5 Best Acapulco Chairs to Buy in 2022 | Patio Acapulco Chair Set

Acapulco chairs are one of the best chairs to enhance the beauty of outdoor areas around the home. These chairs come in a stylish design which makes them appealing, thus making the outdoor area an eyesore for every visitor. They are suitable for many areas around the home, such as balconies, decks, patio, porch, and many more.

Unlike outdoor chairs that are usually cumbersome, these are lightweight and can be moved from one end to another. Generally, these chairs come in basket design, making the chair breathable and comfortable.

Acapulco chairs are trendy, just like Adirondack chairs, and would be appealing and relevant for many years. With many of them boasting straight lines and bionic design, these eye-pleasing patio furniture sets strike a wonderful balance of contemporary charm and retro-modern aesthetic form to define your living space. 

There are numerous brands and designs of Acapulco chair sets, and choosing the right one for your outdoor area can be daunting. For this reason, we have reviewed the best Acapulco chair set to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area using various buying factors.

Best Outdoor Acapulco Chair Set Review 

We have included different Acapulco chair brands, designs, and styles to ensure there is one for everyone. Regardless of the buyer’s choice, this ensures there is one suitable to their style. Without any further ado, below is our review of the best bistro outdoor Acapulco chair set.

best acapulco chair

Best Choice Products 3-Piece Outdoor Acapulco

The best choice product is our recommended set when shopping for the best Acapulco chair set. With the durability, design, style, and portability put to test, one can confirm without doubt why this set makes the list of the best Acapulco chairs.

best Acapulco chair This set contains two slanty armchairs for a better lounging experience. The chairs come with a high backrest for better comfort. Around the chair are woven, firm yet flexible ropes one can sink into for optimal comfort. The set is available in three colors, allowing buyers to choose the one that goes with their style.

These ropes are handcrafted and are totally resistant to elements as they are made of plastic to ensure they last for many years of outdoor use. The frame of this chair is made of sturdy and powder-coated steel to ensure it is suitable for many years of use.

Additionally, it is easy to move the set around, as they are made of lightweight materials. Also, the chairs can hold up to 350 lbs of weight each and come with a total dimension of 29.25″(L) x 25″(W) x 34.75″(H). This size is compact enough to fit into various home balconies and other small outdoor living spaces around the home. 

What we don’t like

  • None for now

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Nuu Garden 3 Piece Patio Table Set Outdoor

Made for style, comfort, and beauty, this set features a compact design in a beautiful manner that makes it suitable for many outdoor areas. The chairs come with a cushion to enhance the comfort of the chair.

best Acapulco chair The set is made of a sturdy and durable frame that can hold up a reasonable amount of weight, up to 250 lbs. The compact design of this chair fits into various areas around the home. The set comes with a simple yet stylish table to enhance the comfort of using the chairs to place accessories or drinks while lounging.

Furthermore, the set is lightweight, making it easy to move around the home for better comfort. When it is sunny, you can easily move it into a shaded area. With an armrest designed to reduce muscle strain, this chair has proven to be one of the most comfortable chairs to lounge.

Additionally, it comes with a total size of 28” L x 25” W x 33.5” H and requires little to no maintenance. The table comes with glass on the table, making it easy to clean using a damp cloth. 

What we don’t like 

  • Limited weight capacity

SONGMICS 3-Piece Outdoor Seating Acapulco Chair

When shopping for the best outdoor Acapulco chair, the Songmics brand should be on the watch list. Songmics is a brand known for making numerous comfortable outdoor loungers, and this Acapulco set is not an exception.

best Acapulco chair

With hundreds of reviews from different buyers confirming the durability and comfortability of this set, it places on the list of the best outdoor Acapulco is of no doubt. The Songmics set is available in various colors allowing buyers to choose a style suiting to them.

This outdoor Acapulco chair set offers you the comfort you deserve with its ergonomic design, wide seat, and resilient PE cords. Assembling this Acapulco chair set doesn’t take ages, as it comes with easy-to-follow instructions and a simple structure.

With this, you will have it assembled without any form or help or technical know-how. Constructed of sturdy and durable steel frame and legs which allows each chair to support up 286 lbs.  The tempered glass top and strong structure of the side table hold up to 66 lbs. Requires little to no form of maintenance. 

What we don’t like 

  • None for now

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Generic Acapulco Chair Set with Glass Table

Available in four distinct colors, this outdoor bistro set comes with two matching chairs and a table with glass on the top. Sturdy and lightweight, the set is moveable individually, without straining the arm, and can support a reasonable amount of weight without collapsing.

best acapulco chair This is because it comes in a sturdy plastic frame to ensure it withstands various weather elements. This type of material does not rust and requires little or no maintenance when left outdoor all year. Furthermore, it comes with handwoven ropes that are resistant to weather elements as well. With this, this chair is bound to last for many years of outdoor use.

Design with comfort, durability, and breathability in mind, the Generic Acapulco chair set is resistant to sun damage, weather, and mildew. There is a need for assembly, which takes less than 10 minutes even without any form of technical know-how.

What we don’t like 

  • Made completely of plastic

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Barton 3-Piece Outdoor Acapulco Patio Conversation Bistro Set

Complement your outdoor with this oversized Acapulco patio set suitable for anybody regardless of the size. The set comes with two comfortable armchairs for better comfort and sitting experience. The chairs are designed to accommodate and put the body in a relaxable state.

Furthermore, the chairs feature a hammock weave technique, neatly woven to give the chairs an appealing appearance. They have a high backrest woven with flexible ropes that enhance the comfort of the chair. Also, there is a round accent table with tempered glass on the top to hold drinks, snacks, and gadgets, enhancing the comfort of using the chair.

Additionally, the chairs feature a sturdy and powder-coated steel frame to ensure they are durable for many years of outdoor use. Finished and polished to ensure it is resistant to weather elements, this chair does not need any form of maintenance.

The set is generally easy to assemble, as the package comes with clear instructions and guidelines. However, each chair comes with a capacity of 220 lbs.

What we don’t like 

  • Each chair comes with a capacity of 220 lbs which may not be suited for everybody.

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Consideration when buying outdoor Acapulco chair 

When shopping for the best Acapulco chair set, there are many factors to consider. These factors are necessary to ensure a durable and suiting Acapulco set is acquired.

These factors are the numerous things buyers look out for when shopping for outdoor furniture or accessories. Without any further ado, listed below are some factors that need to be considered when buying the best patio Acapulco chair set.

  • Materials

Numerous materials are used in making Acapulco chairs, such as the frame, leg, and body. Some of these chairs come with a plastic frame, while some feature sturdy powder-coated steel frames. This needs to be noted as it determines the durability of the set.

Also, rope is another important material to consider as it is one of the most fragile materials used in constructing an Acapulco chair. These ropes must be made of durable and weather-resistant materials to ascertain that they are suitable for many years of outdoor use.

When these materials have been confirmed to be sturdy and durable, then it is certain your set will last for many years of outdoor use.

best outdoor acapulco chair

  • Style

The next factor to consider is the style of the chair which focuses mainly on the color in regards to the existing design around the home. This will make your new set matching furniture with existing ones.

Basically, Acapulco chairs feature a wicker design which is common in many outdoor furniture. Also, choosing a suitable color that matches your personal preference will make the area one of your favorite places around the home.

  • Sturdiness

Many buyers have considered sturdiness and durability to be the same when accessing a product that is wrong. A product can be made of durable materials and supports a minimum amount of weight, thus limiting the usage of the chair to a specific set of people.

However, when a chair is strongly built, it supports various types of weight, thus accomodating various sizes of people without breaking down.

  • Comfortability

Aside from the unique style Acapulco chairs possess, they are also designed for comfort. The curvy shape allows the chairs to accommodate its users, while the arms are rested over the frame for better comfort. However, the size of the chair will determine how comfortable this chair can be.

For this reason, ensuring you get the right chair size is important when acquiring your next Acapulco chair set. A small chair can be uncomfortable for an oversized and vice visa.

Outdoor Acapulco Chair Set FAQ’s

Are Acapulco chairs comfortable?

Yes, Acapulco chairs are comfortable; aside from being comfortable, they are also lightweight and durable, enhancing their use for outdoor purposes. However, to ensure the comfortability of the chair, it is important to get the right size. Big size for an oversized and vise visa.

Why are Acapulco chairs expensive?

The origin of Acapulco dated back many decades and can be difficult to find. The vintage status makes it rear furniture and are constructed of durable and all-weather resistant steel frame and materials to ensure they last for many years of outdoor use.

This steel frame is powder-coated, and the ropes are made of recycled plastic to ensure they don’t break down when expose to weather elements. The origin, style and construction make this chair an expensive one when compared to other outdoor chairs.

Are Acapulco chairs waterproof?

Acapulco chairs are made of weather-resistant materials, and their construction does not retain any form of water. Aso, there is no cushion on the seat that can absorb water, making these chairs totally waterproof. After a rainy or wet day, you only need to clean the chairs and ready for use.

Are Acapulco chairs stackable?

No, Acapulco chairs are not stackable, and it would not be advised to force stack these chairs. Force stacking these chairs can result in rope damage over a period of time.

Furthermore, some of these chairs come with braces around the leg to enhance stability of the chairs. Chairs with this feature will be difficult to stack.


Choosing the best Acapulco chair set now can be tiresome; however, we have summed up the best so you can make a choice for your outdoor space. Using different buying factors, we are able to pick the best from the market. And with this, you only have the best choice to choose from.

Generally, these chairs are lightweight and portable, making them suitable for many areas and purposes. We have included different designs and styles to ensure there is a choice for every user. Nonetheless, we hope this review ends your search for the best outdoor patio Acapulco chair.


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