10 Best balcony railing cover 2023 | Screen for Balcony Railing

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your apartment balcony private is by using a railing cover for the balcony. This is because balcony railing covers are designed to make the balcony opaque, thus making your apartment balcony private.

These balcony covers are made of all-weather and tear-resistant fabric to ensure your balcony privacy is intact for many years. Balcony covers are easy to install as it takes less than ten minutes to have some privacy on your balcony.

Furthermore, these balcony covers are breathable, making the area usable even in harsh weather. Also, it makes the balcony safe for kids and pets.

However, buying the best railing cover for a balcony can be daunting as numerous choices exist. And for this reason, we have narrowed your search to the best balcony covers for apartments you can use.

Nonetheless, using balcony railing covers may not provide complete privacy and protection from weather elements. For this reason, you can complement the railing cover with a sunshade for more privacy and protection. Below is the best balcony railing cover to enjoy your balcony without prying eyes.

Best Balcony Railing Cover Top Picks 

1. LOVE STORY Charcoal Balcony Screen Privacy Fence Cover

The Lovestory balcony privacy screen is our recommended screen to cover apartment balconies. This privacy screen comes in various colors and sizes to fit different railings designs used on the balconies.

balcony railing cover

This balcony railing cover is made of all-weather and 100% high-density Polyethylene material to ensure you have it for many years of use. Also, this railing cover for the balcony is breathable, making the balcony comfortable during harsh weather. Usable all season with little to no maintenance.

Furthermore, this railing cover for balconies comes in different sizes that include 3 feet tall, x10 feet long, 3 feet tall by 16 feet long, and 3.3 feet tall by 19.5 feet long to fit different railings you may have on your balcony. There are also various colors to choose from to upgrade the feel of the area. 

The Lovestory balcony railing privacy screen is easy to install as it features aluminum grommets on the edges. It is usable around the pool, tennis court, deck, patio, porch, and many more.

What we don’t like

  • The package does not come with zip ties.

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2. Zimo Balcony Cover Fence Privacy Screen

With over 1500 positive reviews and also selected as one of the amazon choice balcony screens for its durability and efficiency. The Zimo balcony privacy fence will reduce visibility up to 95%, thus giving you the privacy you deserve.

balcony railings cover

This balcony cover for apartments is made by f 210 GSM HDPE special fabric resistant to tear, weather, fast drying, and easy to maintain. Furthermore, this balcony railing cover features double-stitched edges for better durability. 

Also, this balcony privacy screen railing cover is easy to install and comes with heavy-duty cable ties for easy installation. It takes less than 20 minutes to have the privacy you deserve around your balcony.

In addition, the Zimo balcony cover comes in different colors, which allows buyers to choose the one that goes with their style. However, the Zimo balcony privacy screen railing cover comes only in one size, which is 3 feet tall and 16.4 feet long.

What we don’t like 

  • It does not come in multiple sizes, making it less flexible

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3. SUNLAX Balcony Privacy Screen

This will serve you well if you are looking for the most flexible balcony railing cover. These railing covers for the balcony come in different sizes and colors, making them ideal for different purposes, such as covering the balcony railing or creating a barrier in the yard.

balcony railing cover

The SUNLAX balcony railing cover comprises 180G of high-density HDPE material to make your outdoor living area private. This cover can also block wind, sun, dust, and other weather elements for better comfort.

This balcony railing privacy screen is resistant to weather elements, making it suitable for many years of outdoor use. The Sunlax balcony covering material dries very fast and is also tear-proof.

Additionally, this balcony railing cover comes in different colors: beige, grey, grey and white stripe, solid light grey, and brown-grey. With this, you can choose the color that goes with your style. It also comes in various sizes, such as 3 by 10, 3 by 16, 3 by 19.7 3.3 by 19.7 feet in height and length.

What we don’t like 

  • The package does not come with zip or cable ties for easy installation.

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4. DOEWORKS Expandable Fence Privacy Screen for Balcony Patio Outdoor

The Sweet Home balcony privacy screen cover is designed with faux ivy leaves to provide a natural look, no maintenance, no watering, and no trimming, and it is easy to clean with water to ensure you have had this for many years. This balcony screen material will provide a 99% visibility reduction to ensure the needed privacy is served.

balcony railing screen

This makes it perfect for many outdoor areas such as the poolside, deck, balcony, patio, and porch, and keeps pets and children safe from slipping through the railings. Also, this balcony covering material is recyclable and resilient against all-weather elements for better durability.

Furthermore, the Deo works balcony screen cover edges are reinforced with grommets to prevent tears and make the installation easy and sturdy. The package comes with 32 extra long (11.5″) black UV-resistant cable ties and 39 ft of durable and flexible rope for a hassle-free installation for a single person. 

This allows you to choose between securing the screen with cable ties only or threading the rope through the railings. 

What we don’t like 

  • Does not come in various colors

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5. TANG Privacy Deck Fence Privacy Screen

This is also one of those screens you need to try out if you want complete privacy around your home. This balcony railing cover comprises 180 GSM high-density polyethylene fabric to ensure it stands resiliently against the weather.

balcony railing cover

This balcony covering material dries up fast and is tear-proof, keeping it intact against pet sscratches Also, this screen will protect from the sun while simultaneously breaking the wind.

Furthermore, the Tang balcony privacy screen is easy to install as it comes with a mounting cable and 22 metal eyelets at the top and bottom, making it easy to secure. The fabric is cleanable, making it easy to restore an appealing look when dirty.

Additionally, this comes in various appealing colors, making it easy to upgrade the beauty of your outdoor area. With this, you can choose the one that goes with your style. The colors include white, blue, dark grey, light grey, grey, and white. 

What we don’t like 

  • None

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6. California Deluxe Outdoor Privacy Screen Net Mesh 

If you want to add style to your apartment balcony, then the California Delux will serve you well. This apartment balcony railing privacy covers features an appealing design that enhances your balcony’s beauty.

railings cover for balcony

This balcony railing cover comes with a total size of 32″ Inches ( 3 feet)  in height by 180 Inches (15 Feet) in length. The package includes black zip ties and optional white rope to attach this balcony cover to your balcony. 

The California Deluxe is made of high-quality 100% HDPE fabric. This balcony covering material is resistant to UV fading, which keeps the cover in good shape for a long. Also, this balcony cover comes with rustproof brass metal grommets on the edges for easy attachment.

Additionally, this balcony privacy screen is suitable for blocking winds, sun, and other elements on the deck, balcony, patio, and porch and provides needed privacy around the pool.

What we don’t like 

  • It does not come in various sizes and colors

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7. SUNNY GUARD Balcony Deck Privacy Screen Apartments Railing Fence Cover

This is another durable and all-weather railings cover for the balcony. The Sunny Guard apartment balcony railing privacy screen is made of 180 GSM High-density Polyethene fabric to give you the needed privacy around your home. This is less durable when compared to the Zimo balcony privacy fence screen.

balcony railing cover

This apartment balcony railing cover is ideal for the deck porch, garden, and around the pool size. The balcony covering material is specially treated to make it more windproof and anti-corrosive, thus extending its service life. The package comes with cable ties for the easy attachment of this balcony cover. 

Furthermore, this balcony cover comes in various sizes, including three by 10 and 3 by 16 feet in height and length. Also, it comes in three colors: black, gray, and light gray, allowing buyers to choose the one that goes with their style.

Additionally, the railing covers for the balcony is breathable and suitable for keeping pets and kids safe and providing protection from other forms of weather elements.

What we don’t like 

  • The grommet is not firmly attached and is also made of less durable fabric when compared to the others above.

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8. DearHouse Balcony Privacy Screen Cover

The Dearhouse balcony privacy screen is a durable and all-weather railing cover suitable for many areas around the home. This balcony privacy scrcover is ideal for the porch, deck, patio, poolside and other places where privacy is needed.

balcony railing cover

This balcony cover comes in different colors to complement existing designs around your home. This also allows you to choose the one that goes with your style. The colors include dark green, gray, black, brown, and beige. 

Furthermore, this balcony railing privacy screen comes in two sizes, keeping nosy neighbors away from your activities. The sizes are 3.5 by 16.5(ft), ideal for covering the balcony railing, and 6 by 50 feet, suitable for covering the fence, yard, or creating a barrier to prevent intruders. 

Additionally, this balcony railing privacy screen is easy to install and comes with 35 pieces of black zip ties for easy installation. Also, this screen offers low visibility and is breathable, thus making the area where it is used comfortably.

What we don’t like 

  • The black was tested, and it does not provide enough privacy.

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9. JOJOTOP Balcony Privacy Screen Cover for Apartment

Like many other balcony railing covers on this list, the Jojotop balcony privacy screen is made of UV-stabilized HDPE fabric. This screen is suitable for blocking wind, sun, rain, snow, and more. This cover only comes in black color that blends with any design you have around your home.

balcony railing coverThis balcony privacy screen cover is reinforced on the edges, which makes it firm and straight. Furthermore, it is breathable, making the balcony or applied comfortable even in harsh weather.

The JOJOTOP balcony screen cover comes with a total size of 16.5 by 3 feet in length and height. It can be cut according to the length of the railings or fence. Ensure the cut side is stitched to make the product last longer. 

Additionally, this balcony cover is easy to install, and the package comes with rope and zip ties, which makes the installation easy. There are grommets on the edges, which are rustproof for better durability.

What we don’t like 

  • It comes in only one color and size, which limits its flexibility.

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10. AXT SHADE  Balcony Privacy Screen Cover

The AXT apartment balcony railing privacy covers come in three colors, making them suitable to complement any exciting design around the home. The various color allows you to go with your ideal style.

balcony railing cover

The Axt balcony privacy screen is made of 185 GSM Polyethene material which is durable and will reduce visibility by up to 90%. With this, you can enjoy your outdoor living areas without prying your eyes.

Furthermore, this balcony cover comes in two different sizes, which include 3′ tall x 10′ long and 3′ tall by 16′ long. This balcony railing privacy screen can be cut to fit the balcony perfectly. However, don’t forget to hem the cut edge for better durability. 

Additionally, the package comes with cable ties, making the balcony cover easy to attach to the railings.

What we don’t like 

  • Material looks flimsy

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Railing cover for Balcony Buying Guide

  • Size of the area 

Before purchasing your ideal balcony railing cover, it is necessary to have the total measurement of the balcony railings in length and height. With the correct size, you won’t get a balcony railing cover that is too long or too short of use.

If you have a small balcony, you can procure a more extended balcony screen that can be cut to fit the balcony. However, if the balcony railings cover is longer than the screen, un-neatly joining the screen can make the area look unappealing.

It is always ideal to go for the right or longer size. This also makes this installation an easy process.

  • Visibility Or Blockage 

The opaqueness of the material is another important factor you need to consider. The primary purpose of installing a balcony railings cover is to provide privacy. Ensuring that the cover is suitable for this purpose is essential.

However, to be on the safer side, you also need to ensure that your ideal cover is transparent. At the same time, it is completely opaque from the other side.

balcony railing cover

  • Materials

The materials need to be durable and resistant to weather elements. Since the balcony cover will be exposed to weather elements throughout its use, the balcony covering material needs to stand against the various weather elements. With this, you have your privacy intact for a long.

Also, these materials should be quick-drying to prevent microorganisms, such as mold or mildew, from habituating the fabric. For maintenance purposes, you can always remove the cover for cleaning or washing to remove stains and restore the cover’s appealing look.

  • Sturdiness 

This is another important factor when buying an outdoor balcony railing cover. The cover must be reinforced on the edges to prevent it from tearing during installation. Also, the grommets should be rustproof to ensure you have the cover for many years of use.

Balcony Railing Cover FAQs

How to cover the balcony railing?

To cover a balcony railing, you need a balcony railing cover made of durable and weather-resistant fabric. This fabric is then attached to the railing using zip ties or cable ties through the grommet on the covering material.

How to cover balcony railing for cats? 

Using a balcony covering fabric will keep cats and other pets safe on the balcony. It prevents cats and other pets from slipping through the railings.

To cover your balcony railing for a cat, purchase a balcony privacy screen railing cover and attach this cover to your railing using rope or zip ties which usually come with the railing cover. The installation usually takes less than 20 minutes.

Can I clean my balcony railing cover?

After months or years of use, you can clean your balcony railing cover to restore its appealing look. Depending on the stains’ depth, they can be cleaned using a damped cloth, machine wash, or hand wash.

To remove small stains, put a cloth into a bleach solution and wipe the areas. However, you must remove the balcony cover from the railing and wash the machine or hand wash.


Privacy is vital either indoors or outdoors, as it gives freedom to act and enjoy the moment without prying eyes. For this reason, using a balcony screen cover will make your activities private from nosy neighbors.

We have analyzed various outdoor balcony railing covers to help you with the best in the market. As a result, we hope this guide will end your search for the best railing covers for balconies.

While analyzing, we consider various buying factors such as price, durability, design size, and many more to ensure you only have the best to choose from.