10 Best Balcony Railing Table for 2023 | Balcony Bar Table

After complementing your balcony with some adorable furniture, there is mostly no space to place a table because of the small space associated with this space. However, that’s not the end; you can have a table without choking up the area with a hanging folding balcony railing table.

A folding balcony railing table allows you to have a flexible table on your balcony, saving space. However, not all these tables come with a foldable feature. But they are all designed to give you a comfortable bar on your balcony.

These tables come in different styles allowing you to enhance your balcony and provide a comfortable space to lounge, read and eat. They are made of durable outdoor materials such as wood, metal, or aluminum to ensure they stand the test of time.

These tables are also usable on the apartment deck and patio railing to make the area private and comfortable with railing covers. Choosing the best balcony hanging railing table can be daunting from the numerous we have in the market.

However, we have taken the burden off you by analyzing and selecting various buying factors to ensure you have the best choice.

Best Balcony Railing Table

1. WJDY Outdoor Folding Railing Table Balcony Hanging Table

The WJDY is our best choice for hanging balcony railings. This foldable balcony hanging table is made of stylish and durable materials to ensure it stands the test of time while enhancing the feel of your balcony. Its foldable features help to create more space when not in use.

balcony railing table and bar This hanging railing table comes in various sizes, allowing you to choose a size suitable for your space. The tabletop is made of marble, suitable for outdoor use. And comes with an adjustable height to enhance the comfort of high using this table.

This hanging floating balcony table can be used as a desk, computer, dining, coffee, bar, balcony, outdoor workbench, or other tables requiring an additional workspace. It comes with stable metal support for strong load-bearing to ensure it is sturdy and durable.

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2. FURNIKNA Balcony Bar Table for Railings

The Next one you want to check out is the Furnikna balcony bar table for railings. This hanging balcony railing table comes with a sleek finish to enhance your balcony areas. Suitable for many railings around the home, such as patio, porch, deck, or balcony railing.

best balcony railing table

The Furnikna hanging railing table comes with five adjustable heights for better comfort and use. Its frames are made of aluminum which does not rust or get affected by weather elements. This makes it durable and suitable for outdoor use.

Applicable on different railings such as round metal railings, square metal railings, square double rails, radiators, and wooden railings. It is easy to install and comes in various sizes to ensure it is ideal for various areas. 

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3. GHFYGCD Ailj Folding Deck Table Patio

This stylish hanging table complements your patio, deck, or balcony railing. The tabletop is well-finished to upgrade the feel of your balcony. The tabletop is made of treated and polished wood to ensure it is suitable for outdoor use and stands the test of time.

balcony railing table

This hanging table comes with an adjustable height to meet different needs and comfort. No adjustable level, allowing you to set a suitable level for your needs and comfort. Suitable for various railings and easy to install.

It can be used as a bar, and the desk, dining table, and bar can be arbitrarily deformed. It comes with an aluminum frame for better durability. The foldable design makes it portable to save space when not in use. However, this table is not available in different sizes.

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4. GENESIS Balcony Bar Table for Railings

Make your small balcony comfortable with an elegant hanging railing bar table from GENESIS. This table allows you to create an amazing spot to enjoy drinks with family and friends. This table can be split into two for better flexibility and use.

Best Balcony Railing Table

This balcony railing bar is made of treated, polished wood and metal frames for better durability. The tabletop is varnished, ensuring it is resistant to weather elements and easy to clean. Also, this table comes with a folding feature allowing you to save space when not in use.

This foldable hanging balcony railing bar features a removable ice bucket for better comfort and convenience. They prevent you from moving in and out when moving drinks to the balcony. The design of this hanging railing table will upgrade the feel of your outdoor space, allowing you to relax and unwind on your balcony.

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5. SWRZ Balcony Hanging Table

Compact and elegant is the SWRZ hanging railing table. This table also comes with a folding design to save space when not in use. This table comes in only one size, measuring 60 inches in length and 40 inches in width.

best balcony railing table
Also, the SWRZ hanging railing table comes with an adjustable height for better use and comfort. Its frame is made of powder-coated steel to prevent rust and being affected by weather elements.

Also, the table is made of durable powder-coated metal to ensure it stands the test of time. The hanger of this table is adjustable, making it compatible with various railings and areas. Easy to install and requires little to no form of maintenance. Great for use as a dinner table on a small balcony or as an extra storage surface.

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6. Interbuild Stockholm Folding Balcony Deck Table

Add some sophisticated ancient feel to your balcony with the Interbuid folding balcony railing table. This table is made of acacia wood with a golden teak finish to ensure it stands the test of time with little to no maintenance.

balcony railing table

The Interbuild deck railing table comes with a collapsible feature to save space when not in use. There is a need for assembling, and the package comes with a detailed guide to put you through. This sturdy outdoor bar table is extremely durable and can hold up to 44 pounds, such as dinner plates up to a small grill.

Furthermore, this balcony hanging table has three adjustable tabletop positions for better comfort and use. The hanging riling table is ideal for the deck and squared railing. It comes in a total dimension of 23.62 x 16.93 x 16.93 inches, which can conveniently take two plates.

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7. GDLF Metal Balcony Table Outdoor Bar Hanging Railing Table

This is another amazing hanging patio railing table from GDLF that allows you to enhance your outdoor space while making it comfortable and convenient. This table has an elegant design to hold planter drinks and cups in place, thus ensuring safety.

best balcony railing bar and table

Both tabletop and frame are made of durable, heavy-duty powder-coated iron to ensure it is durable and suitable for many years of outdoor use. The coating helps to prevent this hanging railing from various weather elements.

Smartly designed and comes with a small metal iron box to put spice bottles or other accessories inside. Also, there is an even bigger removable metal frame for additional storage, like salad dressing bottles, display items, or small plants. It is a very versatile piece. It can be used as a plant stand, patio minibar, food prep station, outdoor workspace, etc.

This hanging railing table comes with an overall dimension of23.6″ (L) x 25.8″ (W) x 31.9″ (H) and is generally easy to install. It also has a foldable feature that allows you to save space. 

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8. Tangkula Outdoor Folding Hanging Table

This less stylish table is suitable for making your small balcony comfortable. This hanging railing table comes with a metal mesh tabletop to enhance comfort and durability of this table. Also, it comes with various adjustable levels for better comfort and use.

hanging railing balcony table

It comes with a foldable design to save up space. The frame and table are made of sturdy powder-coated metal to prevent rust and being affected by weather elements.; thus ensuring it stands the test of time.

Furthermore, this hanging table comes with an easy-to-operate safety cap designed to be installed easily. The Tangkula folding table is also suitable for various railings, such as the deck, patio, porch, and balcony.

It can be used as a planter holder or a railing table for refreshment. This table is available in one size with a total dimension of 24″ x 19″ x 24″-32.5″ (L x W x H).

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9. GOLETIO Balcony Hanging Table

 The Goletio is another well-made hanging balcony railing table to complement your small balcony. This hanging railing table is made of a sturdy well, coated iron frame to ensure it is durable for many years of outdoor use. This prevents it from rusting and being affected by weather elements. 

hanging railing balcony table

Its tabletop is made of maintenance-free, high-density polyester fabric for many years of outdoor use. The Goletio has a foldable feature to save space when not used. Also, this table comes with different adjustable levels for better comfort and use.

Designed with two cup holders to prevent spills and keep the cup in place at all times. This hanging folding table includes a waterproof, easy-to-clean silicone grey table mat with dimensions of 15.75″ x 12″ (40 cm x 30 cm), Ideal for various railing. 

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10. Sundale Outdoor Folding Railing Table

The Sundale folding railing table is an affordable option to enhance your small balcony, featuring a simple yet stylish design to hold two cups at both ends. Ideal for various railings such as round, squared, and many more.

hanging railing balcony table

This hanging railing table comes with 3 adjustable modes for better use and comfort. With this, you can create a workstation and eat or drink on your balcony. It comes with a foldable feature that allows you to collapse the table when not in use, saving you some space.

Furthermore, this table comes with an Antique Wood Grain Design of the tabletop, which lets you feel closer to nature, and is also a beautiful decor for your balcony or patio. The table comes with a total dimension of  23.4″ (L) x 14.2″ (W) x 32.5″ (H).

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How to install a table on a balcony railing

You can install a table on your balcony railing with a few simple tools and parts. Once you’ve finished the installation, you’ll be able to enjoy your balcony space even more.

The first step is to measure your railings. You’ll want to use tape or a laser measuring tool if you have one. Measure the width and depth of the space where you want to place the table and keep that measurement handy. Now it’s time to get some tools together:

railing balcony table


  • A drill (depending on the type of hanger you want to use)
  • A set of bits for your drill (to drill the right whole size)
  • A wrench or a socket wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of pliers
  • Some screws (the type will depend on the material of your railings)

Next, find a table that suits your needs. There are many options available online and at retail outlets. If you can’t find one that will fit exactly, you can have one custom-made to fit your measurements. This may cost more money, but it will be worth it in the end. The last thing you want is a table that doesn’t work well because it doesn’t fit right.

Balcony Railing Table and Bar Buying Guide

There are various factors to consider when purchasing a hanging balcony railing. And this is determined mainly by the purpose you want to the table serv on your balcony. While many want to use a hanging railing balcony as a bar table, some want to use it as a workspace.

This purpose will help determine the type of railing balcony you choose when hunting for the best balcony railing table. Aside from this purpose, there are other factors to consider, which include:

  • Style

    The style, type, and design of your ideal railing table is the next factor to consider to ensure this table suits your purpose. There are various hanging railing tables designed to have a workspace on your balcony, while there are some designs to have a minibar or a general table on your balcony. Your ideal railing balcony table should fulfill your need for a riling table.

  • Materials

The first factor to consider is the materials used in making the table and its frame. These materials will determine the table’s durability, which also consists of how resistant it is to weather elements. So after deciding the purpose, you want to ensure that your ideal hanging railing table is durable and made of weather-resistant materials for many years. This also ensures minimal maintenance of the table while having it outdoors.

  • Mounts

Mounting your ideal railing table easily onto the railing rod is another important factor to consider. Generally, railing tables bought online come with hangers that should be easy to mount without any form of technical know-how. This hanger comes in a different form, allowing detailed instruction to help with the mounting process.

  • Other Characteristics

Some of these tables could come with additional features to a planter which could enhance the balcony as a whole. This can be necessary when you decorate your outdoor space while making the area comfortable to use. Also, some of these tables come with a foldable feature to help save space for better comfort. This is another factor to consider when choosing your ideal hanging balcony railing.

DIY Balcony Railing Table

If you love carrying out projects yourself, you may want to try creating this project yourself. Doing your balcony railing allows you to make a suitable table for your balcony.

Unlike purchased railing balcony tables that may not be suitable for your railings, these tables are made specifically to suit your railing for better use. Below is a detailed guide


Aesthetically, it would be best if you wanted your balcony railing table to blend in seamlessly with the rest of your balcony furniture set so that it looks as beautiful as possible. It is a fine balance between sturdy and stylish, but not entirely impossible.

With the listed hanging railing balcony table above, we hope your search for the best balcony railing table comes to an end. We ensure you only have the best choice using various buying factors.

To some degree, metal balcony railing tables tend to overdo it with an industrial look, which isn’t necessarily bad. When choosing a metal railing table, ensure it features a powder-coated finish, like the ones we have reviewed above.

Powder coating helps prevent rust from appearing on the surface of your rails, and it also looks nicer than paint or metal alone. Nonetheless, we hope your ideal choice of hanging railing bar suits your purpose perfectly.