9 Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use in 2023

Watching one of your favorite tv shows or movie when spending time outdoors is a great way to relax after a long day. Ideally, the outdoor space is equipped with various accessories to make it comfortable. However, many homeowners tend not to include a TV as one of those accessories. Well, this is a good idea if you have one of the best indoor tv suitable for outdoor use.

With this, you won’t have to expend additional expenses getting an outdoor tv. If not, we have analyzed various indoor TVs suitable for outdoor use. With this, you can enhance the comfort of your outdoor space.

Televisions are getting slimmer and becoming more of a sleek decor item than to be stuck inside your home. But if you bring the big TVs outside, don’t worry; we’ve covered that with the best indoor TVs that can be used outside.

The Best Indoor TV For Outdoor use

  1. Best Overall: Sony A8H TV BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 
  2. Best for Outdoor Use: SunBriteTV Outdoor Television
  3. Most Affordable: SAMSUNG Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV 
  4. Best Display: LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED TV
  5. Runner UP: Sony X85J TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV 
  6. Best for Unclosed Space: SAMSUNG Class QLED Q70T Series 
  7. Best with Graphics: TCL 6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV
  8. Most Lightweight: Sony X950H TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV
  9. Best Graphics: KUVASONG True 1500 Nits Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV

Best Indoor TV for Outdoor Use

When analyzing the best indoor TVs to use outside, we consider different buying factors to ensure you only have the best choice. We considered factors such as durability, adaptive display, sound, connectivity, and temperature. You only have a list of indoor TVs for outdoor use with this.

1. Sony A8H TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 

Our top recommendation for the best indoor TV to use outdoors is the Sony A8H tv. Bring your favorite movies, shows, and video games to life with Sony’s A8H 65-inch BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV.

Sony A8H TV: BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 

The amazing features this tv possesses make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use, allowing you to experience your favorite game and show in 4K resolution. Powered by a Picture Processor X1 Ultimate chip, this TV has 120Hz refresh rates that take care of action-packed scenes.

Its Triluminos display produces more than one billion colors, while Dolby Vision brings virtual Dolby Atmos sound and 3D surround sound to your home theater system. In addition, this Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV is future-ready with hands-free voice control and Apple AirPlay 2 support.

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2. SunBriteTV Outdoor Television

The new standard in rugged outdoor televisions comes from the world’s first all-weather TV makers. Engineered specifically for permanent outdoor installation, SunBrite TVs are engineered to operate flawlessly in temperatures from -24°F to 122°F (-31°C to 50°C).

best indoor tv for outdoor use

The weatherproof, full-shade SB-4205UHD Pro Series is SunBriteTV’s most versatile outdoor television, perfect for permanent outdoor installations. An advanced anti-reflective polarizer filter keeps the picture clear at all times. Commercial-grade LCD panels and glass protect against sun, rain, salt even insects.

Rated IP56 in front and IP55 on the back for 100% protection against dust, rain, snow, and ice. SunBrite Outdoor TVs feature a Direct Sunlight Readable, anti-glare touchscreen with High Brightness (1500 nits), High Dynamic Range (HDR), wide color gamut, native 4K resolution, and anti-reflective safety glass. In addition, weatherproof Bluetooth speakers provide high-quality audio.

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3. SAMSUNG Class QLED The Terrace Outdoor TV 

The Samsung Terrace is another tv you can use outdoors. This TV offers a premium viewing experience for high-quality content in a brilliant array of over a billion shades of color, including 100% color volume with Quantum Dot¹.

best indoor tv for outdoor use This large-screen Samsung smart TV is designed for open and partially covered outdoor spaces and has an IP55 rating for protection against moisture and dust. The Terrace is a fully weatherproof outdoor TV that delivers bright, dynamic picture quality.

Its outdoor-enhanced viewing experience lets you experience unrivaled QLED picture quality with stunning color, brightness, and detail. You can showcase artwork or match your wall pattern when The Terrace is turned off with the ambient mode feature. In addition, the Terrace is designed for versatility, so it can be wall-mounted or placed on top of a table stand.

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4. LG OLED55CXPUA Alexa Built-In CX 4K Smart OLED TV

Another regular indoor tv for outdoor use is the LG OLED 4K smart tv. The LG CX Series 4K Smart OLED TV is at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and design, featuring the a9 Gen 3 AI Processor, Dolby Vision IQ, and Dolby Atmos for a truly cinematic experience.

With LG’s most advanced Filmmaker Mode, you can enjoy movies as the creators intended, with all picture enhancement features disabled, and retain accurate color when viewing non-native 24p sources. Discover real-world contrast with deep blacks, fine detail, and enhanced depth perception through LG’s most detailed picture to date with Wide Viewing Angle technology on an expansive NanoCell Display.

Voice commands are met by ThinQ AI, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to pinpoint your content destination from 4 popular streaming services and over 200,000 movies and TV shows. At the same time, your LG Magic Remote listens and controls your compatible smart home devices with LG ThinQ AI.

Featuring an Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor bringing unprecedented image processing to further elevate the home theater experience with its ability to enhance contrast and rich colors in more scenes than ever before. And with Dolby Vision, IQ intelligently adjusts picture settings depending on ambient lighting conditions and content genres for even more immersive cinematic viewing.

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5. Sony X85J TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV 

Sony’s X85J 55 Inch TV brings plenty of amazing gaming and entertainment possibilities to your outdoor living area. Incredibly detailed images, smoother motion, and brightness in highlights and lowlights are just the beginning of a better viewing experience with this 4K Ultra HD LED display.

best regular tv for outdoor use

This makes you feel like you’re part of the on-screen action with incredibly immersive audio from Dolby Atmos, which delivers a cinematic experience through speakers in the TV. And with IPS technology, every seat is great for stunning realism and vibrant colors. In addition, this tv is available in different sizes to suit your need.

Sony 4K HDR TV features the power of the 4K Processor X1, a unique processor that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to deliver realistic pictures and sound.

Sony’s Picture Processor X1 ensures that everything you watch is clear, bright, and lifelike. In addition, the TRILUMINOS Display maps colors from a larger palette, faithfully reproducing every shade and hue in nature’s rich color spectrum.

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6. SAMSUNG Class QLED Q70T Series 

This is another indoor tv from SAMSUNG that is usable outdoors. This tv comes with a powerful process that uses deep learning AI to give you a 4k display for a better viewing experience. Available in various sizes to fit into any space around the home.

best indoor tv for outdoor use

The Quantum 4K processor in the Q70T enhances everything you watch. AI upscaling automatically analyzes the input source to reduce image noise, restore lost detail, and define edges around objects and text.

Even streamed content from apps like Disney+ is intelligently remastered for a crystal clear picture that appears even more detailed than the source. The power of a Quantum Processor 4K transforms your movies and shows into stunning 4K. Picture details come alive, and motion looks sharper than ever.

Enjoy precise, lifelike colors made possible by over a billion shades. And with Dual LED technology, you get the benefits of customizable screen color tones that enhance contrast. In addition, the built-in Alexa turns your TV into a valuable and convenient part of your smart space.

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7. TCL 6-Series 4K UHD Dolby Vision HDR QLED Roku Smart TV

The TCL is an amazing indoor tv suitable for outdoor use. The TCL’s 6-Series combines stunning 4K HDR picture performance and the award-winning Roku TV smart platform in a bold, brushed metal design for a superior TV experience.

best indoor tv for outdoor use

Features a Dolby Vision that delivers greater brightness and contrast and a fuller palette of rich colors. In addition, TCL’s Contrast Control Zone technology optimizes the image across hundreds of zones to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas.

The 6-Series models’ iPQ Engine provides precise color replication while HDR Pro Gamma significantly improves HDR performance in any setting. In addition, TCL’s HDMI 2.0a ports are fully compliant with the latest specifications and can support all current formats of 4K content, including Dolby Vision and bandwidths up to 18Gbps.

Finally, NBP Photon™ technology enables the 6-Series’ wide color gamut capabilities to deliver today’s UHD content accurately. Use your voice to control content through Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant. Switching between your apps, streaming channels, and game console is as easy as it gets. Plus, control your TV and even your home with just your voice.

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8. Sony X950H TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Bring home the X950H TV for cinematic pictures and sound quality, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Super Bit Mapping 4K HDR gives you smooth gradations, while TRILUMINOS Display and Dynamic HDR boost color accuracy.

best regular tv for outdoor use

Enjoy premium Dolby Atmos audio and Acoustic Multi-Audio sound positioning with clear, rich bass from a built-in subwoofer for immersive entertainment. The X950H TV is also great for getting work done and sharing files, with integrated Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and AirPlay 2 compatibility.

Its Triluminos display adds a vibrant feel to your entertainment. Android TV unlocks a world of content on this Sony X950H 4K HDR smart TV. It has Chromecast for casting content from a compatible mobile device and Google Assistant for voice control. This Sony X950H 4K HDR smart TV has an IPS 4K panel for vibrant visuals even at wide viewing angles.

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9. KUVASONG True 1500 Nits Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV

The KUVASONG True 1500 Nits Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV. Features true daylight viewing performance with a full HD 1080p LED-backlit display and high bright 1500 nits sunlight readable panel.

best indoor tv for outdoor use The award-winning UltraBright Smart Outdoor TV has been fully engineered for harsh UV light, extreme heat conditions, cold temperatures, snow, and rain.

This makes KUVASONG True 1500 Nits Sun Readable Smart Outdoor TV perfect for various commercial and residential applications, including outdoor kitchens, pools, patios and backyards, restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Coms with built-in weatherproof and dustproof housing. Also, this outdoor tv display comes with low power consumption, saving money and resources to create an eco-friendly world for everyone. Moreover, its high contrast ratio makes images look sharper and produce more delicate colors.

Beautiful, affordable, and durable, the Kuvasong True All-Weather Antiglare Display provides the ultimate outdoor sun-readable performance, with a bright and clear picture in daylight or total darkness. This versatile display can be wall-mounted, pole-mounted, or even placed on a tabletop.

The slim design is easy to install and takes up minimal space. In addition, the true totally-sealed enclosure is IP66 rated for dust and water protection, so you can use it worry-free in the harshest environments, from rain to snow and sleet to sandstorms.

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What to Consider when Buying an indoor TV for Outdoor use

There are various factors to consider when buying a regular tv for outdoor use to ensure it serves the right purpose, such as

Environmental factors

One of those factors to consider before buying a regular tv for outdoor use is the environmental condition in your area. For example, an area with too extreme weather, either hot or cold, should use an outdoor tv.

Buying an indoor tv or using your indoor tv outdoors in such weather could be destructive. This is because they are built to withstand weather elements. However, if the weather in your area is normal, you make use of your indoor tv outdoors.

And this comes with Some precautions, such as using a shade over the tv and covering it when not in use to shield it from weather elements.

How important image quality is to you

Another factor to consider is the image quality of the television. If your Indoor tv has a good image quality, it can be used outdoors; if not, it will be difficult to enjoy such a tv outdoors, so getting an outdoor tv will be ideal.

The settings of outdoor living areas allow for maximum light making it difficult to see images properly. In contrast, outdoor televisions are built with high-quality, super vivid images and auto-adjustable screen brightness for a better viewing experience.

Connectivity options

The tv connectivity is another factor to consider when using a regular tv outdoors. These connectivities, such as HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, USB, and many more, make this tv easy to use. In addition, streaming and connecting your devices to your tv allows you to get more from your tv.

best indoor tv for outdoor use

Best Regular Tv for Outside FAQ

How long will a regular TV last outside?

There is no specific time range for how long an indoor tv will last outdoors because it all depends on how properly it is cared for. An indoor tv used under a shade and with a cover could last for many years. Using this tv in a screened outdoor area will also prolong their durability.

However, these TVs are not made to be used outdoors, affecting their durability. Nonetheless, some TVs can be used outdoors; they are made of special materials and have a much higher price tag than regular TVs.

The only way to know if your TV will work outside is by trying it and seeing how long it lasts. You might be surprised at how well it does.

How do I protect my TV from the weather?

There are several ways to protect your tv from weather elements to enhance the durability of these outdoor accessories, which includes

  • Create a shade
  • Use a weatherproof tv cover
  • Make a TV case
  • Use a weatherproof mount
  • Use weatherproof cables and accessories.

What’s the difference between an indoor TV and an outdoor TV?

The major difference between an indoor and outdoor TV is that outdoor TVs are designed to resist the elements, including rain, sun, and other natural occurrences. Therefore, outdoor TVs are designed specifically for use where indoor TVs would not hold up against the external factors present.

Indoor TVs are designed for use in your home, and outdoor TVs are designed for use outside your home. In addition, indoor TVs are designed to meet safety regulations that apply to indoor products, while outdoor TVs must meet outdoor safety regulations. Therefore, you should only use an outdoor TV inside if it is rated for indoor and outdoor use.

What is the best TV for an outdoor space?

In your outdoor space, you want to be able to watch TV regardless of the weather or temperature. Therefore, you need a TV that can perform in many different environments and handle the elements.

One of the most important factors is how bright it is. An indoor TV isn’t very bright, so it will look washed out in direct sunlight. An outdoor TV needs to be brighter to maintain visibility and picture quality.

A second important factor is the viewing angle of the TV. When you are watching directly in front of an indoor TV, you have the best view because you are looking straight at it. However, when you are outside, people will likely be watching from angles off to either side of it.

Most indoor TVs don’t have great picture quality when viewed from an angle like that, but some outdoor TVs do better at maintaining quality from multiple angles.

The final factor is the temperature range. Indoor TVs work in a temperature range from 0°F to 130°F, but an outdoor TV needs to work in a wider range, like -24°F to 122°F so they can handle lower temperatures or higher ones than your house might normally reach.


As we noted earlier, TVs are a great addition to your outdoor space, whether that means a screened-in patio, a poolside area, or any other outside spot. Although standard TVs may seem the logical choice for outdoor use, the best indoor TV for outdoor use will have amazing features.

They offer incredible quality and performance at a reasonable price. And if you have any concerns about protecting them from the elements, many manufacturers sell weatherproof covers that’ll do just the trick.