy access to it.


The best outdoor ottomans will create an attractive design and also complement your outdoor furniture. If you truly want to make your patio area a complete relaxation area, then you need a piece of footstool to it. Many of these ottomans can be used in the sitting room or any out outdoor space.

While some of this ottoman is versatile and can be used for varieties of purposes such as a coffee table, footstool, storage box, and a stool for adults or kids. Some of them can only be used as a footstool and are uniquely designed for this purpose. They provide the comfort that is needed than many versatile ottomans which made them this best.


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